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Purepotions make Skin Salvation

The little pot that took the UK by storm

Firstly my story about Natalie’s little pot of eczema cream caused a frenzy of purchasers beating a path to her door. This story appeared in the Daily Mail. Natalie and daughter Lula, for whom Natalie orginally made the cream, then appeared on ITV’s Daybreak. Following this they were featured in the Sunday Express this weekend. I have also gained them further deals with two huge weekly women’s magazines.
The eczema cream story appears on ITV's Daybreak

Natalie and Lula with Dr Hillary Jones on ITV's Daybreak

Natalie said: “After the story appeared we did almost half a year’s normal business in three days. We have been inundated. Alison warned me when she took our story on that we would see a huge surge in business. My only mistake was not listening to her as we have worked absolutely flat out to ensure everyone has got their pots.”
Myself and the Daily Mail also took huge volumes of calls and emails about Natalie’s cream, which due to publicity gained by Featureworld, she now hopes to sell in a huge store such as Boots.
Mary Corrigan
Meanwhile, Mary’s story about how she has devised a diet for hairloss – and which has also appeared through Featureworld in the Daily Mail (and shortly to appear in a top women’s mag) – has also meant record numbers of visitors to her website. And from 7th April Mary’s new book, My New Hair, will be available. Her brand new book is full of diet plans to treat alopecia and baldness is available with a special pre-order price here.
Dr Bryan Beattie
Dr Bryan Beattie came to me with his story about the new test he is pioneering to predict which babies will be born prematurely. Since this story appeared in the Daily Mirror and on ITV’s Daybreak, Bryan has seen an upturn in sales for the test, available from his private clinic, Innermost Secrets.

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Mum’s home-made eczema cure is £100K a year business

Natalie Balmond’s inspiring real life story of how she cured her daughter’s eczema with a pot of cream she cooked up in her kitchen appears in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Daily Mail story

Sales have soared after this story in the Daily Mail

Natalie Balmond approached me as an inexpensive alternative to employing a public relations organisation to raise awareness about a cream she concocted to cure her own daughter’s painful eczema.
Lula was just 18 months when she developed sore red patches on her body. Although Natalie tried dozens of treatments – including strong steroid creams and diet changes – nothing worked. And her condition worsened until aged three Great Ormond St Hospital wanted to admit her.
Natalie was at her wit’s end when a friend gave her a book about herbs and she realised she could make her own cream.
After months of trial and error she finally hit on a formula of hemp oil, nettles and beeswax and incredibly when she smoothed it onto Lula’s skin, it worked.
Soon friends were asking her to make pots for them. Eventually, she began selling her cream and now her company, Purepotions is not only turning over £100,000 a year but the Skin Salvation cream is prescribed by doctors on the NHS.

After the story appeared in the Daily Mail today, Natalie said: “The response to the newspaper article has been phenomenal. The phone line and our website have never been busier. We are absolutely delighted.”

Natalie is set to get even busier as she and Lula will be appearing on ITV’s Daybreak later this week to discuss their eczema cream invention.

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