I met my husband on my hen night…

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When Catherine Kurn went out on her hen night, she had no idea she was to meet her soulmate. The journalist had been dating fiance Keith for years and she was looking forward to getting married the following week.

But then on the nightclub dance floor she bumped into Kristian and there was an immediate attraction between the two of them. They chatted and Catherine even went back to Kristian’s nearby flat for a coffee – but although nothing happened, she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

The next day she woke up thinking of Kristian but despite this, she went ahead with her wedding. After all, how could she cancel marrying a man she’d been with for years for someone she’d only just met for a few hours one night?

However, even on honeymoon in Barbados she still couldn’t stop thinking about Kristian and when she came home the reality of married life with Keith didn’t live up to her expectations. The pair often found themselves bickering.

It was after one row that Catherine decided to ring Kristian. She left a message asking if he wanted to meet her the next day in a nearby cafe. She didn’t honestly think Kristian would turn up – but she was wrong. And when she saw him, once again her heart melted. Catherine Kurn in Bella mag It was to be the beginning of an extraordinary relationship that lasted the next five years. For a long time the pair just emailed – Catherine wanted to make a proper go of her marriage. And occasionally they would bump into one another at a nightclub – then they’d always realise how strong he attraction was between them but because Catherine was married, never did anything.

Yet when Kristian eventually met someone else, it was like a knife going through Catherine and the pair hardly met. By now she and Keith had separated.

But true love did win through in the end. Kristian also found he could not get over his attraction to Catherine. It was simply too strong to deny and in the end he finished his relationship with his girlfriend. Finally he and Catherine could get together properly.

In April 2009 they married – but both of them often find themselves recounting the somewhat bizarre way they met – on Catherine’s hen night…

Did you meet your partner in an amazing way? Did love simmer beneath the surface for the two of you for years until you finally got together? Wonderful love stories are always particularly sought after for women’s magazine and national newspapers. See if your story is one I could sell for you by dropping me an email here.

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IN THE NEWS: Pippa-inspired wedding dress goes on sale…

Earlier this year, Debenhams announced the upcoming launch of a dress inspired by Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress – which is officially available in stores and online from today.

Debenhams tell Sell Your Story UK so great was the anticipated demand that the retailer took the unusual step of creating a ‘lady-in-waiting list’ to allow interested customers the opportunity to hear before anyone else when the dress was set to launch in stores – the list received over 1,000 emails in under a week.

The departments store’s homage to Pippa Middleton’s iconic figure-hugging bridesmaid gown, which reportedly cost £20,000, is a snip at just £170.

This slender ivory gown (see left modelled by a Pippa lookalike – click on the photo to see pic full-size) which has button-back detail and elegant cap sleeves is the epitome of chic and is available in sizes 8-18 from Debenhams.

Are you planning a Royal-Style wedding or have you had one? If so, we would love to hear about it! Send your photos and a few details to Sell Your Story UK.

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Our big fat sponsored wedding…!

Khrystal Barton’s quirky real life story appeared in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

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Khrystal explains her sponsored wedding in The Sun

When Khrystal Barton emailed me about her sponsored wedding, I knew it would be a story that would interest a newspaper.
Khrystal was delighted when fiance Ian proposed on the day of the Royal wedding this year. But when she counted up the cost of her dream white wedding, it came to around £20,000. And although the couple could afford to fund it, they felt it was a lot of money to splash out on one day. At the same time, Khrystal didn’t want to give up on the wedding she’d always imagined she’d have.
But then she googled ‘how to fund a wedding’ and saw that in the States, many people have their weddings sponsored. This means businesses might give a discounted service in return for advertising plug on the wedding day.
So guests are told who supplied the food and businesses who provided the dresses, photos, flowers – and all the other many services that go to make a day special.
Brides to be will often enclose business leaflets in the invites, they will be mentioned in the order of service and business cards will be provided for guests to pick up. Sponsors are often mentioned in the speeches as well.
Critics claim sponsored weddings can be tacky but the bonus is the couple can end up with a heavily discounted wedding day – and Khrystal and Ian are set for their wedding next year to be virtually free!

Khrystal said: “We were delighted The Sun took up our story. Ian and I – and particularly my parents – also adored the photo The Sun took of us!”

For those interested, the full list of sponsors from East Sussex, are as follows! Rings: Smooch;Teeth Whitening: Godstone Dental Care; Manicure and tans:Body Sense Beauty Treatments; Harp: Harp Music By Margret; Hair: Simply Beautiful Wedding Hair; Caterers: Summer House Foods; Photos: ESP Photographic; Video: Lane Productions (Videographers); Flowers: The Flowershop (Uckfield) ltd; Venue: Broyle Place; Suit hire: Dickie’s Suit Hire; Bride’s dress: Patricia Diamond Bridal Suite;Fireworks: Dynamic Fireworks;Toastmaster: Paul Mitchell, banners: Sign Tek.

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The tears behind my wedding day…

Emotional real life story appears in WOMAN’S OWN this week.

Story in Woman's Own magazine

Claire Faulkner's emotional story appears in Woman's Own this week...

In their wedding photos, Claire Faulkner, 40, looks like any other radiant bride as she marries husband Chris, 37.
But in fact, on their wedding day both she and Chris knew she was dying from cancer. Claire, a mum of two beautiful girls, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. It was devastating especially as it came at a time when her marriage was breaking up. She had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and in January 2008 doctors gave her the all clear.
It was then she met an old friend again, Chris and they began dating. He didn’t even mind about Claire’s cancer or the fact that surgery had left her body scarred. And he was wonderful with the girls. Soon they had moved in together and on Christmas Day in 2009 Chris proposed. Naturally Claire said yes!
But shortly after as she was fitted for her wedding dress she found a lump in her neck – the cancer had returned.
Despite this the couple went through with their wedding with doctors giving Claire two weeks off treatment so she looked and felt their best. Talk of cancer was banned and the couple had the wondering wedding day they dreamed of.
Since then, though, the cancer has spread even more. Claire and Chris cannot accept nothing can be done. So they are fund raising for treatment in the US. This treatment is controversial and some say it hasn’t been proved but they will try everything to try to beat this.

