Sad update on Featureworld interviewee…

In July I was thrilled that interviewee Claire Faulkner and her husband were so delighted with my story in WOMAN’S OWN magazine.

Claire Faulkner

Happy on their wedding day...

Claire, a divorced mum of two had been battling breast cancer when she met Chris. Everything seemed perfect when he proposed but shortly after she was fitted for her wedding dress, she discovered the cancer had returned.

Despite this, in October 2010, the couple went ahead with their wedding and as this picture shows, it was truly a wonderful day. Since then the cancer spread further. The couple simply could not contemplate the worse and began fund-raising for treatment in the US they believed could save Claire’s life. In August she and Chris got to the States for this treatment and although they were going through such a difficult time, Chris told me it was a wonderful experience.

However, it seems this treatment came too late to help as on her return, Claire got worse and last week, on 21st September, Claire passed away.

Chris says: “Both myself and Claire were very grateful for all your help along the incredibly difficult journey that we have had.”

I am just pleased that through Featureworld, Chris has a wonderful cutting from Woman’s Own magazine to look back on.

To read more about Claire’s story, click here: Claire Faulkner’s story

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I found my long lost family on a holiday to the US – story sold to Daily Mirror

Pat Janaway’s story about how she discovered eight brothers and sisters appears in the DAILY MIRROR today.

When Pat and John Janaway emailed me last week to see if I could sell their story of how they spent 50 years trying to track down Pat’s family, I thought it was a wonderful tale.
Pat was a war baby and only ever knew she was conceived in 1944 – the result of an affair her mum had with a US army officer. Her mum rarely spoke of what happened and when aged 17 Pat married John, the pair set about trying to find him.
The search that followed over the next half a century is a story in itself! Pat tells how she wrote to various authorities in the US to try to find her father. Over the years she and John sent hundreds of letters, made tens of phone calls and spent hours researching leads on the internet. All were to no avail.
By the time they went on holiday to the US they’d given up hope. But then they found a museum next to their hotel and incredibly found the photo of her dad that was to eventually lead her to finding she has eight brothers and sisters.

The couple were delighted to see their story in the Mirror today. John emailed this morning: “Thank you for the professional way you set out our story in the Mirror.”

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I buried my husband with our pets…

Penny Lally told the Daily Mail newspaper how she buried husband John with their beloved pets – Blot, the cat, Super Sam, the horse, Muppet the dog and Brian the canary. Poignantly, there is also space in the grave for when the time comes for Penny.
Along with Penny, I interviewed two other families who told how they want to be buried with their pets when the time comes.

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