I share my 7-year-old daughter’s wardrobe, says anorexic mum…

Real-life story of anorexia appears in CLOSER, THE DAILY MAIL, DAILY MIRROR, THE SUN and DAILY STAR.

Closer magazine - real life stories

Closer magazine

Rebecca Jones contacted me via my website Featureworld with her quirky story about how because she is anorexic she shares her seven-year-old daughter Maisy’s clothes.

When Maisy asks for a cake, her mum Rebecca doesn’t refuse. As an anorexic, Rebecca worries if she denies her daughter any food at all, she too might develop the eating disorder. This means she worries Maisy is now slightly overweight – but Rebecca would rather have her daughter that way than as she is.

And Rebecca knows only too well how dangerous anorexia can be. Just nine months ago she had to be rushed into hospital – she had starved herself so much her heart was affected. A lack of nutrients had made her heart beat terrifyingly fast. It left her with a damaged heart – and she knows she must eat better if she is to avoid this happening again. Next time, and already with a damaged heart, it could be fatal.

However, Rebecca – whose 5ft 1″ height, dress size 4 and weight of just five stones (this has earned her the nickname ‘Pixie’) finds it impossible to eat properly. She is still anorexic – she consumes a strict 900 calories a day to maintain her body as tiny as it is and ensures she does not exceed 4 grams of fat. Her diet is also liquid because she has difficulty digesting solid food.

Rebecca, 27, who ironically works as a medical secretary, became anorexic in her early teens after she tried to diet. By the time she was 17 she was seriously ill – but managed to maintain from the outside an ordinary life. She went to university and met a man. Because her periods stopped at the age of 17 and she hadn’t had any for years, she didn’t realise she could get pregnant. In fact it was only when one day lying in bed she felt something move in her stomach that she realised she could be pregnant – she rushed to the doctors to find by then she was 7 months. However, as she was anorexic throughout her pregnancy she was still wearing a size six dress.

Fortunately baby Maisy was healthy but when her daughter was small, Rebecca’s relationship with her partner broke up and she is now a single mum.

She is desperate that Maisy doesn’t follow in her footsteps. Maisy asks her mummy why she doesn’t eat and she explains that mummy isn’t well. But she realises that her worries about Maisy following in her footsteps is also a problem. She lets Maisy eat whatever she wants – so chocolate and cup cake treats – aren’t forbidden.

Rebecca is currently on the local NHS waiting list for psychiatric help for her anorexia. She is desperate to get better as she knows another situation such as ending up again in hospital could be fatal. That is her deepest fear – that her anorexia could get the better of her and leave Maisy motherless.

As well as a deal with Closer magazine, with Rebecca’s consent her story was also placed in further deals with a number of national newspapers.

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Meet Britain’s tallest girl…

Meet Jessica Pardoe, Britain’s tallest girl. Exclusive Featureworld story in the SUNDAY MIRROR and DAILY MAIL.

Sell your story to the Sunday Mirror

Jessica's story was first placed in the Sunday Mirror...

When Jessica Pardoe contacted me through my sell my story website I knew immediately she had a fantastic story – for incredibly Jessica, 18, is an amazing 6ft 9″ in her stocking feet. That is two inches taller than lanky England striker Peter Crouch.
But although she does have to duck through doorways, Jessica likes being tall – and after going to a recent music festival where everyone wanted to have their photo taken with her – she decided it was time to speak out about it.
Jessica takes after her parents – her mum is just over 6ft tall and dad is 6ft 7″. Naturally her height does cause some difficulties – fitting into a car for driving lessons for example. She also has to buy many clothes and shoes (she has size 11 feet) from specialist internet shops. However, she has had boyfriends and enjoys being a little bit different.
After appearing in the Sunday Mirror newspaper, I then arranged for Jessica to appear in the Daily Mail.
Sell story to the Daily Mail

... and then Jessica's story was placed with the Daily Mail

On Mailonline her story gained loads of fantastic comments – most of them saying how stunning and beautiful she is. And to those people who asked if she has a beautiful personality to match, I can say she definitely has!

I am now in the process of speaking to TV, documentary makers and magazines regarding further publicity for Jessica.

