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MTV Documentary – How Far Would You Go to Lose Weight?

MTV are making a documentary about the drastic measures people take to lose weight and are looking for your stories. Have you:

Been on a crash diet or taken diet pills and have suffered drastic health consequences as a result?

Opted to have liposuction treatment rather than go on a diet?

Have had a gastric band or a gastric balloon fitted or would like to have one even though you are not clinically obese?

Have had a form of surgery to lose weight but have suffered complications as a result and now regret your decision?

If so please call Claire Allitt on 0207 284 7408 or e-mail to find out more about the programme. All contact will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will give you no obligation to appear on the programme.

Prime-time TV programme is searching urgently for a woman who admits she did something a little naughty to get a longed for baby – so she ‘forgot’ to take her pill or sabotaged a condom – and it worked! This is an urgent request. EXCELLENT PAYMENT. APPLY NOW


If so we want to hear from you!
Channel 4 is making a brand new series focusing on the UK’s un-wavering obsession with collecting and hoarding.
Perhaps you feel its time to de-clutter and would like a home make over?
Or maybe you have an amazing collection to share or are an expert at valuing collectables – from the unique to banal we want to hear from you!
Please email

Or call 0207 290 0660


Does your daughter have ADHD?

Prime daytime TV chat show is looking to speak to the mum of a child with ADHD, preferably a girl (they have boys already!) You would be filmed at your home for a piece titled “Living with a child with ADHD”. This programme is urgently seeking this so please contact as soon as you can for more details. You would also be paid for your time.

Have you had more than one abortion?

As part of a new science documentary series for BBC3 and National Geographic we are looking for women who have had more than one abortion to take part in an interview. The series explores the science of love, sex and relationships and will look at everything from puberty to birth. If you would be interested in having an initial confidential, non obligatory telephone conversation please email or call 07739 122915


Are you engaged and getting married between now and April 2012?



If so we would love to hear from you. We are looking for engaged couples from all religions, cultures and backgrounds to appear on a brand new primetime BBC series. If you have enlisted the help of a professional planner or even a family member to take charge of plans please contact us as soon as possible to find out more.

E –
T – 0208 563 9393 and ask for Emily Knight or Chloe Strauss

Are you a hoarder?

Is extreme clutter taking over your life or the life of someone you know? Twenty Twenty TV – producers of World’s Strictest Parents – are looking for households in need of help for a documentary.
As well as sending in a specialist cleaning team to help sort out the clutter, they have enlisted the help of a top therapist to help so people don’t slip back into the same hoarding habits again.
For more information, contact Sarah Allen, casting producer at Twenty Twenty TV: 0207 424 7768 or

Mums, daughters and beauty…

Outline Productions is researching an hour-long documentary for SKY LIVING TV about mums, daughters and beauty enhancements. They are hoping to speak with mums who are supporting their daughter’s quest to become a glamour model, mums who love any sort of beauty enhancements themselves (botox, facials, tans, manicures etc) and want their own daughters to also make the most of their looks in the same way and glamorous mum and daughters who adore having beauty treatments together.
Outline Productions is hoping to focus on two families with a view to filming them over one to two days within the next couple of weeks.
For more details contact producer/director Laura at or ring her on 07977430272 or 0207 424 7612.



ITV’s Four Weddings is currently searching for couples who are getting married soon. This is a perfect opportunity for those who would love their nuptials to be televised for this popular show. If you are planning a special day that will be the envy of others and would like the chance to win a luxury honeymoon, they would love to hear from you. Contact or call 0207 157 3803 for more details.


Have you fallen out with a loved one? Do you want to reconcile with a family member or friend? Would you like the chance to hold out the olive branch and rebuild your relationship?
ITV are currently making a show called Peace Meal which aims to solve disputes by bringing both sides to the negotiating table – the dinner table that is!
Peace Meal see’s you and the person you want to make amends with invited to a luxurious 5 * retreat to sit down for a three course gourmet meal where you would be encouraged to talk things through with the help of a mediator to try and reach a resolve.
If you’re interested then get in touch. We’re looking for all kinds of disputes to settle – whether it’s been going on for 20 years or a matter of months.
Call Laura on 020 7157 4807
or email
PLEASE NOTE- This show is a pilot and it will not be broadcast on TV

Are you a Hoarder? Do you have an extensive collection?

