Could you marry a man you didn’t love?

Real-life feature on the front page and over two pages of the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Would you marry a man you didn't love?

This feature went across two pages...

When the Femail features section of the Daily Mail asked me to research this issue, I did wonder at first how common this is. But I soon discovered marrying someone when you are not in love is much more usual than I thought. And in fact a number of women came to me regarding this issue – we didn’t have room to put all the stories I came up with in the newspaper.
In this article, there were two marriages that as a consequence didn’t last. First, there was Diane Pulford who married because mum thought her fiance was a good catch. Then, there was Andrea who at the age of 29 could hear her biological clock ticking and wanting a baby, married her boyfriend.
But I also spoke to three women for whom love grew. Although her parents did not pressurise her, Anita Singh chose to have an arranged marriage and had only met her husband twice before they wed. But although they were strangers, today they are in love. Then there was Lisa Mahon who married just six days after meeting her husband. However, she had been speaking with him over the internet and felt there was the potential for love. Sure enough, there was and today they have had a baby girl.
Finally there was Patricia Beaumont’s moving story. She was just 19 when her boyfriend discovered he had a rare cancer. His life was in the balance and doctors warned treatment could also make him infertile. She decided to finish with him. But then Patricia found she was pregnant and decided to make a go of their marriage. Even after she wed, she still felt resentful she’d got hitched so young. And in fact it was only when Jason became ill again, she realised just how much she did love him.
Could you marry a man you didn't love - trailed on the front page of the Daily Mail.

... and this feature was also trailed on the Mail's front page...

This feature was trailed on the front page of the Daily Mail today and judging by the comments on Mailonline, proved an enjoyable read, which of course pleases me!

The whole feature has now been placed with a top women’s magazine.

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We bought our wedding with a groupon coupon!

Lucie Glenny’s uplifting true-life story appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper yesterday.

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Lucie's story appeared in the Sunday Mirror

Having been engaged for six years, and with the average wedding costing £18,000, Lucie and Patrick had given up on being able to afford their dream wedding. But then bargain hunter Lucie discovered a wedding offer on a Groupon website. It looked amazing but to book the £2,000 wedding package, she would need to buy it then and there. And she had no idea where the venue was, let alone if it would be fine. The other snag was the date was set in stone – could she get a dress, flowers and invites organised in time?
When Patrick came home he wasn’t too impressed with Lucie’s idea but she won him round.
The next day the couple went with some trepidation to see exactly what they had bought – and were thrilled!
Their venue was a country house, there was a night in a wonderful bridal suite with breakfast in the morning, cocktails, wedding dinner and buffet thrown in. The enterprising couple managed to keep the cost down further by enlisting the help of friends to do flowers and the cake.
They had an amazing day – as photos show in the article, it ended up being the big white wedding they’d hoped for, for a fraction of the cost.
I rang Woodborough Hall, which offered this wedding package, to find out more. A spokesman told me the boss came up with the groupon – a discount coupon on a website. They believed such a promotion would show people who had no idea they are there (they are off the beaten track) how fantastic the weddings are. It certainly worked as they are almost fully booked for months.
Lucie’s story has now been sold to a women’s magazine.

She said: “I am delighted with the story in the paper – I thought it looked great.”

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Snow by the sea – children at Christmas – your photos…

Sell your story about the snow or do you have a photo about the snow to share?

White out on the beach in Sidmouth, Devon...

I was sent this beautiful photo today of the beach in Sidmouth Devon covered in snow. I don’t live in Devon but I know this area very well and I have never known snow like it in that area of the UK.

Meanwhile, I have been sent this photo of Kerry and baby Ben.

Kerry McDougall (nee Robertson) with toddler Ben...

Their story has just appeared on the front cover of Pick me Up magazine and Kerry and husband Mark are looking forward to enjoying Ben’s first Christmas! Last year they were on the run from social workers and Ben was later taken into care. So this picture of Ben so happy and so looking forward to Christmas is a very poignant photo for all of us!

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For 28 days Sophie’s parents thought she would die – photo diary of her survival..

Sophie Crewe’s real life story and photo diary of her fight to live is printed in a double page in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

Sophie, 14, almost died after a sudden heart attack...

As every parent knows, there is no greater worry than when your child falls ill. And for Sophie’s parents her illness came out of the blue when their previously healthy daughter collapsed with a heart attack. Only a few days earlier, Sophie, 14, had celebrated her birthday with her twin sister. But within hours her life hung in the balance as her heart was ravaged by such a rare condition – Takayasu arteritis – that even her doctors were consulting their medical books.
The terrible upshot soon became clear – Sophie needed a life-saving heart transplant.
Fortunately, a donor was found but that wasn’t the end of the story as it was a very risky operation.
Incredibly, during all this time, dad Paul kept an amazing photo diary of Sophie’s illness – from the day she was admitted to hospital to when, to the joy of her parents, she opened her eyes after her transplant op and asked, ‘Did it work?’
And it was this incredible photo diary charting this inspirational story that is printed over the centre pages of the Daily Mirror today.
I am pleased to report Sophie has made a remarkable recovery since her heart attack in July and is now back at school.

Mum Helen says: “We don’t know much about the donor family – only that the heart came from a 29 year old person. But we can never thank the donor family enough – and we will be thinking of them this Christmas. Because they gave us the most important gift of all, the gift of life.”

To find out more about organ donation, go to

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My life with Donny Osmond – Bella magazine

Is Helen Karis-Moody Donny Osmond’s greatest fan? Helen’s story recently appeared over two pages in BELLA magazine…

When Helen emailed me through my sell my story website and told me she liked Donny Osmond, I never realised quite how much. It was only when she sent me so many photos and Donny was in all of them that I realised the lengths Helen has gone to to engineer meetings with this well-known pop star.
This fun real life story made a great read in Bella magazine. It was made by the amazing photos Helen provided for the story from her own photo album.
This is a good example of why photos are so very important – they can literally make the difference between selling a story and not selling it. And I knew as soon as I saw these pictures that I could sell Helen’s story.
Helen was delighted to see her story in the magazine and, having had such a good selling story to the press experience, she has now asked me to sell another quite different story for her.
So watch this space!
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