Britain’s most premature twins home for Christmas…

Christmas real life story: Twenty-three week twins home for Christmas story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Amelia Hope and twin brother Arthur were photographed in their mum's arms for the Daily Mail

“Can you sell my story about mine and my fiancee’s tiny twins?” asked dad Lee Burden back in July. Then, Lee’s fiancee, Amanda Staplehurst had just given birth at 23 weeks and two days to Amelia Hope. Incredibly – and a whole ten days later (the twins have birthdays in different months!) – Arthur was born.
Both twins were extremely tiny and Lee recalls they could have both fitted into the palm of his hand together.
But their incredible story appeared in July in the Daily Mail as the twins were hailed medical miracles for being one of the most premature twins known to survive in the UK.
Lee and Amanda have since gone on a rollercoaster journey as their twins fought to full health in hospital. Both underwent heart surgery and Amelia Hope was so premature the blood vessels in her eyes had not developed properly and she needed laser eye surgery to enable her to see.
However, last month the couple finally brought their babies home. Both are doing extremely well and are real heavy-weights compared to their birth weights.
And once again I placed their story in the Daily Mail newspaper, and it is aptly printed today Christmas Eve.
I can’t think of a more lovely story to have in a paper at Christmas. Christmas is all about family and I think for all of us it is a time when we reflect on the past year. So I am delighted there is such a happy ending.

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Tempted by laser eye surgery? Read this first…

My investigative story into laser eye surgery and its possible side effects appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday.

This article appeared in the Daily Mail's Good Health section.

This investigative feature into eye laser surgery came about after Sarah Carter, one of the interviewees who tells of her experience, emailed me through my sell my story website . She had undergone years of suffering following her eye laser surgery five years ago and wanted to highlight some of the unexpected side effects patients might have following this procedure.
And during my research, I came across two other interviewees who also felt they hadn’t been made aware enough of side effects. These can include extremely rarely losing your eyesight to more common problems such as painfully dry eyes and difficulty night time driving.
I was helped enormously by the input of retired optometrist Dominic Devlin who is campaigning for more regulation of this multi-million pound industry.
Meanwhile, the article sparked some lively debate on Mailonline, the website for the Daily Mail. Tens of people commented – many of them had excellent stories to recite about how laser eye surgery for them had been painless and changed their lives for the better. Others had also suffered unwanted side effects.
The upshot seems to be that eye laser surgery can be marvellous for many people but if you decide to go ahead, you must be aware of the possible side effects. The majority of people will also still need glasses as some point in their lives as it is not a lifetime fix. And for some people, for whom the risk of side effects is too worrying, they might be best to continue with contact lenses, which these days have become much more sophisticated.

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