Do you find it hard to stop collecting?
Have your family and friends had enough of living with your clutter?
Is it starting to affect your studies, your job and your social life?
Twenty Twenty TV has been commissioned to make a documentary series telling the story of what it’s like to be a hoarder. We want to show how it affects real lives and to explore this often misunderstood condition. 020 7424 7720 or 07507 996 095 or

LOVE BEHIND BARS Are you in love with a prisoner?

Mentorn TV researchers are looking into making a documentary on families and relationships whose lives have been put on hold because the other half is in prison.
They would particularly like to speak to any woman who is pregnant and dad has been sentenced, any family waiting for their loved one to be released after years of being in prison and someone whose partner went to jail just as your love began to blossom. If you have fallen in love with a prison pen pal – perhaps someone you’ve never met – they would also love to speak with you.
To find out more contact Alex on 020 7258 6745, 07580706957 or email

Could diet help your medical condition?

Betty TV is currently researching a ground-breaking health documentary for Channel 4. Producers are searching for people with medical conditions that could be improved with diet. You would be offered top scientific advice about what you eat in order to combat a condition. Medical conditions can be alopecia (hair loss), acne, fish odour syndrome, obesity, sexual problems, PICA (wanting to eat things that are not food!), and rickets and scurvy. To find out more contact

JULY 2011


Are you one half of an unusual couple? Perhaps your partner is twice your height or weight? Or maybe your partner is a transexual? Betty TV is currently looking for fun couples for a forthcoming documentary series. Betty’s recent output includes Country House Rescue (Channel 4) and Beauty and the Beast (Channel 4). For more details contact Jack Brownbill on 0207 907 0860 or

Don’t forget to mention you saw this request on Featureworld’s Sellyourstoryuk …!

Medical Stories wanted

Maverick TV are currently looking for people whose lives have been changed by a medical condition or similar event. Past productions have been a girl with a rare immune system failure. This is for documentaries focusing on the individual for Channel 4. And Maverick TV hopes to create a voice for the extraordinary person who is encountering disability or a difficult situation. To discuss this more, contact Philip Wesson: Tel. 0121 224 8378 |

Does your young daughter love wearing make-up?

Touch Productions are looking for mums with wild daughters! Your child will be aged nine to 13 years old but want to be more grown up. She might love to wear make up, grown up clothes, and heels. She might be already costing you a fortune in manicures and other beauty treatments! This is for a one off TV documentary about mums, daughters and make up. To find out more contact Megan on 01225 484666 or email

Don’t forget to say you saw the request on Sellyourstoryuk – the Featureworld blog!

JUNE 2011

Could your child do with losing weight?

TV Production company Betty is looking for real life cases of children whose parents would like advice on how they can lose weight. For this TV series they would also like to speak to parents of any children up to the age of about 16 who have unusual eating habits. Families will then be given advice on camera – which the TV company believes will help viewers to eat more healthily too.

Betty recently made Country House Rescue for Channel 4. If you would like more details contact Jack Brownbill on 02079070860 or email him on

Crazy mums required

Daisybeck Productions is looking for crazy mums for a series of documentaries. You should be living in the UK, and have a mad story to tell – maybe you are a very eccentric mum or overpowering or you haven’t grown up much yourself! If this sounds like you contact

Child Lookalikes wanted

New into FW office – TV company Talkback Thames is looking for young lookalikes for a new show. Does your child look like a celebrity or even a celebrity’s child? Or maybe they like dressing up to look like their favourite star? If you have a child with a ‘famous face’ contact Amy Harrison on 0207 861 8427 or for details.

MAY 2011

Are you a ‘Carole Middleton’?

Talkback Thames is looking for mums who are keen to encourage their son or daughter into a certain way of life. So perhaps you are hoping your daughter will meet a very good Mr Right (needn’t be a prince!) or as many French mums apparently do, you encourage your daughter into a very good dietary and exercise habits. It might also be you are bringing up your child in a certain way – perhaps as a nudist or you are a feminist. Maybe your daughter shows promise in sport, singing, theatre or dancing and you are encouraging that.

