Stunning glossy magazine fashion shoot for Britain’s Tallest Woman…

Jessica Pardoe, who is 6ft 9″, appears this week in a stunning three-page fashion shoot in glossy upmarket weekly REVEAL magazine…

Reveal photoshoot

... and her photoshoot goes over three pages

Stunning 6ft 9" Jessica Pardoe in Reveal magazine...

Jessica tells Reveal she is 6ft 9" and proud

Jessica’s incredible story about how she is 6ft 9″ and has to duck when she goes through the average doorway has already appeared in the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Mail and on TV.

But when Reveal suggested doing a proper photoshoot with Jessica modelling the latest clothes for this Autumn titled ‘You’re Gorgeous’ she was thrilled. She went to London for a professional photoshoot with hair and make up and had an amazing experience.

Proud mum Lisa (6ft!) says today: “I think Jess looks absolutely stunning.” And I agree…

I have more deals in the pipeline for Jessica… meanwhile you can read more about Jessica and the publicity gained so far here: Jessica Pardoe

And you can see her on TV here: Britain’s Tallest Woman on TV.

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My wonky boobs left me a virgin until I was 26…

Teresa’s delicate story about how shame over her different sized wonky breasts stopped her dating appears in REVEAL magazine this week.

Sell your story to Reveal magazine

Teresa decided to tell her story in Reveal mag...

When Teresa emailed me through my sell my story form she was very unsure about whether she wanted to go ahead.
In fact, we spoke for a few weeks before Teresa made up her mind she did want to sell her story to a magazine.
Teresa’s unusual real life story was in demand by many mags but in the end we chose Reveal and Teresa is delighted with the sensitive way her story has been portrayed and also the lovely photo of her.
It took a lot for Teresa to speak out. For years she suffered terrible humiliation when one boob didn’t grow much and the other grew a lot. Understandably she was so upset she never wanted to date in case a man discovered the truth about her body. And she became terribly depressed. In fact it was only when she eventually broke down to a GP in her twenties that she confessed her low feelings were all around her breasts. Thankfully, she was offered cosmetic surgery on the NHS to correct her boobs. She then met a man – who had no idea of her past – and finally became intimate at the age of 26.

Teresa said: “I am so happy to have spoken about this. Alison couldn’t have chosen a better magazine for me. I was very happy with the story in Reveal magazine and the way they set it out.”

If you have a particularly personal story to sell then do contact me in confidence and we can discuss all the options. Speak to Alison.

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