The family with SIX generations spanning almost a century…

Real life story of the family with SIX generations appears in THE SUN newspaper today.

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Amazing ... the family with six generations in The Sun

When last Friday Wendy Mumford emailed me through my sell my story website and told me her granddaughter had just had a baby – and he was the sixth generation in their family, I was amazed. I have written about a number of five generation stories before (and even those are rare) but never six generations.
And today their delightful story appears over two pages in The Sun newspaper. Theirs is a fascinating story. Gladys Sweeting is 91 and her story about how she had seven babies at home with no pain relief – and then how her husband announced the babies’ births in the street – is in stark comparison to great-great-great granddaughter Jessica’s story. Jessica, 19, recently gave birth to 8Ib 10oz Harry – and she announced the birth by text and then on Facebook. Meanwhile, while Gladys was confined to bed for weeks after each birth, Jessica was out the same day and shopping the next.
Life when Gladys gave birth was completely different – there was no NHS and treatment for infection was still maggots. Hardly anyone had electricity let alone a TV – and the Internet was years away.

Wendy says: “We knew having six generations was pretty special as we were in our local paper when Jessica was born because we were a family of five generations then. We are very close. We live nearby to one another and feel very lucky that everyone is going strong. It’s been lovely to celebrate with a big story in a national newspaper.”

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Adoption – three sides of the story…

Real life story about adoption in BELLA magazine this week.

Adoption story

Melanie's story about her two mums appeared in Bella magazine.

This is the incredible story of how Melanie Farmer has two mums to support her through life – her adoptive mum Janet and birth mum Julie – and in this emotional article over two pages, all three open their hearts with their stories.
Melanie was a tiny baby when she was adopted. But when she was 21 and saw her birth certificate she decided to trace her biological mum, Julie. Fortunately it was straightforward and two weeks later she received a letter back from Julie. Emotionally, the letter explained how aged 18 Julie had got accidentally pregnant with Melanie and she felt too young to keep her. Yet, she couldn’t not go through with the pregnancy. So she put Melanie up for adoption. Of course it was the hardest thing she has ever done. As she says in the feature, she never gave Melanie a name and never even held her because she didn’t want to fall in love with her. And when she came home empty handed from hospital she sat for ages just hugging a pillow to her stomach.
Adoptive mum Janet recalls how overjoyed she was when she arrived at the hospital to pick up baby Melanie. For the next few weeks she was terrified her birth mum would change her mind and demand her back.
Yet when Melanie decided to trace her birth family, she was incredibly supportive. And when Melanie and Julie finally met, Janet was just pleased the pair had got together. She now feels meeting her birth mum has made Melanie ‘more complete.’
Melanie says: “Just a big thank you – it is a wonderful, interesting and balanced story. My whole family have read it, shared it and really like it.
It has brought us closer together and we all love it! Thank you for producing such a lovely piece.”

We hear so much about the trials of adoption, it was wonderful to write such a positive story. The other bonus was the beautiful photos that accompanied the piece, showing both mums together with their daughter.

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For 28 days Sophie’s parents thought she would die – photo diary of her survival..

Sophie Crewe’s real life story and photo diary of her fight to live is printed in a double page in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

Sophie, 14, almost died after a sudden heart attack...

As every parent knows, there is no greater worry than when your child falls ill. And for Sophie’s parents her illness came out of the blue when their previously healthy daughter collapsed with a heart attack. Only a few days earlier, Sophie, 14, had celebrated her birthday with her twin sister. But within hours her life hung in the balance as her heart was ravaged by such a rare condition – Takayasu arteritis – that even her doctors were consulting their medical books.
The terrible upshot soon became clear – Sophie needed a life-saving heart transplant.
Fortunately, a donor was found but that wasn’t the end of the story as it was a very risky operation.
Incredibly, during all this time, dad Paul kept an amazing photo diary of Sophie’s illness – from the day she was admitted to hospital to when, to the joy of her parents, she opened her eyes after her transplant op and asked, ‘Did it work?’
And it was this incredible photo diary charting this inspirational story that is printed over the centre pages of the Daily Mirror today.
I am pleased to report Sophie has made a remarkable recovery since her heart attack in July and is now back at school.

Mum Helen says: “We don’t know much about the donor family – only that the heart came from a 29 year old person. But we can never thank the donor family enough – and we will be thinking of them this Christmas. Because they gave us the most important gift of all, the gift of life.”

To find out more about organ donation, go to

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Will your child still be living at home in his 50s?

