My 33million to one triplets…

This heart-warming real life story about how Abby Drinkell’s amazing triplets appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

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Abby's story looked lovely in the Daily Mirror

After nine miscarriages Abby Drinkell had almost given up having a longed for baby. Then she was researching the internet and came across research at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington that recurrent miscarriages were sometimes caused by a blood clotting problem. She was referred and given a very simple treatment. That was aspirin to thin the blood. It resulted in two gorgeous sons.
But when she split with their dad and met Lee, they wanted a child of their own. Sadly, when she got pregnant she had an ectopic pregnancy, where the baby develops in the fallopian tube. This is a life-threatening condition and the embryo and the tube had to be removed, reducing her fertility by half.
Incredibly, however, she got pregnant again. Once again she took aspirin and amazingly she discovered at her first routine scan she was expecting triplets.
After going into premature labour her babies were born and after a worrying time when they were in special care, they are now all home.
The story is amazing as there is no history of multiple births in the family and the triplets – two boys and a girl – are not identical. And with only one fallopian tube Abby’s doctor calculated the odds of her having triplets as 33million to one!
Abby wanted to share her story to give encouragement to others suffering from fertility issues that you might well end up with a baby – even the big family you dreamed of.
This story has now been placed with a women’s weekly magazine.

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Our £80,000 IVF baby…

Julia and Tony Rees’ heart-warming true story about how they never gave up hope they’d one day have their longed for baby, appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

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Tony and Julia's story looks great in the Daily Mirror

Fetal Consultant Bryan Beattie approached me to gain publicity and awareness of a new test he is pioneering that gives an early warning of early labour – and Tony and Julia’s baby daughter Ruby is the first baby to be born following introduction of the test last summer.
In fact, as I discovered when I spoke with them, the couple had an incredible story to tell. They went through eight miscarriages and had 11 attempts at IVF before finally having Ruby.
Heartbreakingly they had even lost boy and girl twins at 23 weeks of pregnancy last year and so this was their final go at becoming parents.
Because of their history, when Julia did get pregnant this last time, she was referred to Bryan at antenatal clinic Innermost Secrets for specialist ultrasound scans. And as she’d already lost these babies, he asked Julia if she would like to try out this new test.
The simple test identifies a protein in the body, which is produced when women are about to go into labour and gives an early warning sign. If it is positive, labour can be halted or steroids can be given to strengthen the baby’s lungs. Bryan believes if it were introduced to every pregnant woman at 22 weeks then it could save thousands of premature babies’ lives as well as saving the NHS millions on special care for tiny babies. Even a week or two – being born at 24 weeks rather than 23 weeks – can make a difference between life and death.
At 30 weeks the test on Julia did prove positive but she was put on total bed rest and drugs were given to mature her baby’s lungs. Thankfully, her pregnancy then continued until 37 weeks when she gave birth naturally.
And even now, they can hardly believe at last baby Ruby is here.
Tony and Julia were absolutely thrilled with their story in the Daily Mirror today – which for them spells the end of so many years of agony. At the same time, it has gained valuable publicity for this new test, which is available from Innermost Secrets.

Meanwhile, it’s been an extremely busy day in the Featureworld office sorting out all their deals. Tomorrow you can see the couple and baby Ruby live on ITV’s Daybreak. Then I have also gained them a further deal with another national newspaper and a women’s magazine!

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I wanted a baby – so I googled ‘sperm donor’…

Ann Spalding’s controversial real-life story about how she found a dad to father her baby on a google internet search appears over two pages in THE SUN newspaper today.

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Ann tells explains her controversial choice in The Sun

Another story in The Sun newspaper today and again it looks great! Single mum Ann wanted a sibling for her elder daughter, Keira. But with no sign of Mr Right on the horizon, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She went onto google, inputting ‘sperm donor wanted’ and came up with a website. Here she put an ad on for someone to donate his sperm to her so she could have a longed-for second child.
Jason replied – and said he liked to donate sperm to help women have babies. He was also polite and nice looking. The couple met in a hotel but when artificial donation didn’t work the first month, Ann decided to sleep with Jason to give nature a helping hand. The result was daughter Holly, now one.
Since sleeping with Jason that night, Ann has never seen him. She did try to contact him to tell him he had a daughter but emailed bounced back and the phone numbers were dead.
However, she wasn’t bothered as the whole point of having a baby this way was to have her daughter on her own. She also didn’t want a big gap between her daughters, and didn’t want to be an older mum.
Although she is only aged 27, Ann has been sterilised as she feels her family is complete.

She says: “I am sure some people will be shocked by what I did. But I couldn’t have afforded sperm donation at a private clinic and this way I have chosen Holly’s dad myself. At first my parents and friends were worried about what I was doing but now Holly is here, no-one is bothered how she was conceived. And I have no regrets.”

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Currently I am searching for the following:
* couples who have spent a lot of money on IVF to have a longed for baby.
* women who’ve chosen to have a baby by themselves, with a friend or during a one-night stand.
* couples who have chosen the sex of their baby – or plan to have gender selection abroad.
* Surrogate mums and older couples having a baby.

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Doctors said I was too fat to be a mum …

Wendy Janes’ real-life weight loss story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Weighing in at 28 stones, Wendy believed her chance of ever having a baby had gone – along with all the takeaways she ate.
Sadly, not only had she been unable to conceive naturally, doctors told her she was also too fat to have IVF. So she decided to take drastic action and had a bypass. And in 15 months she had lost an astonishing 14 stones. Amazingly though, she wanted to lose that ‘little’ bump left – only that little bump turned out to be a baby. Incredibly, losing all the weight had corrected Wendy’s infertility problems and she has since given birth to son Logan.

Wendy says: “My partner Kevin and I were stunned that after all these years of me trying for a baby, it happened naturally in the end! But every time Logan smiles at me I know the heartache was worth it.”

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