How I got on TV… and why I was worried what the neighbours thought…

Last month Jeanette Leach found herself doing something she never ever imagined – she appeared on ITV’s Daybreak talking about her 32JJ boobs.

Daily Mirror story

Jeanette and Steve in the Daily Mirror

Jeanette and husband Steve were invited onto the show after her story appeared in the DAILY MIRROR through Featureworld. In that story she had told how she wanted a boob job but Steve did not. Here Jeanette tells why she decided to sell her story, what going on daytime TV was like and how she worried what others would think…

Why did you sell your story?

I decided to sell my story because I thought it might appeal to other women out there. I read a lot on the net about how women just like me struggle with large breasts.

What was your biggest worry?

I was very nervous to see how the story in the Daily Mirror would look and what feedback I would get. I am one of those people who worry what people think.
We had a photographer come to the house and take some pics before the article. I loved that – it was a great experience and we got a couple of lovely pics of myself, husband and my beautiful boys which I will keep forever. I was looking in the papers everyday for it as I was both nervous and excited. But I was wrong to worry. The article looked fab! It was a lot bigger than I thought but I felt like a celebrity for the day.

So how did you end up on the telly?

From selling our story we got to go on ITV’s Daybreak to talk about the issues in our article. The Producer saw the article in the Daily Mirror and contacted Alison to see if we would be interested in going on. Words cannot describe how nervous we both were but we enjoyed the run up to it. Steve and I got to stay in a lovely hotel in London, enjoyed a meal at the hotel and had a rare night away from the children. Sell story to ITV Daybreak Again, I was so worried what people would say with me on the telly but so far it’s been good. I’d never have thought in a million years we would end up on telly – but it’s something Steve and I will be talking about for years and I hope it raised awareness.
The staff at Daybreak were all very nice and helpful and made me feel at ease. It went so fast but after I’d done it I wanted to do it all again! My only worry was whether I got what I wanted to say across because I talk a lot when I’m nervous. But the feedback has been very good and being in the limelight for five mins was great fun. I got my make up done and had a quick chat with some famous people and after the show Steve and I enjoyed the day in London. I’d never been to London before so got to look at a few famous landmarks.

What’s happened since?

From the article in the Daily Mirror a consultant come forward and is offering to help with a breast reduction operation. I have appointment to see him so fingers crossed I get my ultimate dream – a breast reduction operation that would change my life. This experience has made me realise there’s no stopping me to reach my potential in life whether that is work, or being the best wife and mother.

Would you recommend selling your story … and going on TV?

I would definitely recommend selling your story as it was a great experience. Alison is lovely to talk to and if you are worried about anything you know she’s only a phone call away, Alison has been very supportive and just very lovely throughout our journey. It’s been a magical experience that makes a change from the norm… and we can only hope there might be more to come.

32JJ Jeanette LeachRead more on Jeanette’s story here: Jeanette’s journey

Have you appeared on TV? Why did you go on the telly and what was the experience like? Do let us know here: My TV experience.

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Mum with 32JJ boobs appears on ITV Daybreak…

Well done to Jeanette and Steve Leach – they appeared on ITV’s Daybreak yesterday to discuss a rather delicate situation – should Jeanette have her 32JJ boobs reduced? Sell story to ITV Daybreak

You might recall this story appeared via Featureworld in The Daily Mirror last week. In a nutshell, Jeanette wants to have her size 32JJ bosoms reduced while husband Steve loves them and doesn’t want her to go through with the op.

And on Sunday night the couple, who have two sons, made the trip to London to prepare for their TV debut – on ITV’s Daybreak sofa. After a relaxing evening at a nearby hotel, very early (!) they were picked up by a car laid on by ITV and driven to the Daybreak studios.

The subject about whether or not Jeanette should have this operation was discussed in front of millions of viewers.

Jeanette tells me: “Steve and I were incredibly nervous. We have never done anything like this before in our lives. But it was a fantastic experience – although our allotted time on the show flew by.”

