Triplets make front page of Take a Break magazine…

Abby Drinkell’s gorgeous triplets make the cover of TAKE A BREAK magazine this week and the miraculous real life story of how they were conceived against all the odds after an ectopic pregnancy and nine miscarriages is told over two pages.

Real life story in a magazine

Abby's beautiful family in Take a Break

After suffering from nine miscarriages Abby believed she’d never have kids. But having been diagnosed with an unusual condition that causes miscarriage, she saw a specialist and after taking aspirin, finally had two little boys.
Sadly her marriage broke down but she met Lee, who didn’t have any children, and they also both longed for a family together. Only when she got pregnant, it turned out to be ectopic. She had to have one fallopian tube removed, halving her chance of having a baby.
Abby had just about given up on having more children when she found out she was pregnant again. Incredibly, when she went for a scan she was then given the news she was having triplets!
She recalls ringing Lee at work to tell him and he didn’t believe her so she drove to his office to show him the scan…
After a rollercoaster pregnancy when her two sons – Sullivan and Malachi and daughter Tilly – were born very premature at 27 weeks, it was touch and go whether the precious threesome would survive.
But incredibly they did and are now all home and healthy. Abby’s doctor has since said her chances of conceiving triplets – there is no history of twins in the family – were about 33 million to one.
Abby’s amazing real-life story has also appeared through Featureworld in the Daily Mirror newspaper and she was thrilled when Take a Break also wanted her story.
And that joy was trebled! when she went into the shops this week to see her triplets starring on the cover of the magazine.

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Read more about Abby’s true life story here and see it in the Daily Mirror.

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Britain’s most premature twins home for Christmas…

Christmas real life story: Twenty-three week twins home for Christmas story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Amelia Hope and twin brother Arthur were photographed in their mum's arms for the Daily Mail

“Can you sell my story about mine and my fiancee’s tiny twins?” asked dad Lee Burden back in July. Then, Lee’s fiancee, Amanda Staplehurst had just given birth at 23 weeks and two days to Amelia Hope. Incredibly – and a whole ten days later (the twins have birthdays in different months!) – Arthur was born.
Both twins were extremely tiny and Lee recalls they could have both fitted into the palm of his hand together.
But their incredible story appeared in July in the Daily Mail as the twins were hailed medical miracles for being one of the most premature twins known to survive in the UK.
Lee and Amanda have since gone on a rollercoaster journey as their twins fought to full health in hospital. Both underwent heart surgery and Amelia Hope was so premature the blood vessels in her eyes had not developed properly and she needed laser eye surgery to enable her to see.
However, last month the couple finally brought their babies home. Both are doing extremely well and are real heavy-weights compared to their birth weights.
And once again I placed their story in the Daily Mail newspaper, and it is aptly printed today Christmas Eve.
I can’t think of a more lovely story to have in a paper at Christmas. Christmas is all about family and I think for all of us it is a time when we reflect on the past year. So I am delighted there is such a happy ending.

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