UK’s Oldest Sex Change Donna Smith on ITV This Morning…

Featureworld interviewee Donna Smith – Britain’s oldest person to have a sex change – appears on ITV’s THIS MORNING. Transsexual Donna appears on ITV This Morning

Donna’s story about how she had a sex change at the age of 69 – she is now aged 74 – has been placed via Featureworld with the Sunday Mirror and MailOnline.

But Donna’s biggest dream was to appear on ITV’s This Morning and to sit on the sofa with presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. And we are delighted that we’ve been able to make that wish come true for Donna.

Donna said: “A friend contacted Alison to ask her about doing a story. I was a little wary – I’ve encountered so much prejudice in my life and so much unhappiness and I did wonder if doing a story in the press was the right thing.
“But after talking it over with Alison I decided to go ahead. One reason was because I believe it is only by getting stories like mine out into the public eye that such prejudice will eventually no longer exist at all. All my copy was read back to me so I had absolutely no surprises when I opened the paper and saw my story. Alison wrote my story exactly as it was and it was moving to see it there in black and white.
“I can honestly say since my article appeared in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail my life has changed beyond all belief. Many people where I lived have no idea I’ve had a sex change but everyone has been so supportive and it is lovely that now everyone knows. I’ve even been stopped in the street by well-wishers saying well done.
“When Alison told me ITV This Morning wanted me on their show I was overjoyed – it was a dream come true. I can’t describe how happy doing this has made me and how enjoyable the whole process has been.”

If you would like advice about placing your story contact Featureworld here: Selling a story to the press.

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I had a sex change at the age of 69 – Donna’s exclusive story

Pensioner Donna Smith came to Sell my Story website Featureworld to tell her amazing story and it appears in THE SUNDAY MIRROR and DAILY MAIL newspapers. Oldest person to have a sex change

As she queues at the post office, Donna, looks like any other pensioner…
And the 74 year old loves nothing more than a cup of tea and a natter with other ladies in the town where she lives.
So some of them might be shocked to know that until four and a half years ago she was a he…
Today Donna, who used to be Donald, reveals at the age of 69 and a retired chef, she underwent a sex change op.
Now Donna – who lives alone and as a woman is still a virgin – is hoping for love and preferably with a toyboy in her later years.
She says: “I’d love to meet a man who can be a wonderful companion in my later years. At last I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be – now all that’s missing is a lovely man in my life.”
From an early age Donna knew she was different from other boys. She never married or had children and sex with women was a huge let down as it always felt wrong. For the past 30 years she has dressed on and off as a woman. She has also taken female hormones, which allowed her to grow her own 44 DD breasts – but experienced much prejudice and upset.
However, aged 69 she finally plucked up the courage to become a real woman and at Charing Cross hospital underwent an NHS op to remove her male genitalia. She says: “The relief was amazing but I’d been taking female hormones for so many years my body was already incredibly feminine. So it was I know some people might wonder why I bothered at such a late age but I felt I’d rather live the rest of my life as a woman than a man – and ultimately knowing I will now die as a proper woman has come as a huge relief.”

Donna said today: “I am absolutely thrilled with my story today. I have gone through so much in my life and I just hope that telling my story like this will make people understand how hard it is for someone like me. If telling my story helps another person like me then I will be happy.”

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Do you have an incredible story you want to sell to the press? If you have changed your sex then let me know here: My sex change.

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A year ago Cindy decided to sell her story … so what happened next?

Like many interviewees who come to Featureworld , it was the first time Cindy Jackson had ever had any dealings with the press. Here, transexual Cindy, whose story of how she used to be a boy and is now a girl like her idol Katie Price, appeared in the Sunday Mirror and several magazines, tells what selling her story was like…

Sell story testimonial

Cindy also appeared on ITV's This Morning

Why did you want to sell your story?
I first decided to sell my story in May of last year. I felt I had a story to share with others and wanted to try and achieve my goals I had for the future. I wasn’t too sure who to go with at first but I contacted Featureworld with a general enquiry and Alison immediately emailed back.

What did you think of Alison?
She was really helpful and sounded like she knew what she was doing so it seemed like a good option to sell my story with Featureworld. I think everyone is slightly nervous about the article going into the paper/magazine because it is a first time experience and you want everything to go well, but Alison put me at ease.

