‘My sister had my baby…’ one woman’s emotional story

Cheryl Keye’s emotional true-life story about how her sister became a surrogate for her appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper at the weekend.

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Cheryl Keye's story appeared in the Sunday People

When Cheryl emailed me last week through Featureworld’s Sell My Story contact form, I knew it would make a wonderful read for a Sunday newspaper. And I wasn’t wrong as Cheryl’s story was snapped up by the Sunday People newspaper and on Easter Sunday, appeared over two pages.
Cheryl’s emotional story began when she found out at the age of 17 she suffered from a rare condition and had been born without a uterus. It was a devastating shock, not least because it made her feel less of a woman and she worried how she would explain it to any man.
However, in her early twenties she met her husband, Jason, and he reassured her it didn’t matter to him. However, they did both want children. They toyed with the idea of adoption but as Cheryl grew older, she began to wonder if it might be possible to have their own child – after all, although she doesn’t have a womb, she does have her ovaries.
The couple began considering surrogacy. But it was when Cheryl told younger sister Lyndsay their plans, she made them the most wonderful offer. She offered to carry their baby for them in her womb.
Eggs were retrieved from Cheryl and fertilised with Jason’s sperm and one was put back into Lyndsay’s womb. The fantastic result was last year Lyndsay gave birth to Elliot, Cheryl and Jason’s gorgeous son. He is now eight months old and has changed their lives beyond all belief. Needless to say, Cheryl and Jason are incredibly grateful for Lyndsay’s selfless gift to them.

This story is now due to appear in a national women’s weekly magazine, in another national newspaper and also in a monthly women’s magazine.

Cheryl said: “I really wanted to sell my story to give hope to others. However, when I first looked into selling my story, I had no idea how to go about it. But going through Alison has enabled us to place the story with a variety of publications so we really feel it is getting excellent coverage.”

Have you used a surrogate to have a baby? Maybe you are considering surrogacy via a relative or friend or through an agency. Surrogacy stories are always popular so do contact me to discuss which magazines and newspapers might be interested. For a personal appraisal of your real-life story, email alison@featureworld.co.uk

Read more about selling a story: Real-Life story

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Me, my hubby and the schoolgirl…

Wife’s story of how her husband had an affair with a 15 year old girl appears in THAT’S LIFE magazine this week over two pages.

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Marie's cheating hubby story also made the cover...

This is the third time I have sold Marie Bentley’s story. Today, her story of how she discovered her husband was having an affair with a teenage schoolgirl appears over a double page of this popular women’s weekly magazine, as well as the cover.
Having discovered husband Chris Bentley was cheating on her, she went to the police. There, she told them how he was having underage sex with the girl, who was the same age as their own eldest child.
Chris was then jailed for 18 months and although they had been married for 22 years, Marie still feels the betrayal was so great, that she has no regrets about turning him in.
The real life story in That’s Life magazine today includes previously unseen photos and an update from previous stories – Marie’s story has previously appeared through sell my story website Featureworld in the Daily Mirror and Reveal magazine. Both times it was also spread over two pages.

Relationship stories, especially those about betrayal, affairs, adultery and infidelity, are extremely popular with women’s feature sections of national newspapers and women’s magazines. I am currently looking for the following for up and coming features:

* Couples where one spouse has been unfaithful – but the couple have managed to stay together and the affair has made their own relationship stronger.
* Women who’ve had an affair with their boss (maybe it blossomed into a full blown relationship), or someone much older or younger than themselves.
* Sisters where both have been out with the same man – or maybe you no longer speak after your sister had an affair with your partner.
* Women who’ve had a holiday romance – perhaps it didn’t work out or maybe it did.
* Men and women who left their partners or spouses for someone else.
* Love rat stories.

If this is you and you are happy to be photographed, then it is possible like Marie’s story, above, your story could not only appear in a national newspaper but could also be placed in a multiple deal and appear in two women’s magazines as well.

Why not contact me and see what your adultery story might be worth: Sell my story

Read more about Marie Bentley’s cheating husband story: Marie’s love rat story

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Mum ‘too stupid to marry’ makes front page of Pick me Up magazine…

Another magazine story for Kerry Robertson (now McDougall) in PICK ME UP magazine – and she and new husband Mark make the front cover of this week’s issue.

Mark and Kerry's story also made the front page.

Featureworld clients Mark and Kerry’s story looks fantastic laid out in over the double pages of women’s magazine, Pick me Up this week.
Regular sell your story blog readers will recall I have followed Mark and Kerry’s unfolding real life story for over a year now. Kerry is the young woman whose wedding was halted by social workers who said she was too stupid to marry. The couple then fled the UK to Ireland in a bid to save their unborn baby going into care. There they believed social workers would be more understanding. Sadly three days after baby Ben was born, Irish social workers were alerted by the UK ones and their baby had to go to live with foster parents. However, having been thoroughly investigated by the Irish, Ben has now been returned to his Mark and Kerry. The couple have also since married and this Christmas therefore promises to be a world away from last Christmas. Then, they were on the run and fearful of the future. Now, Ben is with them and they have started a new life in Southern Ireland where they plan to bring up Ben. And they also recently married.
Via sell story website Featureworld, their story has appeared in the Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday and also Reveal magazine. And the feature in Pick Me Up has some never seen before photos of their wonderful white wedding – which Ben attended as guest of honour!

