I forgot I gave birth – story sold to Reveal magazine

Colleen Wright emailed me at my sell my story website and her amazing story appeared in REVEAL magazine last week.

When Colleen gave birth to baby Hunnie, everything was fine. But shortly after, the new mum fell into a coma after suffering from swine flu. And when six weeks later she woke up, she couldn’t remember giving birth.
Colleen’s emotional story about how she fell in love again with Hunnie has already appeared through featureworld.co.uk in the Sunday People newspaper. And once again I was able to gain Colleen and partner Jay another deal.
This enabled them to gain not only another payment but also another cutting!

Jay said: “It was great to see our story out in the magazine and we are both really pleased with the write-up.”

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I found my long lost family on a holiday to the US – story sold to Daily Mirror

Pat Janaway’s story about how she discovered eight brothers and sisters appears in the DAILY MIRROR today.

When Pat and John Janaway emailed me last week to see if I could sell their story of how they spent 50 years trying to track down Pat’s family, I thought it was a wonderful tale.
Pat was a war baby and only ever knew she was conceived in 1944 – the result of an affair her mum had with a US army officer. Her mum rarely spoke of what happened and when aged 17 Pat married John, the pair set about trying to find him.
The search that followed over the next half a century is a story in itself! Pat tells how she wrote to various authorities in the US to try to find her father. Over the years she and John sent hundreds of letters, made tens of phone calls and spent hours researching leads on the internet. All were to no avail.
By the time they went on holiday to the US they’d given up hope. But then they found a museum next to their hotel and incredibly found the photo of her dad that was to eventually lead her to finding she has eight brothers and sisters.

The couple were delighted to see their story in the Mirror today. John emailed this morning: “Thank you for the professional way you set out our story in the Mirror.”

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Motherhood through the ages – how has it changed?

Family’s generation story in the DAILY EXPRESS newspaper

The Graham family appeared to talk about their real-life story in yesterday’s Daily Express newspaper about how motherhood has changed through the generations.
Great great grandmother Gwen, 93 remembers dressing her newborn baby in a long embroidered nightie and washing terry nappies in a copper pot. Her daughter – great grandmother Wendy – recalls her baby being put in the garden in a big pram for the fresh air (whatever the weather!). Meanwhile, Wendy’s daughter Lynn had to dress her newborn baby Chelsey in a tiny hospital gown. When Chelsey had her baby daughter recently she took in her own babygros and disposable nappies – she was also back shopping within days (midwives told her mum, gran and great gran to rest for weeks after the birth.)

Their stories show just how much having a baby has changed over the decades and make fascinating reading.

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