How I found love through my dead daughter …

Steve Tremain’s unusual true story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Steve's story was also on the front page of Best mag

When Steve split from his partner, he felt lonely. But he did have his wonderful daughter, Siobhan, 12, to visit him. However, when Siobhan – his only child – died suddenly from an underlying heart condition, he thought his world was over.
In the days that followed Siobhan’s death, he sank into a depression. He was touched however by the fact that 300 people turned up to her funeral. One of them was Siobhan’s closest friend, Jade Kendrick. And incredibly, it was at Siobhan’s funeral that Jade introduced Steve to her mum, Rennatta. Although Jade often came over to see Siobhan, Steve and Rennatta had never met before.
But the following weekend Rennatta contacted Steve to see how he was and from there blossomed a friendship. This developed into love and three months after Siobhan died, Steve moved in with Rennatta, who was divorced with three children.
Having them around helped Steve enormously and since then the couple have had a baby boy, Lennon. In a quirk of fate, Lennon was born on the very same day his sister had died.

Says Steve: “I saw the fact Lennon was born on the anniversary of Siobhan’s death as a sign she knew and would always be with us. That day has changed from one of dread to one of celebration.”

This is the second deal I have gained for Steve as through sell my story website Featureworld, Steve’s story has already previously appeared in the Daily Mirror.

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Dawn was given three months to live – so what happened next?

When you sell your story through Featureworld, you will find I am always interested to find out how you are – even years later! But I was particularly interested to hear from Dawn Green – in Sept 2008 she wrote: “Can you sell my story? I am a mum of two little girls and I was given three months to live by my doctors …”

Dawn booked her own funeral and went on a final holiday – but just before she went she googled her cancer and came across a cure. I sold her story to the Sunday Mirror, Best and Reveal magazines and also ITV’s This Morning.
Dawn takes up the story…

Why did you decide to sell your story through Featureworld?

I felt it was important to raise awareness of my rare cancer to other patients who otherwise may have been written off had they not researched it! I was not scared at all about my story going to press as Alison read it back to me for my full approval.

What did you think when you saw your story in print?

I was excited and confident the story would look great. And as expected the story was indeed fantastic and appeared in a Sunday national paper, two magazines and I even went on TV. Family and friends were thrilled. Even the staff at the hospital cut the articles out and now keep them in the intensive care unit to show other patients. I would thoroughly recommend using Alison’s services to sell a story as she never failed to keep me in the loop and has been friendly and supportive in all correspondence.

What’s happened since?

A year ago I had a relapse. But I have since recovered again and am strong enough health to set up a website to give hope to others suffering from a similar illness.

Visit Dawn’s website.
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