IN THE NEWS: NHS – or Weight Watchers – which is best?

When you want to lose weight should you try a trip to your GP or try a commercial diet? Watching your weight

New research for Birmingham University has found that commercial diet plans are far more cost effective than programmes from NHS Dietitians run in GP’s surgeries.

Researchers at Birmingham University, studying 740 British dieters, discovered that the slimmers who attended a commercial slimming group lost three times as much weight as those treated through the NHS.

The best results were achieved by slimmers who attended sessions held by Weight Watchers. They lost an average of 4.4Kg over the three months whereas those treated by GP’s lost 1.4Kg.

Dr Kate Jolly, who led the study, said that a dozen, one-hour commercial sessions cost the NHS only slightly more than one GP’s appointment.

However, Holly Finnegan, nutritional expert at UK diet specialists All About Weight, warned: “Commercial diet plans are undoubtedly great value for the NHS. However, the NHS needs to be very careful over which programmes they support because studies have shown that many subjects find it hard to maintain their weight loss and put the weight back on over a short period of time.”

The Birmingham study said that benefits of losing weight included the reduced risk of diabetes and that slimmers who lost just seven pounds in weight could enjoy an extra year of life but that the weight loss has to be permanent.

Holly Finnegan said: “All About Weight is the UK’s fastest growing weight loss programme and is the only company which devotes as much energy into weight maintenance as it does in weight loss.”

“Clients can choose whether or not to attend group sessions but those who prefer not to still have very good social support online from other clients and nutritional support and advice from the nutrition department.

“Individuals log their weight loss journey online, keep a food and activity diary and use various other tools to keep them motivated and to help them to change their attitudes and thoughts towards food. Behaviour modification plays an important role in the weight maintenance stages and studies show that using online tools and keeping a food diary are the most effective methods for weight loss and for maintaining weight loss,” she said.

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I find out WHY Malissa Jones went from being obese to anorexic…

Malissa Jones amazing real life story about why she has gone from being Britain’s Fattest teen to being anorexic appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday and THE DAILY STAR today…

Story in the Daily Mail

I discuss the reasons behind Malissa's eating problems...

Malissa’s shocking story has already appeared around the world – but just why did this pretty 21 year old get so fat in the first place? And then why did she become anorexic?
Eating problems are incredibly complex and for this story I spoke to several members of the family – including Malissa’s mum, Dawn.
Apart from one, all of Malissa’s family is overweight. Mum Dawn has also had a bypass. When Malissa was just 12, she underwent the same operation and Malissa now says she always believed however fat she got she could fall back on surgery.
However, it wasn’t the fix she hoped for and Malissa says since the op she has never felt well. She has constantly suffered from stomach cramps, sickness and has got one infection after another. She also hated the saggy skin left from the op. Then, she got pregnant and morning sickness worsened her symptoms. Sadly her baby didn’t survive and she now has a phobia about food.
Today her story also appeared in the Daily Star.
Sell story to the Daily Star

Malissa Jones also appears in the Daily Star

Malissa says: “I find getting my story out there very therapeutic and despite having so much publicity I am particularly happy that I have only ever spoken with Alison about it.”

Read more about Malissa Jones

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Malissa once weighed 34 st – now she’s dying from anorexia

Malissa Jones’ shocking real-life story of how she went from being Britain’s fattest teen to fighting an eating disorder appears in CLOSER magazine and the DAILY MAIL website today.

Sell weight loss story

Malissa appeared over two pages in Closer

Malissa first sought my advice by filling in the sell my story form in 2009. That was a year after Malissa, then aged 17 and weighing over 34 stones, had a gastric bypass. Having lost over half her body weight, her NHS gastric surgery was hailed a success.
But even then, there were problems. Malissa had always had great difficulty eating and often felt unwell.
However, her story then went into the News of the World newspaper as well as two women’s magazines.
I like to keep in touch with Featureworld interviewees and I was dismayed to discover that around a year after doing the stories, Malissa was unhappy. She had lost so much weight, she’d been left with saggy skin and having learnt she couldn’t have it sorted on the NHS, fell into a depression.
She began regretting the surgery and I placed her story again, this time with Closer magazine, about how she hated her new body so much, she wished she’d never had the surgery done.
Then last year Malissa found out she was unexpectedly pregnant – only her joy was clouded by the fact doctors warned her having a baby could be fatal. This story appeared just before Christmas, once again in Closer magazine.
But three days after it was published, Malissa was rushed into hospital – she had lost so much weight, her baby was malnourished. Tragically, eight weeks ago, he was born too early to survive. Malissa, who almost lost her own life during his delivery, has since been diagnosed with anorexia.
Doctors have told her if she doesn’t start eating properly, she could have as little as six months to live. But Malissa, now 20, still finds eating so painful that every tiny mouthful is a struggle and consequently she is still losing weight. She tells the latest instalment of this shockingly sad story in Closer today and also on Mailonline.

