I’ll never forget my adopted son … story in Closer mag

Emotional real life story in in CLOSER magazine this week.Sell Story to Closer

With two gorgeous sons and a loving partner, Terri should be happy. But she is haunted by the fact her first child was adopted…

When Terri was 15 she accidentally got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, whom she called Nicholas. She adored Nicholas, but as she was no longer with his dad and her parents were in the middle of a divorce – and she had also gone back to college – she found it exhausting. When Nicholas was three months old it was suggested she contact social services for some support and respite and they offered to have Nicholas cared for one weekend so she could catch up on some sleep.

It seemed a good idea. But when Terri went back on the Monday to pick Nicholas up she was told the social worker involved wasn’t there and to come back. It was to be the beginning of a nightmare. Social services then said they wanted to look into whether she could cope with her baby. And against her will, and despite getting a lawyer to try to keep Nicholas, to her horror Social services then decided he would be best off with a family.

When he was fifteen months old months old he ended up being adopted. The last time she saw Nicholas he clung to her legs crying to her. It was heartbreaking and she has never got over it.

Terri was incredibly depressed but she moved area and has since gone on to have two more children with a different partner, 26, who works in computers. She is now aged 26 and has two sons aged 4 and 1. Because her first child was adopted, she was visited by social services in the new area – they cannot understand why her baby was adopted. She has since seen her records and it says she gave Nicholas up willingly. This has shocked her – it is not how it was and she worries that when he is 18 and sees these records he will believe she didn’t want him.

She thinks about Nicholas all the time, she feels always she is a mum of three but is unable to tell people that. The only good thing is she knows Nicholas did go to a good home and consoles herself that he will be well loved. His adoptive parents regularly send her updates in letter and she knows Nicholas is happy.

But she just wishes she was there to cuddle him, see him home from school. It is an ache in her heart that simply won’t go away.

Terri says: “If Nicholas does trace me when he’s 18 I will be able to show him this feature and he will then know how much I loved him.”

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Real life stories urgently wanted!

It’s turning out to be a busy week at Featureworld with stories sold to magazines Closer, Woman and Bella in the last couple of days alone.
But as a journalist who also takes on commissions for publications, I am also currently searching for the following for articles I am researching …

* Pet owners who take their dog or cat abroad (yes, I know I take my cat Crystal on holiday but looking for other people who do this too…) for a summer holiday feature I am working on. I am particularly interested to speak to anyone with a problem over their pet’s passport, or who lost their pet cat or dog on holiday (this could be when you took Fluffy somewhere in the UK.)

* Families who’ve fallen out over Wills or who have been upset by how little was left to them by a relative.

* Spouses or partners of people who are suffering from dementia for a very sensitive piece.

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Featureworld caught up in Volcanic ash story…

Alison gets stranded in Tenerife with family and pet CAT…
Thankfully Crystal likes travelling as she boarded a flight to Madrid and then had a two-day journey in a left hand German car back to the UK …

Thank you to all the editors who waited for copy and all those interviewees who patiently waited for me to return after I went on what was supposedly a very short break over Easter to Tenerife…
Tenerife WAS great – but funnily enough became less attractive when our plane was cancelled and we faced staying there indefinitely.
However, I ended up becoming caught up in this national story myself as we faced the issue of just how to get back to Blighty.
It was of course further complicated by the fact that Crystal cat travels on her pet passport whenever we go on holiday. This was her fourth time abroad but her first time on a plane. She had flown over with us and of course like us, had her ticket back as well. We decided if we got to Madrid on mainland Spain (Spanish airspace was open) we could then drive home. But our worry was would she be accepted on any other airline? After all, our original company did not fly to Madrid and many planes will not carry pets!
Fortunately Iberia allowed Crystal in the cabin with us to Madrid. From there we hired a car (she is used to travelling by road on our laps or curled up asleep on a car seat) and after going through eurotunnel, we finally arrived back – a little later than planned after going the very scenic route!

I would love to hear of other people who take their pets on holiday as we do!
Perhaps your cat or dog is even more travelled than Crystal, who is running out of space on her passport!
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Are too many vaccines making our pets autistic?

Several vets and health experts have contacted me recently about vaccinating dogs and cats. They are concerned that too many jabs (many are recommended yearly) are bad for our pet’s health. Now a group is asking for guidelines on giving injections to our pets to be looked at.
After some investigating, I placed this news story with the Daily Mail newspaper, and they printed it on Saturday. Meanwhile one owner told her true life story of how her beloved dog, Charlie, appears to have been affected by his routine pet jabs. From being a loving dog, he has become aggressive with autistic mannerisms.
If you have a health issue you would like me to investigate then do email me at alison@featureworld.co.uk

Vets left scissor clamps in my dog for two years!

Trudi’s story about how bungling vets left scissor clamps in her dog for two years appeared in the News of the World newspaper.

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