Mark said: “Kerry and I are delighted are story has made the front page of the magazine!”

To read more on the background on Mark and Kerry’s incredible story and see how it was previously reported, click here: Mark and Kerry’s page

Have you been on an incredible journey? Did you battle against all the odds to have a happy ending in your life? If so let me know here: Sell My Story

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Why won’t he marry me?

Michele English’s story about how partner Russell doesn’t want to wed appears in BELLA magazine this week.

Michele and Russell talked about their relationship in Bella mag

When Michele English emailed me through my sell my story website, I remembered her instantly as I recalled watching The Restaurant. This was shown on BBC2 and followed couples as they competed to open a restaurant with Raymond Blanc. She and partner Russell went on to win this real life TV show and opened their eaterie, The Cheerful Soul. Russell was the chef while Michele, 36, was front of house.
In the summer, however, they decided in fact running the restaurant wasn’t for them and Michele hoped after so many years together, they might marry. But unfortunately Russell doesn’t want to marry. As he told me, it isn’t that he doesn’t love Michele but he doesn’t believe marriage will make their already solid relationship any better. Michele, however, is upset as she is traditional and always believed she would eventually marry and have children.
The couple’s two sided story was placed with Bella magazine and I have since gained them a follow-up deal with a national newspaper.

Do you have a relationship story to sell? Maybe you and your partner both hold very different views on something that would make an interesting read? If so, I would love to hear from you here: Sell a story

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How I fell in love with an avatar …

Vicky Teather’s unusual true-life relationship story appeared on page 3 of the DAILY MAIL on Saturday.

Vicky and Paul were both in long-term relationships when for fun they both played the online video game Final Fantasy. Vicky’s character was little Branwen, while Paul was super masculine Andurus.
But over the eighteen months they spent playing the virtual reality game, they grew closer and although they had never met in real life, they began to have feelings for one another.
Eventually they decided to meet and after just two hours realised they were in love. Incredibly within weeks both had finished their old relationships and had begun dating. Then, as Vicky was in Southampton and Paul was working in London, they dated in the game. As Vicky says, cuddling and kissing in Final Fantasy was the next best thing to being together.
A year ago the couple married – incredibly they even had a wedding cake made with their avatars Branwen and Andrurus made out of icing.

Vicky says she was delighted with the story in the Daily Mail. She said: “Thank you so much! I thought it looked great and might even encourage others to play video games as you do meet some wonderful people that way.”

And is this the way more couples might meet in the future? Psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy, whom I also quoted in the story, told me he believed in a few years time it could become the norm. This is partly because we are all working much longer hours and playing an online video game enables people to ‘go out’ and meet new people while still sitting at home…

Do you have an unusual love story to sell? If so, contact me here: Story to sell

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The reality of being a single dad – story sold to Daily Mirror

Widower and dad of two Vincent Ashton described life since his wife died in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper on Friday.

With the BBC running the drama Single Father on television recently, the plight of dads left on their own with children has been back in the news.
In Single Father, David Tennant falls in love with a friend of his late wife (and she is married) but while that might make for good TV, the reality for many widowed dads can be quite different.
In Vincent’s case, he was absolutely lost without his wife for months and found life incredibly hard to cope with.
Vincent had been the breadwinner – suddenly he found it very hard to work as his hours meant he wasn’t there for his daughter and son. So for him it was a total life change – in fact he ended up giving up his old job and going back to college. That way he could study around his children, pick them up from school and eventually qualify for a job more suitable for family life.
Unlike the BBC’s Single Father, he also hasn’t met anyone else. As he says in the article, the problem is you don’t fall out of love with your spouse when they die.

Do you have a real life story to sell to a magazine or newspaper? if so contact me here: Sell my Story!

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Bitter wife sets up Facebook page for ‘love rat’ husband…

Lorraine Hilliard’s real story about how she has set up a Facebook page claiming her husband is a cheating love rat appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

A single mum of three Lorraine was thrilled when she met Steve. He was wonderful with her children and within months they’d married in a whirlwind ceremony.
For eighteen months, all was well. But when Lorraine discovered some letters and photos from strange women in her husband Steve’s wardrobe, naturally she quizzed him about who they were. And when he couldn’t give her any answers and she round an email account with a password she didn’t know about, she couldn’t help but look.
What she discovered was scores of emails to different women. She contacted some and claims that they told her they have been seeing her husband. Devastated she told him to leave.
Since then she has set up a Facebook page to ‘warn other women’ about her ex. Meanwhile, Steve denies everything, saying that he only agreed to a story about adultery to get a quickie divorce.
Lorraine’s story went into the Sunday People.

Lorraine said: “The story was exactly as Alison said it would be. I really wanted to get this out there and feel this was the only way to find the truth.”

I am now negotiating a deal for Lorraine with a magazine, which will be a follow-up to this story and will include an update about what’s happened since Lorraine went public with her Facebook page…

Did your husband cheat on you? Did you marry a love rat? If like Lorraine you would like to get your story into the public eye, click here: Sell Your Story.

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