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Why did I feel so sexy? And how feeling like that almost ended my relationship…

Mum of two Vicki Dillon’s real-life story about how a sex addiction almost ruined her relationship of 23 years appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper at the weekend.

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Vicki's story appeared over two pages in the Sunday People

Vicki Dillon’s life was turned upside down when at the age of 35 she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A mum of two and a nurse, she’d battled with strange symptoms for a number of years and the diagnosis came as a terrible shock.
But worse was to come when she was prescribed drugs to control the symptoms such as tremors in her hands. For they were to change her personality.
From being a shy mum she became uninhibited, her sex drive rose and she also experienced urges to go shopping and splurge money on things such as a sports car and clothes.
She also became an incurable flirt and wanted to go clubbing. Unsurprisingly her behaviour caused huge issues between herself and partner of 23 years, Ken. And last year matters came to a head when the couple were arguing so much, they almost split up.
Their story is covered in a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary, Sex lies and Parkinson’s. Unfortunately there is no alternative to the drug she is on and in fact research is currently ongoing into why these drugs, which replace a substance in the brain missing in people with Parkinson’s, sometimes have this bizarre side effect.
Thankfully, since filming Vicki has had counselling and is learning to control her urges. And she and Ken are rebuilding their relationship.

A doctor from Parkinson’s UK was quoted in the feature. For more advice on Parkinson’s look at their website: Parkinson’s UK

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I find out WHY Malissa Jones went from being obese to anorexic…

Malissa Jones amazing real life story about why she has gone from being Britain’s Fattest teen to being anorexic appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday and THE DAILY STAR today…

Story in the Daily Mail

I discuss the reasons behind Malissa's eating problems...

Malissa’s shocking story has already appeared around the world – but just why did this pretty 21 year old get so fat in the first place? And then why did she become anorexic?
Eating problems are incredibly complex and for this story I spoke to several members of the family – including Malissa’s mum, Dawn.
Apart from one, all of Malissa’s family is overweight. Mum Dawn has also had a bypass. When Malissa was just 12, she underwent the same operation and Malissa now says she always believed however fat she got she could fall back on surgery.
However, it wasn’t the fix she hoped for and Malissa says since the op she has never felt well. She has constantly suffered from stomach cramps, sickness and has got one infection after another. She also hated the saggy skin left from the op. Then, she got pregnant and morning sickness worsened her symptoms. Sadly her baby didn’t survive and she now has a phobia about food.
Today her story also appeared in the Daily Star.
Sell story to the Daily Star

Malissa Jones also appears in the Daily Star

Malissa says: “I find getting my story out there very therapeutic and despite having so much publicity I am particularly happy that I have only ever spoken with Alison about it.”

Read more about Malissa Jones

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We sold stories to the press – what happened next to these entrepreneurs?

Sell my Story website Featureworld has been registering a record number of hits recently!

Purepotions make Skin Salvation

The little pot that took the UK by storm

Firstly my story about Natalie’s little pot of eczema cream caused a frenzy of purchasers beating a path to her door. This story appeared in the Daily Mail. Natalie and daughter Lula, for whom Natalie orginally made the cream, then appeared on ITV’s Daybreak. Following this they were featured in the Sunday Express this weekend. I have also gained them further deals with two huge weekly women’s magazines.
The eczema cream story appears on ITV's Daybreak

Natalie and Lula with Dr Hillary Jones on ITV's Daybreak

Natalie said: “After the story appeared we did almost half a year’s normal business in three days. We have been inundated. Alison warned me when she took our story on that we would see a huge surge in business. My only mistake was not listening to her as we have worked absolutely flat out to ensure everyone has got their pots.”
Myself and the Daily Mail also took huge volumes of calls and emails about Natalie’s cream, which due to publicity gained by Featureworld, she now hopes to sell in a huge store such as Boots.
Mary Corrigan
Meanwhile, Mary’s story about how she has devised a diet for hairloss – and which has also appeared through Featureworld in the Daily Mail (and shortly to appear in a top women’s mag) – has also meant record numbers of visitors to her website. And from 7th April Mary’s new book, My New Hair, will be available. Her brand new book is full of diet plans to treat alopecia and baldness is available with a special pre-order price here.
Dr Bryan Beattie
Dr Bryan Beattie came to me with his story about the new test he is pioneering to predict which babies will be born prematurely. Since this story appeared in the Daily Mirror and on ITV’s Daybreak, Bryan has seen an upturn in sales for the test, available from his private clinic, Innermost Secrets.