Was your story read back before it was printed?
Yes, and through reading my article back to me and allowing me to say which bits I didnt agree with I was totally comfortable and therefore knew what to expect.

What did you think of your feature?
I was over the moon, the layout was brilliant and the piece had been written just as I expected – it wasn’t insensitive or anything and I was really pleased.

What did friends and family think?
I got a great response from other people who had seen my story in the paper and they were really positive saying how good I looked and how they thought I was an inspiration to others so that was a nice feeling!

Any advice to others?
From my own experiences in dealing with Featureworld I would 110% encourage others to contact Alison to sell a story. Alison is honest and does her best to make sure you’re happy and comfortable throughout the whole process. Selling my story was one of the best things I ever did and I don’t regret it for a second.

What’s happened since?
Since selling my story I’ve had loads of other work coming my way such as television and magazine appearances. I also fulfilled my dream and got to actually meet my Idol Katie Price and be on her television show, which was a dream come true!

Read more about Cindy here: Cindy’s stories.

If you would like to sell your story contact me here: Story to Sell.

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Cindy Jackson appears on ITV’s This Morning …

Cindy Jackson – who used to be known as Richard and is planning a sex change to look like Jordan – appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING yesterday.

Cindy as she appeared on TV …

Featureworld client Cindy Jackson appeared with mum Donna on this top ITV morning show.
Regular sell your story blog readers will know Cindy has recently appeared via Featureworld in the Sunday Mirror and Closer magazine.
She wrote to me a few weeks ago to sell her story of how she was born a boy but always felt as if she were a woman in a man’s body.
Cindy looked fantastic on the show and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the studio with her mum Donna, a primary school cook.
I now have other deals for Cindy which include TV filming abroad plus a further exclusive publication. She is also in talks with documentary producers to follow her as she completes all her cosmetic surgery.
If you are contemplating a sex change or have a sex change story you would like to sell, please contact me in confidence here.

And here’s Richard Jackson again – in Closer magazine …

Boy who wants a sex change and boob job to look like Jordan in CLOSER magazine this week.

Richard Jackson’s sex change story appeared in the Sunday Mirror at the weekend. Now this week the sensational real life story of how Richard wants to not only change his sex but have a boob job to look like his idol Jordan has also made the front cover of Closer. Inside was another double page spread with Richard – who has changed his name to Cindy – looking remarkably like Jordan.
I now have other deals in the pipeline for Cindy – and will keep Featureworld blog readers posted.
These include two TV deals plus a further publication.

Cindy says: “The last week has been incredibly exciting and my feet have barely touched the ground!”

She now hopes to have her boob job in a matter of weeks…

If you have a real life sex change story to sell, do let me know as they are very popular with many media outlets. You can sell your story here.

The boy who’s having a sex change to look like Jordan – Sunday Mirror

Boy to have boob job and sex change to look like Jordan. Story in the SUNDAY MIRROR yesterday.

Richard Jackson’s amazing real life story about how he is about to have a sex change to look like Jordan, was wanted by many newspapers and magazines last week. But, after some negotiation Richard, who recently changed his name to Cindy – and I chose to go with the Sunday Mirror. On Friday Richard, who lives in Leeds, got up early for a photoshoot in London complete with a top photographer, stylist and designer clothes for the double page spread, which appeared in yesterday’s Sunday paper.

Richard said: “The photoshoot was amazing and made me realise once my boob job and sex change is complete, I definitely want to be a glamour model. I thought the story in the paper Alison wrote was great. It looked great in the Sunday Mirror and so glad it went over two pages!”

Richard, 18, is supported in his quest to change his sex by mum Donna, a primary school cook. He tells me he has known he was a boy trapped in a woman’s body since he was just three. Then he even took a handbag to nursery. At the age of 12, he grew his hair long and began wearing make up. He has gone through hell with teasing but is now on the waiting list for transgender surgery. Within a year he hopes to become a full woman.
Richard’s story has already been sold to a top women’s magazine when readers can learn more of his extraordinary lifestyle.
Meanwhile if you are thinking as Richard did, “how do I sell my story” then do what he did. Fill in my sell your story form here.