I can only hope that Malissa does get better – I will keep you posted…

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Read more: Alison represents Malissa Jones
Malissa Jones: Weight battle

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Sell your story for summer…

Looking for some extra cash for a holiday or to buy some clothes for a trip away? Well, you could always sell your story to help pay for it…!
Currently I am looking for great real life stories to sell to magazines and newspapers.

Crystal Cat is coming on holiday

Crystal Cat always comes on holiday with me!

Any story with a summery feel to it is welcome. Here’s some ideas…

* Holidays from hell. Been on a nightmare plane flight or boat trip? Stayed in a half-built hotel – then make sure you take some photos as they will help sell your story on your return.
* Wedding stories… getting married the same day as Kate and Wills? Had a wedding disaster? Been jilted at the altar? Then take heart, at least everyone will want to buy your story.
* Holiday romances. Met the love of your life abroad? Are you giving everything up to live in a mud hut with the new man or woman in your life?
* Suffered terrible sunburn? Want to warn others of the dangers of sunbathing or forgetting to take the malaria pills? Are you suing a holiday company …
* Saved someone’s life? Been bitten by snake or a shark – obviously you have survived…!
* Got caught up in a crisis? Don’t forget to contact me if your flight is hideously delayed for some ridiculous reason, or you get caught up in another ash cloud. You can spend your time selling your story.
* Taking your pet abroad? Perhaps you have lots of photos from a trip around the world with your dog or maybe you spend thousands flying your cat to your Spanish villa and back.
* Lost a load of weight to go on your hols? Do you have great before pics of you as a beached whale on holiday – and looking sylph like this year?
* Given birth abroad – flew to the States and back and you didn’t know you were nine months pregnant (I sold a story before like this five times for that interviewee!).
* Been a victim of crime abroad? Been jailed abroad for a crime you didn’t commit?
* Going on the holiday of a lifetime? Packing up everything in the UK to move after a holiday?
* Taking the mother-in-law away with you?
* Heading for divorce after another nightmare holiday with your spouse?

Potentially a good real life story can earn you up to thousands of pounds and pay for your holiday.

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I was Britain’s fattest teen – now having my baby could kill me…

Super slimmer Malissa Jones’ incredible true-life story about her traumatic weight loss and pregnancy appears over two pages in CLOSER magazine today.

How Malissa's story looks in CLOSER magazine

Three years ago Malissa Jones emailed me through sell my story website, Featureworld after she lost an incredible 22 stones. Malissa, then 17, was the youngest person to undergo a gastric bypass in the UK and I placed her story in the News of the World newspaper. Her story then went into Reveal. A year later Malissa and I decided to place her story again about how she regretted having this operation. Many people said she was ungrateful as doctors did it to save her life. But it had left her with terrible saggy skin. Closer took up her story, which also appeared in the Daily Mail.
And now Malissa is pregnant and due to her bypass, which has left her with much internal scarring, the pregnancy is fraught with difficulty. Doctors have been blunt – she shouldn’t really have this baby as it could burst the scarring and she could bleed to death.
However, despite the risks, Malissa and her boyfriend have decided to go ahead. Malissa has always wanted to be a mum and she couldn’t face not having her child.
She isn’t well though and doctors have warned her baby will probably be premature. Malissa shared her fears with Closer readers today – we can only wish her the best and hope this story does have a happy ending with the birth of a bonny baby.
One of the most satisfying things in Featureworld is selling someone’s story not once or twice, but several times and even years later. In fact, the vast majority of interviewees do ask for their stories to be sold again – a testament to the fact that selling your story is so enjoyable, even if like Malissa you are going through a difficult time in your life.