Read more: Natalie Balmond’s Eczema story
Read More: Mary’s Corrigan’s hairloss cure story
Read More: Dr Bryan Beattie’s premature birth test

Other recently sold stories: Sell Your Story Archives

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Growing up with a gay dad …

Real life story about growing up with two dads is printed in THE SUN newspaper today.

Sell your story to a newspaper.

Steve and Matt's story appeared in the centre pages.

With the birth of Elton John and David Furnish’s son Zachary, this story in The Sun today is very topical. After all, what is it like to be a gay man bringing up a child and how is life for that child? Matt was just 11 when his dad Steve told him he was gay. Until then, Matt had lived with his married dad and mum and his three siblings. But shortly after dad Steve came out, the marriage ended. Matt’s mum moved out of the family home, and although Matt and his three siblings still saw her regularly, they remained with dad Steve. Meanwhile, Steve’s partner moved in.
Suffice to say, life hasn’t been easy. The family were targeted by some who believed it was wrong for children to be brought up by two gay men and the abuse got so bad, at one point they were forced to move house.
But, despite this, Matt, now 22 and living with his fiancee and baby daughter, speaks movingly of his relationship with his dad, whom he describes as someone who’s always been there for him and whom he can always go to for advice.
And Steve, who runs a gay dads website, points out just because you’re gay does not mean you won’t want a family yourself and won’t be a good parent. That said, he does warn Elton and David that however much they try to protect their son, and however much money they have, there will be a time when Zachary will come up against prejudice because his parents are gay.
However, gay parenting is definitely on the rise and is set to become more common in the future. Once, Steve was mostly giving advice to men who were already dads when they came out. But now he reports an upturn in enquiries to his website from gay male couples seeking advice on having their own families.

Steve and Matt already have another deal through sell my story website Featureworld with a national women’s magazine.

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Sell your story … news update!

Featureworld sell my story website has seen the number of people emailing to enquire about selling their story in the last fortnight up by an astonishing 150 per cent compared with the same time last year.

Sell story to newspapers and magazines

Why not sell your story to the press?

And in fact in the past week alone, stories have been sold to a wide range of UK newspapers and magazines… a two sides real life story to The Sun newspaper, a feel-good health story to the Daily Mail newspaper, a story about an amazing landmark court victory to the Mail on Sunday newspaper, a breast cancer story to Cosmopolitan magazine, a story about how a routine medical test saved a mum’s life to the Daily Mirror, a story about an unwell child to Woman’s Own magazine, an emotional true story to Best mag, a gritty abuse story to Take a Break magazine and a featureworld interviewee has been put in touch with a TV documentary maker. Yes, to those interviewees who happened to get replies to emails in the early hours of the morning – I have been burning the midnight oil writing up all your stories!
I suspect selling your story to the press has risen in popularity due to the fact more people are researching this possibility online and seeing how straightforward the process can be.
Meanwhile, the hungry press always has an appetite for more stories and I have been asked by a number of publications to find the following…
* Anyone with three sons (like the Beckhams!) who tried for a girl and got a little girl. I am also searching for any couples who’ve gone abroad to choose the sex of their baby or are thinking of doing this (sex selection for social reasons is illegal in the UK but gender balancing is available in some countries.)
* Valentine stories. Any fantastic love stories – your love has battled through the odds, you met someone in an unusual way, they proposed in a bizarre way or even any Valentine’s Day disasters! Your story is wanted!
Meanwhile Featureworld has had a little update to its recently published stories page, completing the list for 2010.

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Want to sell a story …?

Want to sell your story to the press? Thinking, ‘how do I sell my story?’ Read on…

Selling stories to the press for you...

