My wonky boobs left me a virgin until I was 26…

Teresa’s delicate story about how shame over her different sized wonky breasts stopped her dating appears in REVEAL magazine this week.

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Teresa decided to tell her story in Reveal mag...

When Teresa emailed me through my sell my story form she was very unsure about whether she wanted to go ahead.
In fact, we spoke for a few weeks before Teresa made up her mind she did want to sell her story to a magazine.
Teresa’s unusual real life story was in demand by many mags but in the end we chose Reveal and Teresa is delighted with the sensitive way her story has been portrayed and also the lovely photo of her.
It took a lot for Teresa to speak out. For years she suffered terrible humiliation when one boob didn’t grow much and the other grew a lot. Understandably she was so upset she never wanted to date in case a man discovered the truth about her body. And she became terribly depressed. In fact it was only when she eventually broke down to a GP in her twenties that she confessed her low feelings were all around her breasts. Thankfully, she was offered cosmetic surgery on the NHS to correct her boobs. She then met a man – who had no idea of her past – and finally became intimate at the age of 26.

Teresa said: “I am so happy to have spoken about this. Alison couldn’t have chosen a better magazine for me. I was very happy with the story in Reveal magazine and the way they set it out.”

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Why I want to look like Kym Marsh – story sold to Love it mag

Cheri Mangan’s unusual real life story about her obsession to look like her idol actress Kym Marsh appears in LOVE IT! magazine this week.

Despite her boyfriend and mum’s disapproval, student Cheri, 21, has spent almost £20,000 on cosmetic surgery in order to look like Coronation St soap star Kym. Cheri’s addiction began when Kym first appeared on Popstars, a reality TV show, which spawned the group Hear’say.
But when that group foundered, Cheri was impressed by the way Kym had reinvented herself. At the same time she decided some of Kym’s new style tricks might suit her and set about having her hair cut and dyed the same way.
Since then Cheri has had her teeth whitened, bought dresses similar to the ones Kym wears and has shelled out thousands on manicures and fake tans. Most recently she had a boob job – and she is now planning a nose job, liposuction, fillers in her lips and bum implants.
Cheri’s story made the front page of Love it!

She says: “I was nervously waiting to see what the story looked like and when I did I was relieved it looked fine – in fact, it’s been done really well!”

Cheri now intends to use the money earned from selling a story towards more cosmetic surgery so she looks even more like Kym Marsh.

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Should the NHS pay for obesity surgery? Story sold to The Sun

Roxanne Ayling’s amazing real life weight loss story appeared in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

When Roxanne asked me if I could sell a story about how she’d not only lost ten stones after having a gastric band fitted, but also had cosmetic surgery to tone her figure – and I saw her photos – I thought she had done brilliantly.
But what was most interesting was that she has had all this done on the NHS – at a cost so far of £28K. This includes a lower body lift, with a tummy tuck, and surgery to get rid of bingo wings (excess flab under the arms.)
And she is yet to have more surgery next year with a breast lift and thigh sculpturing.
I was particularly intrigued because at sell my story website Featureworld I regularly receive emails from people who have lost a lot of weight but have been refused this sort of cosmetic surgery on the NHS. They are often quite desperate as such amazing weight loss leaves them with ugly and uncomfortable excess skin folds.
Roxanne’s story in The Sun discussed this debate giving both sides of the argument. Some critics say obesity surgery shouldn’t be available on the NHS whilst others feel making this sort of surgery available ultimately saves the NHS money in the end because being slimmer reduces the risk of illness in later life.
It is a debate that will surely continue because as a nation we are all growing fatter (unfortunately!).

Roxanne says: “I do feel lucky and grateful to have had this life changing surgery. I was very happy telling my story to The Sun and glad I got this talking point out there.”

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My mum spent my private school fees on HER cosmetic surgery…

My client, Nileen Namita, appears with daughter Rachel, 16, in a double page spread today in the Daily Mail newspaper. Unsurprisingly, because it is the sort of story readers often have strong views on, it is one of the best read on the Daily Mail website and at the time of writing had attracted over 500 comments from all over the world.
I have represented mum of three Nileen, who has had over 50 cosmetic surgery operations to turn her into the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, for a while. But the story of how her academically brilliant daughter Rachel could no longer attend her top public school because Nileen spent the fees on surgery is a new story.
Nileen told me this morning that this story is one of the best she has ever had written on her – because it digs deeper than just the surgery. It might be shocking but then Nileen realises her story is controversial and as she says, she realises some people might not agree with what she has done. However, she has never sought approval from mainstream society.
For my part, I find Nileen and Rachel equally fascinating. Both incredibly clever, they are actually quite similar in that both of them have strong personalities – except they have hugely opposing views! They are both enormously likeable though and that’s why this story was such a pleasure to write.
Needless to say I have been inundated today with requests mostly for TV for Nileen and Rachel. Nileen is due to talk about the story on BBC Five Live tonight. Meanwhile, we are considering TV offers for their story (along with Nileen’s ex husband, who is Rachel’s father) as a documentary in its own right.

To read more about Nileen and other clients I represent, go to:
Nileen has recently had a new book published – The Return of Nefertiti, which gives further insight into her extraordinary life. To read more about her book go to where you can input The Return of Nefertiti by Nileen Namita and buy it.