We had babies at the same time by the same man – That’s Life magazine

Lesbians Laura and Emma tell the story of how they got their daughters in THAT’S LIFE magazine this week…

Laura and Emma Flannagan tell their incredible story of how a friend offered to father their babies in That’s Life magazine.
The story appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the magazine and across two pages inside.
Once again, this is another example of yet another story where I have negotiated another deal for interviewees.
Last Autumn, when Laura and Emma were both pregnant, I sold their story to the Daily Mirror and it appeared in the national newspaper’s centre pages. But I always told them I could sell their story again and once their beautiful little daughters were both born, it was snapped up by That’s Life.
If you have an unusual and quirky real life story to tell, I would love to hear about it!
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Late blooming lesbian goes on ITV’s This Morning …

Beverli Rhodes went on TV show This Morning to talk about being a lesbian.

Beverli was in the Daily Mail feature about coming out in later life last week:

Featureworld client Beverli Rhodes was invited onto This Morning to talk about how after two marriages and four children, she fell in love with another woman. Beverli spoke brilliantly. The TV show followed on from the Daily Mail feature in the Femail section last week.

After being on the show yesterday Beverli said: “Going on This Morning was a lot of fun. They’re a great bunch at ITV and did a good piece.”

Many people commented on the This Morning website how helpful the programme was. ITV also invited a psychologist to discuss why more women are turning to lesbianism in their thirties and forties.

If you are interested in going on TV do visit my website to find out more.

The late-blooming lesbians – feature in the Daily Mail

Four women discuss how they fell in love with women in their thirties … in the DAILY MAIL newspaper…

Four Featureworld clients told their stories in the Daily Mail recently. Each one has been married and all have children. But during their thirties they all fell in love with a woman and are now lesbians.
The article discussed new research that says women’s sexuality is more fluid than previously thought. It asked have these women become gay or have they always been gay but didn’t want to recognise it within themselves until they were older.
All of my ladies have been interviewed by me before, so felt confident about contributing to an article again.

Afterwards Lynn said: “It’s been a pleasure doing another article with you. Let me know if there are any others I can do.”
Meanwhile, Beverli said: “Many people would not feel comfortable discussing such a personal issue with a journalist but you are so easy to talk to and never judgemental.”

These interviewees are just a selection of gay clients on my books. Some others would have been happy to be interviewed for this feature but did not fit the criteria – for this article we were looking to speak with ladies who had been married with children and then came out in their thirties or forties.
But another lesbian couple aged in their twenties – clients at Featureworld – will shortly be appearing in a women’s weekly magazine to tell the story of how they have had two babies.
If you are gay or have a delicate story you wish to share, then do contact me.