If you’ve been thinking of selling your story to a newspaper or magazine, now is a great time to put your plan into action…
No-one can predict which stories will be the biggest in the next year but the trend for real-life stories is certain to continue. And here’s my top ten stories that sell well to magazines and newspapers…

In no particular order…

* Relationship stories … if you’ve fallen out (or made up) with your mother-in-law, stepchildren, ex husband, your sister has run off with your boyfriend or you are in love with someone young enough to be your child (or your dad.)
* Crime stories … you have the inside story on a crime story that’s gained huge amounts of publicity, you were the victim of a crime or you’ve been involved in a high-profile court case.
* You are involved in a medical miracle – your cancer has been cured by some new drug, you have had the world’s first baby designed to order, you can walk after a lifetime in a wheelchair – basically if you are the first, it is a story!
* Rags to Riches and riches to rags – you’ve won the lottery or you’ve lost your inheritance, you’ve made a million selling tupperware, you discovered a priceless vase in your loft …
* Pet stories. You lavish thousands on your pet, your dog saved your life, your missing cat turned up she was lost a decade ago…
* Body stories – weight loss, anorexia stories, cosmetic surgery stories. The more dramatic the better!
* Baby stories – survival against all odds, the tiniest baby ever born, you’ve had quins, a baby at the age of 80 – you get the idea..
* Phobias and addictions – you have several hundred pairs of earrings, you clean your house 24/7 – and the more unusual the more saleable.
* Justice stories – you are the victim of a ridiculous piece of political correctness, something terribly unfair has happened to you…
* Quirky stories – you are battling with your neighbour over a hedge, you are an unwitting lookalike..
Then not included are the anonymous tip offs, kiss and tell and holidays from hell …
And if you don’t think you have a story, then you can join my Casting Directory and see if you want to contribute to a story I’m working on…

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How I found love through my dead daughter …

Steve Tremain’s unusual true story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Steve's story was also on the front page of Best mag

When Steve split from his partner, he felt lonely. But he did have his wonderful daughter, Siobhan, 12, to visit him. However, when Siobhan – his only child – died suddenly from an underlying heart condition, he thought his world was over.
In the days that followed Siobhan’s death, he sank into a depression. He was touched however by the fact that 300 people turned up to her funeral. One of them was Siobhan’s closest friend, Jade Kendrick. And incredibly, it was at Siobhan’s funeral that Jade introduced Steve to her mum, Rennatta. Although Jade often came over to see Siobhan, Steve and Rennatta had never met before.
But the following weekend Rennatta contacted Steve to see how he was and from there blossomed a friendship. This developed into love and three months after Siobhan died, Steve moved in with Rennatta, who was divorced with three children.
Having them around helped Steve enormously and since then the couple have had a baby boy, Lennon. In a quirk of fate, Lennon was born on the very same day his sister had died.

Says Steve: “I saw the fact Lennon was born on the anniversary of Siobhan’s death as a sign she knew and would always be with us. That day has changed from one of dread to one of celebration.”

This is the second deal I have gained for Steve as through sell my story website Featureworld, Steve’s story has already previously appeared in the Daily Mirror.

To read about other recently published stories click here: We sold our story
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Your real-life story wanted for newspapers and magazines!

Sell your story and make some cash in time for Christmas…

URGENTLY! looking for the following…

* Diet and weight loss stories – especially anything with a Christmassy feel. For example you have lost loads of weight since last Christmas.
* Relationship stories – last year you were on your own and this year you have found someone special. I would particularly like to speak to someone who is a mistress too and who will be spending this Christmas without the man in her life (who might well be spending it with his wife…)
* Real-life stories with a happy ending to something that has happened in the past year. For example, your baby is coming home after a long spell in hospital in time for Christmas.

I am also currently researching a very sensitive real life article about twin relationships for the real life section of a national newspaper.
This is about TWINS and I am particularly interested in speak to someone who has lost their twin. It might be you cannot remember your twin as he or she died when you were young – if this is you, I would still be interested in talking to you.

Want to sell a story that is not related to Christmas?
Then you might be interested in the following:

Sell a health story
Sell my story to a newspaper
Sell your story to a magazine

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