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Magazine requests

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Friday 2nd December

Glossy women’s weekly would like to speak to a woman aged 19-35 who, this Christmas has found herself in a completely different situation to last year. Perhaps in 2010 she was miserable in her job, single and slightly despairing but then decided to change her life by going travelling where she met her husband or gave up her career to go down a completely different path. PAID AND COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Wednesday 30th November

Glossy monthly magazine looking for a UK woman aged 19 to 35 (ish) who has been stalked, successfully had her (male) stalker prosecuted and would be willing to be interviewed about her experience and identified in a feature they’re working on about the issue. APPLY

Health page on a paper searching for parents of an autistic child/children who have a background in science/maths/engineering/science themselves. This is following research that shows parents with these type of careers might be more likely to have an autistic child. APPLY

Wednesday 23rd November

National newspaper looking for ‘people who are or have been addicted to paracetamol’ to appear in Health pages. PAID AND COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Thursday 17th November

Magazine urgently on the hunt for a good Christmas romance/relationship. They say: “We’re after something heart-warming and uplifting – a good old fashioned love story or perhaps a young woman who found Mr Right for her mum (or vice versa, or sisters/best friends) somebody who went the extra mile/did something unusual to find love… or something quirky – message in a bottle/500 bad dates to find my Christmas dream man?! You get the idea..!!!

Ideally no illness or tragedy involved at all – just a heartwarming romance with a Christmas link/angle and ideally involving women aged 30 to 60. PAID. COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Tuesday 15th November

Women’s mag is writing a piece on online bullying. Looking for ladies aged 18-34 who have experienced verbal abuse on twitter, facebook or via email and would be willing to talk about what they have been through in order to inform other women and to inspire them to get help. PAID AND COPY READ BACK. APPLY HERE

Glossy women’s mag desperately searching for men who either want to find a wife or perhaps went dating with this goal in mind and are now engaged or married? They would need to be aged 20-35 and be able to supply us with pictures of themselves. PAID. COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Thursday 10th November

Have you had or do you know of anyone who’s suffered from oesophageal cancer? It might be they put it down to excess drink. EXCELLENT FEE. COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Glossy mag looking for a large family on benefits to talk about how they cope with the expense of Christmas. PAID. COPY READ BACK APPLY

Wednesday 9th November

Looking for any binge drinking teens and their mums for a feature in a top weekly magazine. PAID AND YOUR COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Glossy young women’s mag urgently looking for women aged 18-34 who are involved in the student protests – one who is going to uni this year and is annoyed at having to pay such huge fees and one who would like to go but who can’t afford it. PAID, COPY READ BACK. APPLY

Tuesday 8th November

A publication is searching for friends ‘with benefits’ – who who have sex together. They would specifically like people who were in a relationship but continue to be just friends and have sex. They would also like to find people from whom it went wrong – perhaps one person found they gained too much attachment. PAID AND COPY READ BACK.

Thursday 3rd November

Have you been turned down for adoption but have since gone on to either have a baby naturally or to adopt anyway (perhaps you were eventually approved or adopted from abroad)? I am currently looking for a number of couples for a sensitive article. Copy read back. PAYMENT FOR YOUR TIME. APPLY

Wednesday 2nd November

SPECIAL REQUEST: We have been asked to nominate people for a very prestigious charity award. Specifically looking for an inspirational woman with a health-related story – someone who has survived great hardship, an amazing carer, someone who has come through a terrible illness and founded a support group/raised money for charity/devised a new product to help others. If you know of someone like this, please contact us urgently: APPLY

Tuesday 1st November

Glossy women’s weekly mag looking for someone like Kim Kardashian who ended their marriage after 72 days (or approx six months.) Good fee. Copy read back. APPLY

Friday 28th October

Following on from the story with Jeremy Clarkson this week a number of publications are searching for stories about infidelity. If you are or have been a mistress, if you or your partner have been unfaithful (you might be back together or maybe you’ve since split, you could sell your story. Excellent payment. For more details apply here: APPLY

