I will care for my orphaned grandson …

Diane Miller’s emotional real-life story about how she will care for her recently orphaned grandson appears over two pages of THE SUN newspaper today.

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Diane's emotional story looks wonderful in The Sun

Just over a week ago Diane Miller and her daughter Claire approached me for advice with their story. Ten days earlier Diane’s daughter, Terri-Ann Barnett and her partner, Tom Matts had both died in a freak accident. A lorry load of timber had fallen on top of them as they walked back from dropping son Morgan, 18 months, at nursery.
The shocking story about how little Morgan became an orphan in one afternoon appeared in many national newspapers. After a poignant deathbed goodbye to her daughter, Diane pledged to look after Morgan. They both wanted to tell local people in Hereford where they live and where the incident happened, how Morgan would not go short of love. It was also important to the family that they had cuttings to show Morgan what happened when he’s older. At the same time, a trust fund has been set up for Morgan as he grows up.
This emotional story appeared across the centre pages of The Sun newspaper today. Details were also included at the bottom for readers to make a donation to Morgan’s Trust Fund, which has been set up by Terri-Ann’s employers.

Diane said: “It was very hard to read it, and as everything is so raw, I haven’t stopped crying since I saw it today. But I am really pleased I went ahead and it was an excellent piece.”

Daughter Claire, Morgan’s aunt, added: “I trusted you to help us through such a tragic time and to represent Morgan. I would like to thank you for all your hard work and all your help.”

I have now placed their story with two major women’s magazines where it will once again be printed over two pages in each one.

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The toddler orphaned after both parents die in freak tragedy…

Two weeks ago the tragic real life story of how little Morgan’s life was turned upside down was covered by virtually every national newspaper.

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Terri-Ann and Tom with Morgan as a baby.

Morgan’s parents, Terri-Ann Barnett, 24 and Tom Matts, 29 had just dropped Morgan off at nursery in Hereford and were on the pavement walking home when the unthinkable happened.
A lorry crashed into a low bridge and its load of heavy wooden joists crashed down on them.
Tom died instantly and Terri-Ann shortly after. Needless to say the family are devastated especially as Morgan, just 18 months old, has been left an orphan.
Needless to say, this awful story has attracted a lot of media interest and I will be helping them to deal with that.
Meanwhile, a trust fund has been set up by Terri-Ann’s employers. If you would like to make a donation – even a tiny amount the family will be grateful for! – here are the details: Morgan Matts Fund, HSBC. Sort code: 402411, account number 92028654.
The family also wishes to thank the Midlands Air Ambulance service, which is a charity that runs on donations. The ambulance service gave them valuable time to say goodbye to Terri-Ann in hospital. To find out more about becoming a volunteer yourself to this service or if you wish to make a contribution, click here: Midlands Air Ambulance.

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