As for whether Jeanette will have this op the situation is she still wants it and Steve still doesn’t want her to have it… But at least Jeanette now has some more choices of bra. Since the story appeared in the Daily Mirror, Panache, a leader in the D plus market (they go up to a K cup) has come forward to help Jeanette find some really pretty underwear. Their stunning range is sold through Debenhams, John Lewis and Bravissimo as well as online retailers such as Fig-Leaves.

Meanwhile, NHS Consultant Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Raj Ragoowansi, from Barts & The London NHS Trust has also come forward to give Jeanette some advice over whether or not having a reduction is right for her.

Read more about Jeanette and Steve’s story: Should I reduce my 32JJ breasts?

If you have a story about cosmetic surgery to sell then do contact me here: Selling my Story

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The day Featureworld changed our lives and that of many others…

When in March this year I placed Natalie Balmond’s story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper about how she cooked up an eczema cream cure for her daughter Lula in her kitchen, I did warn Natalie she could be inundated with orders.

Pure Potions

Natalie and Lula cook up the eczema cream cure

But even I did not foresee just how her story would take off. Within a day of the story appearing in the national newspaper, she was swamped with requests. And the latest news from Pure Potions is that incredibly this one article attracted two years’ worth of business within three weeks. And the company went from a two-person team to a 30-person workforce. Turnover has gone from £80K to £450K – and is still growing – as orders still flood in for Natalie’s cream from all over the world… Added to this the company has since won several awards, the most recent of which are the East Sussex Women in Business Awards, one for Innovation of the Year and one for Overall Business of the Year. Natalie has also been nominated Woman of the Year 2011.

A spokesperson for Pure Potions told me this week: “As you can see since your article in the Daily Mail things have seriously taken off. That article literally changed our lives and that of many thousands of others who before that feature didn’t know this cream existed. Thank you so much for making this happen for us, it has literally changed the face of our business.”

Following the article in the Daily Mail, I arranged for Natalie and Lula to go on ITV’s Daybreak with Dr Hillary Jones and they have since had a steady stream of publicity.

Read more about their journey here and to go to the Pure Potions website, click on the kitchen photo above!

Are you a business person who is finding it hard to gain publicity? Do you have a fledgling idea to publicise? You don’t need to go to Dragon’s Den! Simply email me your story here: Sell My Story!

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Multiple magazine and newspaper deals… for Featureworld interviewees

Featureworld interviewees have been in demand recently… and the past week has seen a variety appear in magazines and on TV…
First up were Mark and Kerry McDougall. Their story about how they got their son back after he was taken into care appeared in NEW magazine.

Sell your story to New! magazine...

Mark and Kerry appeared in New! magazine...

I have followed this story for two years. Read more here: Please don’t take my baby

Next was Cheryl Keye’s story – Cheryl’s real-life story about how when she discovered she couldn’t have a baby herself, her sister Lyndsay had one for her. Having appeared in the Sunday People newspaper and then the Daily Mail, a beautiful spread then appeared in Take a Break magazine…

Sell your story to a magazine

Cheryl's story appeared last week in Take a Break

Read more about Cheryl’s story here: Surrogacy story

Cheryl said: “I just want to say how impressed I am at the way you have handled my story.”

Featureworld interviewees are also in great demand for live TV shows…

Vanessa Finn recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning joining in a debate about revenge and if taking revenge on an unfaithful husband is ever a good thing. Vanessa spoke brilliantly and her story was a valuable contribution to the discussion!

Sell story about revenge

Vanessa talks about revenge on This Morning - click to view

Vanessa said: “I had a fantastic time on the show and can’t thank Alison enough for putting me forward!”

And my family of six generations appeared on ITV’s Daybreak, who sent a camera crew to their home in Wales. Their story appeared last week in The Sun. Here is great-great-great nan Gladys with the Daybreak reporter holding the most recent addition, baby Harry.

Sell your story to television...

Six generations family appear on ITV's breakfast show, Daybreak...