Tuesday 25th October

Glossy mag searching for a woman who has sold her eggs. It might be you sold your eggs in America or over the internet. PAID Apply

Are you an older mum who had cosmetic surgery to hold back time following the birth of your baby? Looking for mums who had babies over the age of 35 who had surgery such as a tummy tuck or breast lift. PAID Apply

Monday 24th October

Magazine would like to talk to any woman who’s suffered from domestic violence, particularly if it was around Christmas or during the winter months. Your ex must have been convicted in court. If this is you, there is a generous fee on offer. APPLY

The Health pages of a national newspaper are still seeking a young woman who is suffering from osteoporosis or a similar bone condition, perhaps caused by dieting or faddy eating. APPLY

Friday 20th October

Looking for young women who have osteoporosis or a similar condition, which they put down to dieting. Health feature. APPLY

Seeking wife or girlfriend of a ‘he man’ – someone taking up extreme sports and adventures in middle age – probably having spent his 20s and 30s happily on the couch. PAID! Apply
Wednesday 19th October

Have you changed your name by deedpoll. I am currently researching a feature on this. V Good payment. Copy read back. APPLY

Tuesday 18th October

Have you been struck off your GP’s register? Perhaps you made a complaint and found because of that the surgery had removed you from their list?
Experiences urgently required for national newspaper. APPLY

Monday 17th October

Do you regret having ‘bundle surgery’? This is surgery where you have a number of cosmetic procedures done at the same time to save money – perhaps you had a nose job and a boob job or lipo and botox. COPY READ BACK. PAID. APPLY

Young glossy women’s mag searching for any women aged 19-34 who are involved in the anti-capitalist protests in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Frankfurt or New York. Your story is wanted to contribute to a piece titled The Occupy Wall Street Campaign: Apply

National newspaper urgently seeking a woman aged under 30 who has visited a strip club/lapdancing bar with male colleagues for work. Alternatively a stripper who has visited them to learn how to dance. EXCELLENT FEE. PAPER WILL GIVE YOU COPY APPROVAL. APPLY
Friday 14th October

Urgently seeking any women who’ve been told they’ve had a miscarriage who then go on to have a healthy baby.
PAID feature. If this is you please apply here.

Week beginning 3rd October 2011 – click to apply: here

* Young glossy women’s weekly looking for girls aged 19-35 who bought cosmetic surgery or botox/fillers through a group buying discount voucher website and maybe they did this on a whim and now regret it. Perhaps they don’t feel the clinic did a good job. PAID

* Young glossy women’s weekly looking for women who’ve been divorced twice under the age of 30. PAID
* Women’s weekly magazine looking for relationship stories – perhaps you met in an unusual way or got married the same man twice or have stayed together despite infidelity? PAID. COPY READ BACK.

Week beginning September 26th 2011 – apply HERE

* Did you date a younger man and he’s left you? Or you decided it wouldn’t work? Newspaper urgently looking for a woman to talk about her experience following Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher rumoured split. GOOD FEE. COPY READ BACK.
* Have you ever accidentally overdosed on painkillers such as paracetamol – but after treatment you are fine? HEALTH PAGE REQUEST PAID
* Have you frozen your eggs? Glossy weekly. PAID
* Woman wanted who discovered via Facebook her partner or husband was cheating. Glossy mag. PAID
* Magazine urgently looking for women aged between 20 and 35 with the following dilemmas…

  • My boyfriend is going away with his ex, should I be worried?
    My boyfriend looks at porn, but doesn’t want to have sex with me
    My boyfriend drinks too much, should I be worried?
    I had sex with my ex (single girl), now I can’t get him out of my mind
    I fell in love with my boyfriend’s brother, best man, etc and still feel guilty.
    My boyfriend’s bissexual, and I’m fine with it, but my friends think I’m crazy

* Woman who is terminally ill or who has a relative who is terminally ill for sensitive feature. PAID
* Spoilt pets at Christmas. You need photos of your cat or dog being spoilt – ideally Christmas photos from last year’s Christmas. PAID
* Woman who chose career over kids because you can’t have it all. PAID