Whistleblower tells how she reported abuse at scandal carehome…

Newly qualified nurse Ashleigh tells how she raised the alarm at care home in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper at the weekend.

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Ashleigh's story appeared in the Sunday Mirror

Many people watched in horror the shocking scenes of abuse from care home Winterbourne View, shown on BBC Panorama’s last week. They were taken after an undercover BBC reporter went into the home with a secret camera and showed residents – mostly young people with learning difficulties – being kicked punched and taunted by staff.
Four arrests have since been made and an inquiry launched into how this was ever allowed to go on.
But following the programme last week I was contacted at Featureworld by Ashleigh, 25.
And incredibly she has revealed how as well as whistleblower Terry Bryan, a senior nurse, she too also raised the alarm because she was worried about how patients were treated.
Yet despite raising her concerns with managers dozens of times and going to the Care Quality Commission, she was ignored and nothing was done.
In the end, Ashleigh felt she could no longer carry on working at the home and in December she left. But she and Terry met with reporters from BBC’s Panorama who then went in and managed to secure the footage that proved just how bad the abuse was.

Ashleigh says: “I worked there for three months soon after qualifying and saw things you can’t imagine. The Panorama programme was overwhelming to watch. No-one listened to me but I do not want the world to forget this.
“I just hope telling my story will encourage others to come forward if they ever see such abuse. It is the only way we can ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

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When a man won’t take no for an answer …

Amanda Crane’s rape story appears in THE SUN newspaper today.

When Amanda was 17, she was raped by her boyfriend of five months. A virgin, he had been nagging her to go to bed but when she said she didn’t feel ready, in a rage he raped her anyway.
It was a terrifying experience that took her years to come to terms with. So when she read a survey this week that many young men don’t take no for an answer from a girlfriend, she was naturally horrified. She was also shocked that some young men also think it’s fine to have sex with a woman almost unconscious from drink or drugs.
Amanda waived her anonymity to put her opinion on this survey in a news article printed in The Sun newspaper today.

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Pregnant at 13 by the babysitter – story sold to Pick Me Up

Terrie Duhamel’s shocking real life abuse story appears in PICK ME UP magazine today.

If you want to sell your story more than once, then this is why coming through an agent (such as me!) beats selling a story directly to a newspaper or magazine.
Mum of two Terrie’s story about how she was raped from the age of just 11 by her babysitter – and shockingly whilst she was in the care of social services – was first sold to the Sunday People a few months ago.
But I was able to negotiate another deal for Terrie with Pick me Up magazine and her story appears on the FRONT PAGE of this popular women’s weekly magazine today and inside over two pages.
Gaining double deals – or multiple deals for stories – is usual here at Featureworld and means interviewees are able to gain more publicity and money for selling their stories.
The magazine also includes an comment from Reality TV’s Jeremy Kyle on Terrie’s inspiring story, which tells how she took her abuser to court and then got compensation from social services. And despite everything she went through, Terrie is now a happily married mum of two.

He says: “What an amazing story… you have succeeded in turning your life around. Well done, you should be proud of yourself.”

Terrie says: “Selling my story wasn’t just about money – but gaining some closure on a terrible experience in my life. I feel satisfied having had my story in a national newspaper and national magazine has helped me put everything behind me and now I can move on with my life.”

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Pregnant at 11 – one woman’s shocking story – sold to Sunday People

Raped at 10, pregnant twice before the age of 12… story in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper on Sunday.

The Sunday People newspaper headlined this story, ‘One of the Worse cases of Abuse in Care… Ever’ – and I have to agree. In over 25 years of journalism, rarely have I come across such a shocking story. When Terrie Duhamel’s mother had a breakdown she went to live with foster parents. But the man they used as a babysitter raped her at the age of 10. By the age of 11 she was pregnant and social services decided she should have an abortion. But rather than take steps to prevent this happening again, and have him charged, they allowed Alan Vince, 33, to continue to see Terrie. Consequently, she got pregnant again and ended up having a baby at the age of just 13. Devastatingly this baby was adopted.
Terrie, 25, is now happily married and has two children. She took Vince to court herself and got him jailed. Then she made a formal complaint to social services. They have now apologised and Terrie has won a settlement from them.

She said: “It was a lovely two page spread and I was really happy with it. I hope we have more deals with other publications in the future as it has been a pleasure to work with you. I was extremely worried about selling my story in the beginning but am happy with the results.”

After Terrie’s real life story was printed, several magazines also wanted it and I have now negotiated a further deal for Terrie with a top women’s magazine.

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