New double deal for Malissa Jones and her family…

Dawn Jones, mum of Malissa – who was once Britain’s fattest teen and is now anorexic – this week speaks to CLOSER MAGAZINE and the DAILY STAR newspaper…

Closer mag - sell my story

Closer mag

Malissa Jones last hit the headlines worldwide in May when I revealed the young woman, who once weighed 34 stones and was dubbed Britain’s fattest teen – was anorexic.

I have been following Malissa’s story since she approached me via my website Featureworld in 2008. Then she was one of the youngest people in the UK to undergo a gastric bypass and as a consequence she had lost over 11 stones. We celebrated her weight loss and her new life – she had a job and could at last buy clothes from High St shops – by putting her story in a national Sunday newspaper.

However, Malissa’s weightloss didn’t stop and she was distraught to be left with terrible folds of saggy skin, which she couldn’t get NHS funding for to remove. At the same time, she met boyfriend Chris but when she got pregnant with her longed for baby, it died shortly after birth.

Malissa blamed her bypass for losing her baby and also for the fact she felt increasingly unwell. Since May she has been battling anorexia and today she is still unwell with doctors offering to feed her via a tube in hospital. Story in the Daily Star

And now the family face new fears as Malissa’s mum Dawn, speaks out over fears for son Aran, Malissa’s 12 year old brother. Until about three years ago Aran was tall for his age but otherwise and Ok weight. But then he developed an insatiable appetite. Today he is clinically obese and bursting out of the largest size school uniform.

He has driven Dawn to despair with his eating habits – which like Malissa involve scoffing food in the middle of the night. Dawn is now petrified Aran is going the same way as Malissa. That said, having seen how unwell Malissa has been and how ill she still is, she would ever agree to Aran having a bypass or other gastric surgery.

Dawn, who has had a gastric bypass herself, also feels the eating problems in the family have not been investigated properly and that the family hasn’t had enough support from doctors.

I will be continuing to keep in touch with Malissa and her family to see what happens.

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Malissa Jones back in the news again…

Malissa Jones’ story about how she became Britain’s fattest teen and then anorexic appears this week in THAT’S LIFE magazine.

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Malissa's story in That's Life magazine

Thanks to Featureworld, a great many people have now heard or read about Malissa’s story. She was the girl who was once dubbed Britain’s Fattest Teen and is now anorexic.
In this follow-up story Malissa talks about how it felt to see herself in worldwide press coverage. She also talks about how bypass surgery meant getting pregnant was fraught with difficulty. Regular sellyourstoryuk readers will know tragically Malissa lost her baby after he was born prematurely.
Sadly Malissa’s condition hasn’t yet improved and in fact only this week she was admitted to hospital again. Fortunately, she should soon be released and we all hope she makes a recovery.
Meanwhile, I am still in contact with Malissa, boyfriend Chris and the rest of her family. Incredibly, her story continues to be sold around the world and even this week enquiries are still coming in.

You can read more about Malissa’s story here: Malissa’s story goes global and here: Malissa’s story in the press

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Featureworld interviewees’ stories make more magazines…

A little update about two Featureworld interviewees and how their real life stories continue to be in demand by magazines…
Firstly Kerry and Mark McDougall’s story appears in BEST magazine this week.

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Kerry and Mark appear in Best magazine...

Many people will be aware Kerry is the girl who was deemed to dim to marry and too dim to have a baby. And when her baby was born, he was taken into care by social services. However, not only does she now have Ben back but she has married Mark and they are expecting another child together.
You can read more about Kerry and Mark’s story on my website: Please don’t take my baby away.
Meanwhile you can read their other recently published stories: Sunday Mirror and New! magazine stories.

And next up is Malissa Jones. Malissa’s story about how she was Britain’s fattest teen but is now anorexic has already recently appeared in double page spreads in Closer, The Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Mirror and she has also been interviewed by Philip Scofield on ITV’s This Morning.

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Malissa Jones' story is in Real People this week.

But this week her incredible story appears in REAL PEOPLE magazine.

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Magazine appearance for three interviewees…

Three featureworld interviewees tell their real-life story in WOMAN’S OWN magazine this week.

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A beautiful spread in Woman's Own for three interviewees...

As is usual at Featureworld the vast majority of interviewees decide to tell their story to more than one magazine or newspaper.
In Woman’s Own this week Patricia, Lisa and Diane all tell their stories of how they didn’t marry for love. Their stories previously appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper via Featureworld along with two others.
But Woman’s Own picked their stories to feature over two pages this week. Despite the brides not being in love on their wedding day, two of the marriages have worked and only one of these three didn’t…

In other news at Featureworld… I found myself on the other side of the camera this week when film crew from New York TV news show Inside Edition came to the Featureworld offices. They were following up on Malissa Jones’ story about how she has gone from being 34 stones to anorexic.
Malissa’s story continues to sell worldwide and after her appearance on ITV’s This Morning show on Monday, she has had a different film crew visit her every day except Wednesday this week.

Malissa says: “Since my story appeared in Closer last week, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. But although it’s been an exhausting week, knowing how much people are interested in what’s happened to me has given me a huge boost. I am so thankful to Alison for once again getting my story out there.”

I believe I have now placed Malissa’s story some twenty times since she first visited Sell My Story website Featureworld in 2008.

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Malissa Jones’ story goes global…

Malissa Jones – who once weighed 34 stones and is now anorexic – appeared today on ITV’S THIS MORNING.

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Malissa Jones on ITV's This Morning

Since Malissa Jones incredible real-life story broke in Closer magazine last week and then went to MailOnline, I have been inundated with requests for her to be interviewed.
Every TV channel in the UK has requested over the past week to speak with Malissa but today she did an exclusive interview with ITV’s This Morning where she discussed her plight with presenters Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford.
On board was a psychologist who explained that although Malissa – once dubbed Britain’s fattest teen – used to overeat, her anorexia is now still triggered by the same emotional issues, which she needs professional help with to address to get better.
As well as This Morning, Malissa’s story has been placed worldwide in the US and in Germany – and we are now in talks with documentary makers to do a film on Malissa as she battles with this disease.
Her story has also been sold to another weekly women’s magazine as well as a further deal with a UK national newspaper.
And between them, this blog, sellyourstoryuk and my main website, Featureworld has seen over 8000 hits alone just on her story.
Thankfully – because there has been such huge interest – Malissa was already signed with Featureworld to handle all her publicity. I have done all her stories since she had her bypass in 2008 and continue to not only give Malissa and boyfriend Chris advice, but also offer them emotional support during what has been a difficult time.

I will keep everyone posted on Malissa’s progress, so do check back regularly for updates. And if you missed today’s exclusive ITV interview, do click on the photo of Malissa on TV above to see a clip.

Read more about Malissa Jones: Malissa in Closer

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