If you would like more details about this documentary that is being made for UK TV channel, then ring Amy Harrison on 0207 861 8427 or email her

Ricochet TV request

Leading television company RICOCHET, makers of the Channel 4 hit series Supernanny would like to hear from extraordinary mums.

Do you have a special parenting philosophy? Are you undergoing huge sacrifices to make your child’s dreams happen? Do you have a definite dream for your child’s future? Maybe you want them to be a footballer, actor, pop star or politician? Or maybe you want them to be a star?

Whatever your story they would love to hear from you today!

Call 01273 224 800 or Email

MTV TV request

MTV are searching for couples aged 16-21 who’ve been keeping their relationship a secret – but who are now ready to come clean about their secret romance to their friends and family.
The reason for secrecy might vary – maybe you didn’t think your family or friends would approve of your relationship for some reason. You might be dating mum’s best friend or perhaps it’s a gay relationship.
The programme is being made by TwentyTwentyTV, one of the UK’s leading independent production companies with a reputation for producing intelligent and award-winning programmes.

To find out more details contact David at TwentyTwentyTV directly either by email or by ringing David on 0207 424 7761.


Channel 4 is looking for women and men to take part in a new television programme called “I’ll Do Anything to Stay Young”. They would like to speak to people who have been to extreme lengths to take off the years, and will do anything and everything to keep away the signs of ageing. This may include cosmetic surgery procedures, extreme beauty treatments, bizarre rituals or strict diets. They are also interested in the quest for youth through emotional and psychological means, such as older men/women who for whatever reason feel younger than they did in their twenties. Anyone who is interested in taking part, please contact Imogen ASAP on or Tel: 0207 156 6916.

Raise the profile of your medical issue…

Maverick Television is currently in production of a new documentary series in which we meet the people behind rare, extraordinary or embarrassing medical conditions. Each episode will focus in detail on a single person, as they experience a life changing event or medical operation.

This new Channel 4 series will continue our reputation of high-end medical programming. Our past productions include Embarrassing Bodies, Children’s Hospital and the award winning, Charlotte’s Story, telling one young girl’s experiences with a rare immune system failure.

We are aiming to increase understanding of specific conditions, whilst also creating a voice for the extraordinary people and human triumphs that exist behind difficult situations or disabilities.

If you or a family member is potentially interested in telling your story, please contact Phill ASAP to discuss this further.
Tel. 0121 224 8378 |

APRIL 2011

Lion TV has been asked by Channel 4 to do a series about big families. So they are looking for couples with nine children or more to take part – preferably, most of the children will still be living at home. If you would like to take part, you can contact the researcher directly for more details:

MARCH 2011

Are you having difficulties with your neighbours?

Problems with noises next door? Unhappy with how your neighbour parks their car? Do you disagree over a boundary or driveway?
Are you being victimised by a neighbour? Is your neighbour’s behaviour making your life unbearable?
Would you like some professional help to resolve the situation?
Maverick TV are making a new documentary series, and want to hear from people who are having issues with their neighbours, no matter how big or small the problem. Contact us in confidence

email or call 0121 224 8359

Are you a family who has never been abroad on holiday? A TV Production company is looking for a family of five (minimum) who would like to roadtest a five star holiday for free. They need to be able to be able to express strong opinions as viewers will see the holiday through their eyes.
Ideally you will not have holidayed abroad as a family, although the producers might consider someone who has been abroad but not enjoyed luxury five star breaks. And any children need to be over the age of nine.
You can also be an extended family – ie: a family of sisters, cousins, aunts and so on.

For more details contact or ring 0207 529 9461

FEB 2011

Press release: Not the usual request at the sell your story blog – but a French company is looking for UK families to welcome a French speaking tutor into their home for one month.
In exchange your family will receive 15 hours of French a week (through informal lessons, conversation, games…) If you are interested contact the organisation directly, Aliore:

FEB 2011

We are looking for intelligent, articulate, career driven women based in the UK between the age of 20-40 to take part in the new series.

Do you have a dilemma in your life that you need help and advise with? Well, why not do it in style? We can offer you a luxury break with like minded women to work through your dilemma and enjoy some well deserved pampering along the way.

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Sky TV is recruiting for a new programme

If this sounds like something you could benefit from then we want to hear from you.
For more information and to apply, email your details to

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