I wanted a baby – so I googled ‘sperm donor’…

Ann Spalding’s controversial real-life story about how she found a dad to father her baby on a google internet search appears over two pages in THE SUN newspaper today.

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Ann tells explains her controversial choice in The Sun

Another story in The Sun newspaper today and again it looks great! Single mum Ann wanted a sibling for her elder daughter, Keira. But with no sign of Mr Right on the horizon, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She went onto google, inputting ‘sperm donor wanted’ and came up with a website. Here she put an ad on for someone to donate his sperm to her so she could have a longed-for second child.
Jason replied – and said he liked to donate sperm to help women have babies. He was also polite and nice looking. The couple met in a hotel but when artificial donation didn’t work the first month, Ann decided to sleep with Jason to give nature a helping hand. The result was daughter Holly, now one.
Since sleeping with Jason that night, Ann has never seen him. She did try to contact him to tell him he had a daughter but emailed bounced back and the phone numbers were dead.
However, she wasn’t bothered as the whole point of having a baby this way was to have her daughter on her own. She also didn’t want a big gap between her daughters, and didn’t want to be an older mum.
Although she is only aged 27, Ann has been sterilised as she feels her family is complete.

She says: “I am sure some people will be shocked by what I did. But I couldn’t have afforded sperm donation at a private clinic and this way I have chosen Holly’s dad myself. At first my parents and friends were worried about what I was doing but now Holly is here, no-one is bothered how she was conceived. And I have no regrets.”

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* couples who have chosen the sex of their baby – or plan to have gender selection abroad.
* Surrogate mums and older couples having a baby.

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Are men really happiest at home with the kids…?

This lifestyle feature recently appeared in the women’s Femail section of the DAILY MAIL newspaper.

Rarely does a week go by when there isn’t a new study about house husbands, stay at home dads or wives now earning more than their husbands. The latest one even says the more women earn, the more likely their husband is to have an affair. So is this true…? A number of Sell My Story website Featureworld interviewees took part in this article contributing their views.
Susan Clement-Loftus is an opera singer and husband Jim is a writer who is working on novels. They explained how if Jim didn’t stay at home to care for son Daniel (and they also foster children) their lives would be much more chaotic. In fact Susan says she simply could not manage with the late night concerts and theatre shows if Jim had a ‘normal’ 9-5 job. Money wise however, Jim does currently depend on Susan who is the breadwinner and he admits he doesn’t describe himself as a ‘house husband’ when he first meets people.
This situation doesn’t work well for Andrew Purcell and wife Lindsey. Andrew used to own a brewery business but since selling up (it wasn’t making enough money) he has been at home with the couple’s four children. And he hates it, feeling that he and Lindsey are no longer so close. Lindsey also admits she will feel happier when Andrew gets another job…
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The woman selling her eggs on the internet – Daily Mail

‘Selling my eggs to pay off student debts’ makes page 3 of the DAILY MAIL newspaper today …

Marje Khan has come across an unusual way of paying off student debts – she has put her eggs up for sale on the internet.
Marje, 28, a businesswoman with two degrees, has debts of £50,000 and hit upon the idea after she read about it in a magazine. She hopes to make £4,500 from it.
What Marje did not realise – until I told her – is that it is illegal in the UK to sell your eggs. However, she is far from the only woman doing this. When I looked into this story, I found many women doing the same thing. In fact, it is an ‘underground’ trade that is extremely hard, if not impossible, to police. Some people are therefore calling for a change in the law – after all, in many other countries, paying a woman for her eggs is legal. But the critics point out women could be coerced into donating eggs for the wrong reasons.
It is certainly an interesting debate – and one that is bound to continue to cause controversy in the future.
Meanwhile, I have had many requests for Marje’s story today and Marje is considering offers from TV and radio.
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