I have the longest legs in Britain…

Britain’s tallest woman Jessica Pardoe appears in THE DAILY STAR newspaper.

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Record-breaking Jessica Pardoe

Featureworld interviewee Jessica Pardoe appeared in another stunning double page photoshoot at the weekend. The leggy teen is fast making a name for herself in the world of modelling. And there has also been an amazing development as when at her fashion shoot Jessica was measured, it was found she has grown another inch. So she is now 6ft 10″.
According to the Guinness Book of Records there is no woman taller in the UK and it appears as if Jessica will now get a mention as a confirmed record breaker. According to the Guinness Book of Records she might also be the tallest teen girl in the world…
Unsurprisingly it now also seems as if she has the longest women’s legs in the UK as well. In fact in the world there is only one woman with longer legs – and they are just under a centimetre longer. So it is possible Jessica – who still appears to be growing – could end up a record breaker.
Jessica, from Wrexham, is also thrilled to have been asked to play for the Welsh National netball team as a goal shooter.

Of her Daily Star shoot Jessica says: “The paper gave me a fantastic day. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I was delighted with the pictures. Another bonus was I got to keep all the clothes.”

The Daily Star also took an amazing behind the scenes video of Jessica’s photoshoot, which you can see here: Jessica Pardoe’s Daily Star babe photoshoot.

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See Jessica Pardoe in Reveal magazine photoshoot

See Jessica Pardoe on TV

Jessica Pardoe in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail


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Stunning glossy magazine fashion shoot for Britain’s Tallest Woman…

Jessica Pardoe, who is 6ft 9″, appears this week in a stunning three-page fashion shoot in glossy upmarket weekly REVEAL magazine…

Reveal photoshoot

... and her photoshoot goes over three pages

Stunning 6ft 9" Jessica Pardoe in Reveal magazine...

Jessica tells Reveal she is 6ft 9" and proud

Jessica’s incredible story about how she is 6ft 9″ and has to duck when she goes through the average doorway has already appeared in the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Mail and on TV.

But when Reveal suggested doing a proper photoshoot with Jessica modelling the latest clothes for this Autumn titled ‘You’re Gorgeous’ she was thrilled. She went to London for a professional photoshoot with hair and make up and had an amazing experience.

Proud mum Lisa (6ft!) says today: “I think Jess looks absolutely stunning.” And I agree…

I have more deals in the pipeline for Jessica… meanwhile you can read more about Jessica and the publicity gained so far here: Jessica Pardoe

And you can see her on TV here: Britain’s Tallest Woman on TV.

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Last night’s TV – Channel 4, The Model Agency…

As part of an occasional series I am going to look at TV programmes and topical stories in the press. And what better way to start – when this week the size zero catwalk models debate has once again hit the headlines in the national press and magazines – than Channel 4’s real life fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Model Agency.

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The Model Agency is on Channel 4

First, I must confess aged 17 – and shortly before I trained to be a journalist – I did some modelling myself. Incredibly Carole White was my boss and Premier was my agency. It will be very interesting to see if in the later episodes of this series, it actually follows the day in a typical model – which as I recall was endlessly spent sat on the Tube going from one casting to another. I discovered I hated sitting for hours while my hair and make up was done and the whole experience was soul-less and lonely. You get the picture – it wasn’t for me.
The agency swiftly decided I was hardly going to be top model material either. Unlike India – the 16 year old model in last night’s programme who went awol on her first assignment in New York – when after about a year I chucked it in, I don’t remember anyone begging me to come back.
Last night, aside from a few videos of the ethereal India, we learnt from Carole and her staff of ‘bookers’ that this was a girl they’d spotted and nurtured from the age of 12. They’d waited four long years for her to grow up and finally she was about to be launched as the latest hot property. But then a crisis! India, who had flown to the US for her first ever job, sent the woman who ran the New Face’s department an email. India felt sick. Worse, she was sick of modelling and wanted to return to school.
The tearful New Faces lady -somewhat bizarrely as she had a perfectly comfortable office within touching distance – sat crumpled on the pavement outside trying to convince India in a long-distance phone call to carry on. After further hand-wringing, she even flew to New York to persuade India to stay – and one would imagine try to salvage the investment and the thousands they’d banked India would make the agency in the years to come…
She told us she was often closer to the girls than their mums were – but this time India flew back home with her real mum…

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