Of the story in Woman’s Own Chris said: “Hi Alison, I picked up the copy of Womans Own magazine today to read the article and ….well what can I say, it was perfect! Hearing it read back on the phone is one thing but to see it in writing is another, we even made the front cover!
My wife and I were both deeply moved, it really is a wonderfully touching piece. We both wanted to pass on our thanks and let you know how very grateful we are.”

To read regular updates on how Claire is or to make a donation go to Claire’s website.

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Stories in the Daily Mirror and The Sun newspapers…

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Paul and Julia in the Daily Mirror

Featureworld interviewees Paul Rix and new wife Julia appeared in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper at the weekend with their quirky love story.
When they met over twenty years ago Julia was best friends with Paul’s wife Tracy. Tracy even made Julia’s wedding dress and Paul and Tracy came to her wedding. They even went out as a foursome.
But then the couples drifted apart and for years dropped all contact … that was until recently when Paul rediscovered Julia via Facebook. By then both had split from their spouses and they began dating. Last month they married, returning home just in time from honeymoon to buy copies of the Mirror to add to their wedding album…

Meanwhile yesterday another Featureworld interviewee appeared in a newspaper – this time THE SUN.

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Lisa talks about being a 'glam granny' in The Sun

Lisa Rogers was just 17 when she gave birth to Jessica, now 19. Then a couple of months ago Jessica gave birth to Harry, making Lisa a granny. Incredibly, Lisa only recently had Jessica’s sister, Lily – who is an aunt to Harry. Lisa tells the newspaper how at first she was shocked at being such a young gran but now Harry is here, she is loving her new role! Plus mum and daughter are more like friends, going with their kids to mums and tots groups.

Julia and Lisa were both paid for their time telling their stories – and both got beautiful cuttings to boot. If you would like to sell a story, contact me here: Sell My Story

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Could you marry a man you didn’t love?

Real-life feature on the front page and over two pages of the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Would you marry a man you didn't love?

This feature went across two pages...

When the Femail features section of the Daily Mail asked me to research this issue, I did wonder at first how common this is. But I soon discovered marrying someone when you are not in love is much more usual than I thought. And in fact a number of women came to me regarding this issue – we didn’t have room to put all the stories I came up with in the newspaper.
In this article, there were two marriages that as a consequence didn’t last. First, there was Diane Pulford who married because mum thought her fiance was a good catch. Then, there was Andrea who at the age of 29 could hear her biological clock ticking and wanting a baby, married her boyfriend.
But I also spoke to three women for whom love grew. Although her parents did not pressurise her, Anita Singh chose to have an arranged marriage and had only met her husband twice before they wed. But although they were strangers, today they are in love. Then there was Lisa Mahon who married just six days after meeting her husband. However, she had been speaking with him over the internet and felt there was the potential for love. Sure enough, there was and today they have had a baby girl.
Finally there was Patricia Beaumont’s moving story. She was just 19 when her boyfriend discovered he had a rare cancer. His life was in the balance and doctors warned treatment could also make him infertile. She decided to finish with him. But then Patricia found she was pregnant and decided to make a go of their marriage. Even after she wed, she still felt resentful she’d got hitched so young. And in fact it was only when Jason became ill again, she realised just how much she did love him.
Could you marry a man you didn't love - trailed on the front page of the Daily Mail.

... and this feature was also trailed on the Mail's front page...

This feature was trailed on the front page of the Daily Mail today and judging by the comments on Mailonline, proved an enjoyable read, which of course pleases me!

The whole feature has now been placed with a top women’s magazine.

If you would like to be in a feature then contact me with a few details about yourself. Alternatively I often post info about features I am researching on the Sell My Story Featureworld Facebook where you can become a fan!

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We bought our wedding with a groupon coupon!

Lucie Glenny’s uplifting true-life story appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper yesterday.

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Lucie's story appeared in the Sunday Mirror

Having been engaged for six years, and with the average wedding costing £18,000, Lucie and Patrick had given up on being able to afford their dream wedding. But then bargain hunter Lucie discovered a wedding offer on a Groupon website. It looked amazing but to book the £2,000 wedding package, she would need to buy it then and there. And she had no idea where the venue was, let alone if it would be fine. The other snag was the date was set in stone – could she get a dress, flowers and invites organised in time?
When Patrick came home he wasn’t too impressed with Lucie’s idea but she won him round.
The next day the couple went with some trepidation to see exactly what they had bought – and were thrilled!
Their venue was a country house, there was a night in a wonderful bridal suite with breakfast in the morning, cocktails, wedding dinner and buffet thrown in. The enterprising couple managed to keep the cost down further by enlisting the help of friends to do flowers and the cake.
They had an amazing day – as photos show in the article, it ended up being the big white wedding they’d hoped for, for a fraction of the cost.
I rang Woodborough Hall, which offered this wedding package, to find out more. A spokesman told me the boss came up with the groupon – a discount coupon on a website. They believed such a promotion would show people who had no idea they are there (they are off the beaten track) how fantastic the weddings are. It certainly worked as they are almost fully booked for months.
Lucie’s story has now been sold to a women’s magazine.

She said: “I am delighted with the story in the paper – I thought it looked great.”

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To read another wedding story click here: Sharon’s wedding story

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