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Doctors said I was too fat to be a mum …

Wendy Janes’ real-life weight loss story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Weighing in at 28 stones, Wendy believed her chance of ever having a baby had gone – along with all the takeaways she ate.
Sadly, not only had she been unable to conceive naturally, doctors told her she was also too fat to have IVF. So she decided to take drastic action and had a bypass. And in 15 months she had lost an astonishing 14 stones. Amazingly though, she wanted to lose that ‘little’ bump left – only that little bump turned out to be a baby. Incredibly, losing all the weight had corrected Wendy’s infertility problems and she has since given birth to son Logan.

Wendy says: “My partner Kevin and I were stunned that after all these years of me trying for a baby, it happened naturally in the end! But every time Logan smiles at me I know the heartache was worth it.”

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Should the NHS pay for obesity surgery? Story sold to The Sun

Roxanne Ayling’s amazing real life weight loss story appeared in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

When Roxanne asked me if I could sell a story about how she’d not only lost ten stones after having a gastric band fitted, but also had cosmetic surgery to tone her figure – and I saw her photos – I thought she had done brilliantly.
But what was most interesting was that she has had all this done on the NHS – at a cost so far of £28K. This includes a lower body lift, with a tummy tuck, and surgery to get rid of bingo wings (excess flab under the arms.)
And she is yet to have more surgery next year with a breast lift and thigh sculpturing.
I was particularly intrigued because at sell my story website Featureworld I regularly receive emails from people who have lost a lot of weight but have been refused this sort of cosmetic surgery on the NHS. They are often quite desperate as such amazing weight loss leaves them with ugly and uncomfortable excess skin folds.
Roxanne’s story in The Sun discussed this debate giving both sides of the argument. Some critics say obesity surgery shouldn’t be available on the NHS whilst others feel making this sort of surgery available ultimately saves the NHS money in the end because being slimmer reduces the risk of illness in later life.
It is a debate that will surely continue because as a nation we are all growing fatter (unfortunately!).

Roxanne says: “I do feel lucky and grateful to have had this life changing surgery. I was very happy telling my story to The Sun and glad I got this talking point out there.”

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Gastric band surgery ruined my life… story sold to Daily Mirror

Joanna McDermott wanted to sell a real life diet story about how having a gastric band hasn’t made her thinner, and it appeared in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper this week.

When Joanna McDermott splashed out £8,500, she imagined in a year or two she would be slim. But in fact, she now says having a gastric band op was the worse thing she ever did.
For since she had the band put in, she has been incredibly sick – ironically especially when she eats fruit and vegetables as they seem to stick painfully in her digestive system.
The only remedy was to eat melted chocolate as that went down more easily. But the problem was chocolate (as we all know!) is high in calories and soon she was putting weight ON.
Sadly Joanna has been so unwell she had to give up work and even her marriage suffered. Although she and her husband were already having difficulties, the gastric band problems proved the final straw. And they have since split up.
Joanna is now about to have her gastric band removed but wanted to sell her story to warn others about the side-effects she’s experienced. She doesn’t feel the fact it might not work was stressed enough to her.
She also feels there is no easy way to lose weight – and certainly although there’s been many celebrities recently having gastric band surgery – it might not be the answer.

Do you want to sell your gastric band story or perhaps you want to sell a different weight loss or diet story? Read other diet and weight loss stories I’ve sold here.

How many times can you sell your story?

When married mum of two Angela almost halved her body weight using a gastric band, she came to me to sell the story about her successful weight loss. Her real life story then appeared in Take a Break magazine. That was almost five years ago and since then a lot has happened in Angela’s life…
Three years after selling her first story about her weight loss, her gastric band went wrong. It no longer worked and Angela grew fatter again. Angela’s story was then told in the Good Health section of the Daily Mail where she discussed whether having a gastric band had been worth it.
After that, Angela’s story was placed in glossy magazine New. Needless to say Angela was always happy with the stories I wrote for her and as with many interviewees, she always said if she had any other story to sell then she would come back. So, we always stayed in touch. Fast forward two more years and there is a new and incredible twist to Angela’s story. Which is due to be revealed in real life magazine Bella in the next few weeks…
Watch this space…!
Angela is one of the great many interviewees who choose not only to sell their story with but also choose to return time and again to sell their story (and often years later!) This is because they know that not only are they always paid on time but that by selling their story via me, it will always be told as I’ve said it would be.
The photo below is of Angela as she appeared in the Daily Mail in 2007…

My daughter hated fat camp …

Stacey’s story about how her ten year old daughter hated fat camp is printed over two pages in Closer magazine this week.

Have you recently lost weight? Or been on a diet? If so I would love to hear from you. Email me