I just want to say how proud I am of everyone – I have had wonderful feedback from so many editors saying what delightful interviewees are always sent to them via Featureworld!

To sell your story contact me here: Sell your story

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Mum’s home-made eczema cure is £100K a year business

Natalie Balmond’s inspiring real life story of how she cured her daughter’s eczema with a pot of cream she cooked up in her kitchen appears in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Daily Mail story

Sales have soared after this story in the Daily Mail

Natalie Balmond approached me as an inexpensive alternative to employing a public relations organisation to raise awareness about a cream she concocted to cure her own daughter’s painful eczema.
Lula was just 18 months when she developed sore red patches on her body. Although Natalie tried dozens of treatments – including strong steroid creams and diet changes – nothing worked. And her condition worsened until aged three Great Ormond St Hospital wanted to admit her.
Natalie was at her wit’s end when a friend gave her a book about herbs and she realised she could make her own cream.
After months of trial and error she finally hit on a formula of hemp oil, nettles and beeswax and incredibly when she smoothed it onto Lula’s skin, it worked.
Soon friends were asking her to make pots for them. Eventually, she began selling her cream and now her company, Purepotions is not only turning over £100,000 a year but the Skin Salvation cream is prescribed by doctors on the NHS.

After the story appeared in the Daily Mail today, Natalie said: “The response to the newspaper article has been phenomenal. The phone line and our website have never been busier. We are absolutely delighted.”

Natalie is set to get even busier as she and Lula will be appearing on ITV’s Daybreak later this week to discuss their eczema cream invention.

To read other recently sold stories click here: Sell your story uk Archives

Natalie had been trying to raise awareness of her cream for a long time. If you would like to gain free publicity about a product or cause and you cannot afford to employ a PR company – or if you are a PR professional who needs the help of a journalist or writer to help with a promotion, do contact me for advice here: Sell My Story

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Our £80,000 IVF baby…

Julia and Tony Rees’ heart-warming true story about how they never gave up hope they’d one day have their longed for baby, appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

Sell story to a newspaper

Tony and Julia's story looks great in the Daily Mirror

Fetal Consultant Bryan Beattie approached me to gain publicity and awareness of a new test he is pioneering that gives an early warning of early labour – and Tony and Julia’s baby daughter Ruby is the first baby to be born following introduction of the test last summer.
In fact, as I discovered when I spoke with them, the couple had an incredible story to tell. They went through eight miscarriages and had 11 attempts at IVF before finally having Ruby.
Heartbreakingly they had even lost boy and girl twins at 23 weeks of pregnancy last year and so this was their final go at becoming parents.
Because of their history, when Julia did get pregnant this last time, she was referred to Bryan at antenatal clinic Innermost Secrets for specialist ultrasound scans. And as she’d already lost these babies, he asked Julia if she would like to try out this new test.
The simple test identifies a protein in the body, which is produced when women are about to go into labour and gives an early warning sign. If it is positive, labour can be halted or steroids can be given to strengthen the baby’s lungs. Bryan believes if it were introduced to every pregnant woman at 22 weeks then it could save thousands of premature babies’ lives as well as saving the NHS millions on special care for tiny babies. Even a week or two – being born at 24 weeks rather than 23 weeks – can make a difference between life and death.
At 30 weeks the test on Julia did prove positive but she was put on total bed rest and drugs were given to mature her baby’s lungs. Thankfully, her pregnancy then continued until 37 weeks when she gave birth naturally.
And even now, they can hardly believe at last baby Ruby is here.
Tony and Julia were absolutely thrilled with their story in the Daily Mirror today – which for them spells the end of so many years of agony. At the same time, it has gained valuable publicity for this new test, which is available from Innermost Secrets.

Meanwhile, it’s been an extremely busy day in the Featureworld office sorting out all their deals. Tomorrow you can see the couple and baby Ruby live on ITV’s Daybreak. Then I have also gained them a further deal with another national newspaper and a women’s magazine!

Do you have an incredible and heartwarming story to sell? Let me know here: Sell your story.

Read other recently sold stories: Archives

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