My revenge on my cheating husband’s mistress…

Name and shame story about how Vanessa Finn got revenge on her cheating husband appears in PICK ME UP magazine this week.

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Vanessa's revenge story appeared over two pages...

One of the bonuses of selling your story through a media agent is that one week your story can appear in the Daily Mail newspaper and then it can be printed (with an interviewee’s permission) in a totally different way in a women’s magazine.
Regular readers might recall Vanessa’s story in the Daily Mail in December. Then she told how for eighteen years she was a supportive army wife. She believed she and husband Alan Finn, were happy. But then he confessed he was having an affair. Worse, he changed his army status to ‘single’. This meant as he no longer qualified for married quarters, Vanessa and their two daughters had to leave their home within 93 days.
She didn’t leave fast enough and was fined by the Ministry of Defence for trespass and cleaning.
Following the news story in the Daily Mail, I was contacted by a number of women’s magazines who wanted to know if Vanessa would like to do a follow-up story.
And today her story about what has happened since – including how she got revenge on his mistress, Lesley Murphy, is recounted in Pick me Up magazine. There Vanessa’s story goes over two pages. It was also made the front page of this well-read women’s mag.

Vanessa says: “Getting my story off my chest and telling the truth about what happened in both a national newspaper and a women’s magazine, has made me feel much more confident. In fact, it’s been a liberating experience and I am so glad I did it. I now feel able to put this behind me and carry on with the rest of my life.”

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The army wife twice betrayed by ‘love rat’ husband and the MOD…

Vanessa Finn’s extraordinary true story about how she was fined for trespass and cleaning when she failed to leave her marital home fast enough was printed in the DAILY MAIL on Saturday.

Vanessa Finn's story appeared on page 7 of the Daily Mail

For eighteen years Vanessa Finn was a supportive army wife. She and her husband, Alan Finn, had two daughters together and she believed they had a happy marriage. During this time, he rose through the ranks eventually becoming a Sgt Major and they were granted an army house – a substantial four bedroom detached one.
But in May this year he confessed he’d been having an affair and devastatingly told her he no longer wanted to be married.
Yet if that wasn’t bad enough, her husband then changed his army status to ‘single’. This meant he no longer qualified for married accommodation and under army rules, Vanessa and the children were given just 93 days to vacate their home.
When she couldn’t find anywhere to live fast enough, she was then fined for trespass and invoiced by the Ministry of Defence for cleaning.
Vanessa is now campaigning for the army to be more compassionate when marriages break down. After all, she feels it unfair that despite being the wronged wife, and despite supporting her husband and the army for years, she was not only forced out of the marital home (fortunately friends and family ensured she wasn’t homeless) but was also fined for leaving too slowly.

Vanessa says: “I was very happy with my story in the Daily Mail. I have had lots of calls about it from well wishers and friends. I am very happy I went ahead and pleased with the way my story was handled in the newspaper.”

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Would you shop your husband to the Police?

Marie Bentley’s emotional real-life story appeared in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper and REVEAL magazine yesterday.

Marie's story was in the Daily Mirror

... and also in Reveal mag

When Marie Bentley discovered husband Chris was having an affair, that was bad enough. However, when she found out he was seeing a 15 year old girl – the same age as their eldest daughter – she was not only devastated but disgusted.
So she made the hardest decision of her life – she decided to call in the Police. And last month Chris was jailed after admitting sex with an under age girl.
Despite this Marie, who was married to Chris for 18 years – they met when they were teenagers – was still so upset, she wanted to tell her story for justice.
Importantly, she wanted to gain the most publicity for her story.
With this in mind, I arranged for her story to appear in the Daily Mirror and weekly women’s magazine Reveal. I have also gained Marie another opportunity and a follow-up to her story will shortly be appearing in another popular women’s magazine. She has also been asked for radio and TV interviews.

Marie says: “I was extremely pleased with both stories in the newspaper and magazine. They were both very well done. I don’t know how myself and my daughters will move on from this but I do feel telling my story was the right way forward.”

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How I fell in love with an avatar …

Vicky Teather’s unusual true-life relationship story appeared on page 3 of the DAILY MAIL on Saturday.

Vicky and Paul were both in long-term relationships when for fun they both played the online video game Final Fantasy. Vicky’s character was little Branwen, while Paul was super masculine Andurus.
But over the eighteen months they spent playing the virtual reality game, they grew closer and although they had never met in real life, they began to have feelings for one another.
Eventually they decided to meet and after just two hours realised they were in love. Incredibly within weeks both had finished their old relationships and had begun dating. Then, as Vicky was in Southampton and Paul was working in London, they dated in the game. As Vicky says, cuddling and kissing in Final Fantasy was the next best thing to being together.
A year ago the couple married – incredibly they even had a wedding cake made with their avatars Branwen and Andrurus made out of icing.

Vicky says she was delighted with the story in the Daily Mail. She said: “Thank you so much! I thought it looked great and might even encourage others to play video games as you do meet some wonderful people that way.”

And is this the way more couples might meet in the future? Psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy, whom I also quoted in the story, told me he believed in a few years time it could become the norm. This is partly because we are all working much longer hours and playing an online video game enables people to ‘go out’ and meet new people while still sitting at home…

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Bitter wife sets up Facebook page for ‘love rat’ husband…

Lorraine Hilliard’s real story about how she has set up a Facebook page claiming her husband is a cheating love rat appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

A single mum of three Lorraine was thrilled when she met Steve. He was wonderful with her children and within months they’d married in a whirlwind ceremony.
For eighteen months, all was well. But when Lorraine discovered some letters and photos from strange women in her husband Steve’s wardrobe, naturally she quizzed him about who they were. And when he couldn’t give her any answers and she round an email account with a password she didn’t know about, she couldn’t help but look.
What she discovered was scores of emails to different women. She contacted some and claims that they told her they have been seeing her husband. Devastated she told him to leave.
Since then she has set up a Facebook page to ‘warn other women’ about her ex. Meanwhile, Steve denies everything, saying that he only agreed to a story about adultery to get a quickie divorce.
Lorraine’s story went into the Sunday People.

Lorraine said: “The story was exactly as Alison said it would be. I really wanted to get this out there and feel this was the only way to find the truth.”

I am now negotiating a deal for Lorraine with a magazine, which will be a follow-up to this story and will include an update about what’s happened since Lorraine went public with her Facebook page…

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I earned £250K as an escort – then married a client…

Kirstie’s story about about how she could earn thousands of pounds a day as a high-class escort appeared in glossy celebrity and real-life magazine Closer this week.
Kirstie emailed me through my website to ask, “Can you sell my story?” In a nutshell, a year ago she married a client who’d paid £500 for a date with her. And she’d given up escorting for him and taken on office work. But now with the credit crunch, they had fallen on hard times and Kirstie was tempted back into escorting where she can earn £150 an hour. The problem was if she did, she risked her marriage …
You can read Kirstie’s full story, which is told over two pages, in Closer this week. Not only is Kirstie delighted with the sensitive way in which her story is told, it was a story that a number of real life magazines were after. So I was able to secure Kirstie an excellent fee (which has helped pay some bills…)
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My marriage or my baby – one woman’s agonising decision …

When Tracey had an affair and became pregnant by her lover, she faced a terrible dilemma. Her husband said he could only forgive her if she didn’t keep the baby. So Tracey had an abortion and the couple have now rebuilt their relationship.
Tracey’s story appeared in the Daily Mirror newspaper yesterday. And today I have negotiated a magazine deal for Tracey.
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