The women who abort after having IVF …

Interview with top doctor in the DAILY MAIL this week …

Whatever your views on abortion, the story about the women terminating their IVF pregnancies for social reasons has to be one of the most shocking this week.
Statistics show approximately 80 women a year have a termination after conceiving a test tube baby. Some will obviously be for medical reasons but a number are thought to be due to women simply changing their minds.
I am grateful to top fertility doctor Mohamed Menabawey of the Bridge Fertility Centre for talking to me about this issue on Monday afternoon. His commentary on this subject was printed in the Daily Mail newspaper on Tuesday and gave a fascinating insight into the stories behind the statistics.
Since the article appeared, I have been contacted by a number of newspapers and magazines asking if any women who have been through this would like to speak out about it.
It is truly an emotive subject but as this doctor pointed out, any woman is likely to have a heartbreaking reason for putting herself through such a trauma.
If you would like to speak out about abortion – perhaps to the women’s section of a newspaper or in a women’s magazine – then do contact me in total confidence here.


I aborted my lover’s baby to save my marriage…

Tracey’s story about how she had an affair and aborted her lover’s baby to save her marriage was originally printed via in the Daily Mirror newspaper. A battle between several women’s magazines who all wanted to publish a follow up story then ensued.
Finally, it was printed in this week’s issue of Best magazine
The vast majority of stories that come to me via my website are sold not only to a newspaper but also to a magazine. Sometimes stories can also be sold on again to another magazine, to TV or even abroad. This is one reason why it is a good idea to use an agent to sell your story, rather than to sell your story directly to one publication. An agent is able to secure multiple deals – and as interviewees are paid every time their story is sold – the amount of money that can be earned through multiple magazine, newspaper and TV deals can soon add up.

Read about one woman who earned over £4000 from multiple deals for her story here.

And here’s Tracey’s story – this time in Best magazine out this week!