The truth about ballroom – and it’s nothing like Strictly!

Hannah-Louise Annetts’ real-life story about ballroom and latin dancing appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper on Saturday.

As a Strictly Come Dancing fan (so pleased it doesn’t clash with X Factor now!) I found my interview with one of the UK’s top amateur ballroom dancers, Hannah-Louise, absolutely fascinating. In this interview she describes the bitchy world that is ballroom dancing- clouts on the dance floor from a fellow competitor are well known, for example and you daren’t leave your dress unattended in case it suffers an accident.
I also never realised how bonded the partnerships are. As Hannah-Louise says, judging is all centred around the ‘marriage’ between you and your partner, how you move together and whether you are a meeting of minds. Naturally, affairs are common and jealousy and betrayal (dancers trying out another partner behind their original partner’s backs to see if he or she might be better) is rife. Hannah-Louise has found it has wrecked havoc with her personal love life (she admits she doesn’t have one!) as dancing partners often don’t like her having a boyfriend – and boyfriends outside dancing find it hard to watch her having an intimate moment with her dance partner…
Yet, as she says, there is something addictive and all consuming about ballroom dancing so after 14 years – and as she is now in touching distance of going professional – she is not going to give it all up now.

Hannah-Louise said on Saturday: “Dad went out and got the paper this morning. We were all so excited. I think it’s brilliant and I am so pleased. Thanks so much.”

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Why I want to look like Kym Marsh – story sold to Love it mag

Cheri Mangan’s unusual real life story about her obsession to look like her idol actress Kym Marsh appears in LOVE IT! magazine this week.

Despite her boyfriend and mum’s disapproval, student Cheri, 21, has spent almost £20,000 on cosmetic surgery in order to look like Coronation St soap star Kym. Cheri’s addiction began when Kym first appeared on Popstars, a reality TV show, which spawned the group Hear’say.
But when that group foundered, Cheri was impressed by the way Kym had reinvented herself. At the same time she decided some of Kym’s new style tricks might suit her and set about having her hair cut and dyed the same way.
Since then Cheri has had her teeth whitened, bought dresses similar to the ones Kym wears and has shelled out thousands on manicures and fake tans. Most recently she had a boob job – and she is now planning a nose job, liposuction, fillers in her lips and bum implants.
Cheri’s story made the front page of Love it!

She says: “I was nervously waiting to see what the story looked like and when I did I was relieved it looked fine – in fact, it’s been done really well!”

Cheri now intends to use the money earned from selling a story towards more cosmetic surgery so she looks even more like Kym Marsh.

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Becoming Lady Gaga has left me broke – story in Closer mag

How one woman has spent over £10K transforming herself into Lady Gaga. Real life story in CLOSER magazine this week.

Singer and music graduate Cat Winter’s true story about how she has spent a fortune perfecting her looks as a Lady Gaga lookalike and tribute artist appeared in Closer magazine this week.
Incredibly, as well as having plastic surgery to look like her idol (a boob job) and buying dozens of outfits, and hair pieces, Cat has also spent thousands recording and packaging CDs of her singing Lady Gaga songs. She is also spending hundreds of pounds on a choreographer who is taking her through Lady Gaga dance moves.

Unfortunately, because she took time off work to meet the choreographer, she has now lost her job.

After the story came out in the magazine Cat said: “I am absolutely delighted with the story. It is exactly how you said it would be. Having lost my job, the story has given me a real lift. My parents were incredibly proud – my mum even took the article into work to show her friends.”

Cat has now been invited onto ITV’s This Morning and will be appearing on the show the next few weeks.

Incredibly I have also sold Cat’s story to US glossy mag Life and Style.

Meanwhile, Cat is currently setting up a website and I will be following her story!

Lookalike stories are often very saleable. In January, I sold another lookalike story – Sasha who looked like Leona Lewis and her story was sold to a newspaper, a magazine and she also went on TV.
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