Cindy Jackson appears on ITV’s This Morning …

Cindy Jackson – who used to be known as Richard and is planning a sex change to look like Jordan – appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING yesterday.

Cindy as she appeared on TV …

Featureworld client Cindy Jackson appeared with mum Donna on this top ITV morning show.
Regular sell your story blog readers will know Cindy has recently appeared via Featureworld in the Sunday Mirror and Closer magazine.
She wrote to me a few weeks ago to sell her story of how she was born a boy but always felt as if she were a woman in a man’s body.
Cindy looked fantastic on the show and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the studio with her mum Donna, a primary school cook.
I now have other deals for Cindy which include TV filming abroad plus a further exclusive publication. She is also in talks with documentary producers to follow her as she completes all her cosmetic surgery.
If you are contemplating a sex change or have a sex change story you would like to sell, please contact me in confidence here.