My real life story feature about the adult children still living at home with their parents appears over two pages in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Many adult children can't afford to leave home these days...

When the Daily Mail asked me to research and write this story about the adults still living at home with their parents, it was a subject close to my chest as my three children (all aged over 19!) are also still at home!
But, as with the other parents I spoke to for this article, it has become much harder these days for children to flee the nest.
I was just 20 when I left home to live with my boyfriend and 21 when together we bought our first (tiny) house with my boyfriend (we married a year later) – something that would be absolutely impossible today for those in their twenties, even with a lot of help from parents. Then, I was a trainee journalist and he a trainee civil engineer with barely a penny to our names. But then we didn’t even need any help from parents because house prices simply were not like they are today. In fact we borrowed the whole amount of money (less than £40K) from the bank!
Back to the Daily Mail article – here I spoke to five people. Steve is in his 50s, Martin is a graduate in his twenties, Samantha did start a business, which went bust, Lisa couldn’t afford rising living costs and when Angela’s relationship finished, she went home.
Thanks to everyone for taking part – it was interesting talking to everyone and swapping notes!

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How I found love through my dead daughter …

Steve Tremain’s unusual true story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Steve's story was also on the front page of Best mag

When Steve split from his partner, he felt lonely. But he did have his wonderful daughter, Siobhan, 12, to visit him. However, when Siobhan – his only child – died suddenly from an underlying heart condition, he thought his world was over.
In the days that followed Siobhan’s death, he sank into a depression. He was touched however by the fact that 300 people turned up to her funeral. One of them was Siobhan’s closest friend, Jade Kendrick. And incredibly, it was at Siobhan’s funeral that Jade introduced Steve to her mum, Rennatta. Although Jade often came over to see Siobhan, Steve and Rennatta had never met before.
But the following weekend Rennatta contacted Steve to see how he was and from there blossomed a friendship. This developed into love and three months after Siobhan died, Steve moved in with Rennatta, who was divorced with three children.
Having them around helped Steve enormously and since then the couple have had a baby boy, Lennon. In a quirk of fate, Lennon was born on the very same day his sister had died.

Says Steve: “I saw the fact Lennon was born on the anniversary of Siobhan’s death as a sign she knew and would always be with us. That day has changed from one of dread to one of celebration.”

This is the second deal I have gained for Steve as through sell my story website Featureworld, Steve’s story has already previously appeared in the Daily Mirror.

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Another published story for Mark and Kerry McDougall …

Mark and Kerry’s real life story about how they battled to keep their baby appears this week in REVEAL magazine.

In September 2009 Mark and Kerry’s wedding was stopped 48 hours before the ceremony was due to take place after social workers claimed Kerry was too stupid to marry. A few days later Mark contacted me through my website and I placed their story in the Daily Mail newspaper. The couple were then told their unborn baby would be taken away for the same reason and they went on the run. As regular Sell your story blog readers will know despite this their baby was still snatched at birth – but the story has a happy ending as the whole family was recently reunited.
Mark and Kerry’s unfolding story has appeared in the Daily Mail three times, the Sunday Mirror twice and most recently the Mail on Sunday. They have also appeared in numerous local papers and appeared on GMTV (now Daybreak). And yet, as well as Reveal this week, their incredible story will also be appearing in another popular weekly magazine as I have gained another deal for them.
Over all this time, I have been with them through their ups and downs. Their stories needed to be written with the utmost care and attention – putting them first. I admit I have also turned some offers down for their story as I didn’t feel they would be beneficial to Mark and Kerry. But then I always put the interviewee first. The outcome is that they are now married AND have their beautiful baby boy, Ben back.
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The reality of being a single dad – story sold to Daily Mirror

Widower and dad of two Vincent Ashton described life since his wife died in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper on Friday.

With the BBC running the drama Single Father on television recently, the plight of dads left on their own with children has been back in the news.
In Single Father, David Tennant falls in love with a friend of his late wife (and she is married) but while that might make for good TV, the reality for many widowed dads can be quite different.
In Vincent’s case, he was absolutely lost without his wife for months and found life incredibly hard to cope with.
Vincent had been the breadwinner – suddenly he found it very hard to work as his hours meant he wasn’t there for his daughter and son. So for him it was a total life change – in fact he ended up giving up his old job and going back to college. That way he could study around his children, pick them up from school and eventually qualify for a job more suitable for family life.
Unlike the BBC’s Single Father, he also hasn’t met anyone else. As he says in the article, the problem is you don’t fall out of love with your spouse when they die.

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