Bullied into Aborting my Down’s Syndrome Baby – ITV’s THIS MORNING

Marie Ideson appears in ITV’s THIS MORNING today discussing the pressures she faced while pregnant with a Down’s Syndrome baby…

ITV This Morning

Marie initially came to us after feeling she had been bullied into aborting her Down’s Syndrome baby. She was desperate to get her story out in the open to enlighten others who may have found themselves in the same situation.

We placed marie’s story in THE DAILY MAIL and today she has appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING.

Marie says, “Alison gained me the sort of publicity I never imagined would be possible. I can’t thank her enough for getting my story out there.”

Click to read more about Marie’s emotional story.

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I wanted a baby – so I googled ‘sperm donor’…

Ann Spalding’s controversial real-life story about how she found a dad to father her baby on a google internet search appears over two pages in THE SUN newspaper today.

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Ann tells explains her controversial choice in The Sun

Another story in The Sun newspaper today and again it looks great! Single mum Ann wanted a sibling for her elder daughter, Keira. But with no sign of Mr Right on the horizon, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She went onto google, inputting ‘sperm donor wanted’ and came up with a website. Here she put an ad on for someone to donate his sperm to her so she could have a longed-for second child.
Jason replied – and said he liked to donate sperm to help women have babies. He was also polite and nice looking. The couple met in a hotel but when artificial donation didn’t work the first month, Ann decided to sleep with Jason to give nature a helping hand. The result was daughter Holly, now one.
Since sleeping with Jason that night, Ann has never seen him. She did try to contact him to tell him he had a daughter but emailed bounced back and the phone numbers were dead.
However, she wasn’t bothered as the whole point of having a baby this way was to have her daughter on her own. She also didn’t want a big gap between her daughters, and didn’t want to be an older mum.
Although she is only aged 27, Ann has been sterilised as she feels her family is complete.

She says: “I am sure some people will be shocked by what I did. But I couldn’t have afforded sperm donation at a private clinic and this way I have chosen Holly’s dad myself. At first my parents and friends were worried about what I was doing but now Holly is here, no-one is bothered how she was conceived. And I have no regrets.”

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* women who’ve chosen to have a baby by themselves, with a friend or during a one-night stand.
* couples who have chosen the sex of their baby – or plan to have gender selection abroad.
* Surrogate mums and older couples having a baby.

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My abortion failed – but my baby melted my heart…

Chelsea’s emotional real-life story appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

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Chelsea's true story appeared in the Sunday People newspaper.

When Chelsea Harmsworth emailed me through the sell my story form on my website, I knew her delicate and very emotional story would need careful handling and writing.
Chelsea, 20, a university student, got pregnant at the age of 16. But she felt too young to have a baby and at around ten weeks made the agonising decision to have a termination. Incredibly, however, unbeknown to Chelsea and the abortion clinic, the operation didn’t work. And almost three months later Chelsea made the shocking discovery she was still pegnant.
Doctors offered her another abortion but by then she was 21 weeks and had felt the baby move. She simply couldn’t go through with another termination so decided to have her baby.
Sadly little Keira, now 3, was born with a deformed right hand – the tips of her fingers are missing and her index finger can’t bend. The fingernails of Keira’s left hand are also deformed. It is believed this was caused by the abortion.
Yet, despite this, Chelsea fell in love with her daughter and in this moving feature, Chelsea describes how her daughter has brought her so much joy.
That said, she is still angry the abortion failed. She believes she acted responsibly and is upset about Keira’s hands.
She intends to tell Keira why her hands are as they are – but says Keira is her world and she knows how much her mummy loves her.

Chelsea says: “Alison read the story back to me before she sent it to the newspaper and as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the copy. It was written exactly as I wanted it to be.”

Interestingly, when Chelsea initially contacted me, she hadn’t thought about selling a story to a newspaper. But I knew it would be a perfect real-life read for the Sunday People. And I have also gained Chelsea deals for follow-up stories with two major women’s magazines.

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I forgot I gave birth – story sold to Reveal magazine

Colleen Wright emailed me at my sell my story website and her amazing story appeared in REVEAL magazine last week.

When Colleen gave birth to baby Hunnie, everything was fine. But shortly after, the new mum fell into a coma after suffering from swine flu. And when six weeks later she woke up, she couldn’t remember giving birth.
Colleen’s emotional story about how she fell in love again with Hunnie has already appeared through featureworld.co.uk in the Sunday People newspaper. And once again I was able to gain Colleen and partner Jay another deal.
This enabled them to gain not only another payment but also another cutting!

Jay said: “It was great to see our story out in the magazine and we are both really pleased with the write-up.”

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We had babies at the same time by the same man – That’s Life magazine

Lesbians Laura and Emma tell the story of how they got their daughters in THAT’S LIFE magazine this week…

Laura and Emma Flannagan tell their incredible story of how a friend offered to father their babies in That’s Life magazine.
The story appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the magazine and across two pages inside.
Once again, this is another example of yet another story where I have negotiated another deal for interviewees.
Last Autumn, when Laura and Emma were both pregnant, I sold their story to the Daily Mirror and it appeared in the national newspaper’s centre pages. But I always told them I could sell their story again and once their beautiful little daughters were both born, it was snapped up by That’s Life.
If you have an unusual and quirky real life story to tell, I would love to hear about it!
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