Triplets make front page of Take a Break magazine…

Abby Drinkell’s gorgeous triplets make the cover of TAKE A BREAK magazine this week and the miraculous real life story of how they were conceived against all the odds after an ectopic pregnancy and nine miscarriages is told over two pages.

Real life story in a magazine

Abby's beautiful family in Take a Break

After suffering from nine miscarriages Abby believed she’d never have kids. But having been diagnosed with an unusual condition that causes miscarriage, she saw a specialist and after taking aspirin, finally had two little boys.
Sadly her marriage broke down but she met Lee, who didn’t have any children, and they also both longed for a family together. Only when she got pregnant, it turned out to be ectopic. She had to have one fallopian tube removed, halving her chance of having a baby.
Abby had just about given up on having more children when she found out she was pregnant again. Incredibly, when she went for a scan she was then given the news she was having triplets!
She recalls ringing Lee at work to tell him and he didn’t believe her so she drove to his office to show him the scan…
After a rollercoaster pregnancy when her two sons – Sullivan and Malachi and daughter Tilly – were born very premature at 27 weeks, it was touch and go whether the precious threesome would survive.
But incredibly they did and are now all home and healthy. Abby’s doctor has since said her chances of conceiving triplets – there is no history of twins in the family – were about 33 million to one.
Abby’s amazing real-life story has also appeared through Featureworld in the Daily Mirror newspaper and she was thrilled when Take a Break also wanted her story.
And that joy was trebled! when she went into the shops this week to see her triplets starring on the cover of the magazine.

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Read more about Abby’s true life story here and see it in the Daily Mirror.

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Multiple magazine and newspaper deals… for Featureworld interviewees

Featureworld interviewees have been in demand recently… and the past week has seen a variety appear in magazines and on TV…
First up were Mark and Kerry McDougall. Their story about how they got their son back after he was taken into care appeared in NEW magazine.

Sell your story to New! magazine...

Mark and Kerry appeared in New! magazine...

I have followed this story for two years. Read more here: Please don’t take my baby

Next was Cheryl Keye’s story – Cheryl’s real-life story about how when she discovered she couldn’t have a baby herself, her sister Lyndsay had one for her. Having appeared in the Sunday People newspaper and then the Daily Mail, a beautiful spread then appeared in Take a Break magazine…

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Cheryl's story appeared last week in Take a Break

Read more about Cheryl’s story here: Surrogacy story

Cheryl said: “I just want to say how impressed I am at the way you have handled my story.”

Featureworld interviewees are also in great demand for live TV shows…

Vanessa Finn recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning joining in a debate about revenge and if taking revenge on an unfaithful husband is ever a good thing. Vanessa spoke brilliantly and her story was a valuable contribution to the discussion!

Sell story about revenge

Vanessa talks about revenge on This Morning - click to view

Vanessa said: “I had a fantastic time on the show and can’t thank Alison enough for putting me forward!”

And my family of six generations appeared on ITV’s Daybreak, who sent a camera crew to their home in Wales. Their story appeared last week in The Sun. Here is great-great-great nan Gladys with the Daybreak reporter holding the most recent addition, baby Harry.

Sell your story to television...

Six generations family appear on ITV's breakfast show, Daybreak...

I just want to say how proud I am of everyone – I have had wonderful feedback from so many editors saying what delightful interviewees are always sent to them via Featureworld!

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Wedding story makes front page of Take a Break magazine…

Sharon Bok’s real life wedding story makes the front page and a double page in TAKE A BREAK magazine this week.

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Sharon's story made the cover of Take a Break magazine

Sell a story about a wedding to Take a Break magazine

Sharon's wedding story went over two pages...

Sharon’s amazing story about how wedding stress gave her a heart attack has already appeared as a news story in the Daily Mail newspaper. And now a fuller in-depth story told in Sharon’s own words appears this week in weekly women’s magazine, Take a Break.
As regular sell your story blog readers might recall, just over a week before her wedding, Sharon, 39, was sorting out the seating plan for her wedding reception when she felt unwell. She put chest pains down to stress but in fact she was having a heart attack.
She ended up being rushed to hospital and terrified her wedding day was off. But thankfully, she managed to make a good enough recovery to walk down the aisle, although on doctor’s orders she was forced to cancel her honeymoon to Thailand.
Sharon’s story appears using photos from her own wedding album on the front page and over a double page of this popular women’s weekly magazine.
And I have now gained Sharon a third deal with another magazine for a further follow-up story on what’s happened since!

Did something amazing happen on your wedding day? Perhaps, like Sharon, you would like to sell your story to a newspaper and a magazine like Take a Break.

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