Why I want to look like Kym Marsh – story sold to Love it mag

Cheri Mangan’s unusual real life story about her obsession to look like her idol actress Kym Marsh appears in LOVE IT! magazine this week.

Despite her boyfriend and mum’s disapproval, student Cheri, 21, has spent almost £20,000 on cosmetic surgery in order to look like Coronation St soap star Kym. Cheri’s addiction began when Kym first appeared on Popstars, a reality TV show, which spawned the group Hear’say.
But when that group foundered, Cheri was impressed by the way Kym had reinvented herself. At the same time she decided some of Kym’s new style tricks might suit her and set about having her hair cut and dyed the same way.
Since then Cheri has had her teeth whitened, bought dresses similar to the ones Kym wears and has shelled out thousands on manicures and fake tans. Most recently she had a boob job – and she is now planning a nose job, liposuction, fillers in her lips and bum implants.
Cheri’s story made the front page of Love it!

She says: “I was nervously waiting to see what the story looked like and when I did I was relieved it looked fine – in fact, it’s been done really well!”

Cheri now intends to use the money earned from selling a story towards more cosmetic surgery so she looks even more like Kym Marsh.

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Binge drinking gave me cancer … story sold to Daily Mail

University graduate Claire Whittle’s real life story about how she believes binge drinking as a student raised her risk of cancer appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper at the weekend.

At the age of 24 Claire went into rehab to battle with her alcohol addiction. But after just four months she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although Claire, now 26, is currently in remission, her consultant has since advised her not to have another drink as it could raise the chance of her cancer returning.
Since then Claire, who is about to begin an MA in the effects of drugs and alcohol on society, has discovered there is a lot of evidence that shows alcohol, especially drinking to excess, is implicated in breast cancer.
Claire wanted to sell her story to a newspaper to warn other young women about drinking to excess.
She says: “I thought the story looked great in the paper. I only hope my story serves as a warning to any other young women who binge drink that it might be affecting your health in a way you might never have imagined.”
At the same time Claire wanted to raise money to help towards the expenses of studying for her master’s degree.
There has been a lot of interest in Claire’s true story and several magazines were also interested. Her story has now been sold to a major women’s weekly magazine where a follow-up will be appearing in a few weeks time over two pages.
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Is this Britain’s most indulgent mum? She’s addicted to giving…

My Spoilt baby – real-life story sold to Closer magazine

Since 16-month old baby Thai was born, Suzanne has lavished £12,000 on him. He now has a wardrobe worth £2000 of designer clothes and even a off-road buggy. For his first birthday she splashed out £2000 on a cake and actors dressed as cartoon characters.
Thai is Suzanne’s third son and one of the reasons she spends so much is because she desperately wanted him to be a longed for girl. When he wasn’t the girl she could dress up, he decided instead to ensure Thai always looked different. She claims this is a story about being addicted to giving rather than being addicted to shopping.

I sold Suzanne’s story to Closer magazine where it is printed this week. Meanwhile, I have now had interest from a national newspaper and hope to negotiate a further deal for Suzanne.

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Cosmetic surgery addiction ruined my marriage …

Cosmetic Surgery Story in Woman’s Own magazine

Heather believed having plastic surgery – a tummy tuck, a boob job, liposuction, a thigh lift and botox – would put the omph back into her marriage. Instead, she grew more confident and more dissatisifed with her husband and he didn’t like the way she had changed. Incredibly, it spelt the end of their relationship and last year, after Heather had Botox to her face (he always said that would be the final straw) he moved out. The couple have two children together, however, and their relationship is amicable. This is why both of them were happy to tell each side of their real life story to Woman’s Own magazine.
Heather’s story was very sought after. She had great photos which show her incredible transformation and needless to say many women’s weekly magazines were interested in running it. So she is very happy with her generous fee.
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