I was Britain’s fattest teen – now having my baby could kill me…

Super slimmer Malissa Jones’ incredible true-life story about her traumatic weight loss and pregnancy appears over two pages in CLOSER magazine today.

How Malissa's story looks in CLOSER magazine

Three years ago Malissa Jones emailed me through sell my story website, Featureworld after she lost an incredible 22 stones. Malissa, then 17, was the youngest person to undergo a gastric bypass in the UK and I placed her story in the News of the World newspaper. Her story then went into Reveal. A year later Malissa and I decided to place her story again about how she regretted having this operation. Many people said she was ungrateful as doctors did it to save her life. But it had left her with terrible saggy skin. Closer took up her story, which also appeared in the Daily Mail.
And now Malissa is pregnant and due to her bypass, which has left her with much internal scarring, the pregnancy is fraught with difficulty. Doctors have been blunt – she shouldn’t really have this baby as it could burst the scarring and she could bleed to death.
However, despite the risks, Malissa and her boyfriend have decided to go ahead. Malissa has always wanted to be a mum and she couldn’t face not having her child.
She isn’t well though and doctors have warned her baby will probably be premature. Malissa shared her fears with Closer readers today – we can only wish her the best and hope this story does have a happy ending with the birth of a bonny baby.
One of the most satisfying things in Featureworld is selling someone’s story not once or twice, but several times and even years later. In fact, the vast majority of interviewees do ask for their stories to be sold again – a testament to the fact that selling your story is so enjoyable, even if like Malissa you are going through a difficult time in your life.

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I woke from a coma and found I had a baby – sold to Sunday People

Colleen’s story about how she fell in love with her baby all over again – story in SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper at the weekend.

Colleen and her partner Jay had already received many letters from various agents and journalists asking to sell their story when they found my sell my story website on the internet. I offer free advice to people who don’t know which way to turn. And after discussing their story with them, we decided to place it with the Sunday People newspaper.
Jay said: “We thought the story looked fantastic. We were both thrilled when we opened the newspaper and saw the double page.”
Colleen certainly has been through a nightmare. After giving birth to Hunnie, their first baby, she went down with swine flu and almost died. Thankfully, she pulled through. But after six weeks in a coma she could barely remember Hunnie let alone giving birth. And when her memory returned, Hunnie did not look like the tiny baby she recalled. However, she has since fallen in love again with her adorable little girl and the pair are closely bonded.

I have now gained another deal for Colleen and Jay with a national women’s magazine.

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