Should the NHS pay for obesity surgery? Story sold to The Sun

Roxanne Ayling’s amazing real life weight loss story appeared in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

When Roxanne asked me if I could sell a story about how she’d not only lost ten stones after having a gastric band fitted, but also had cosmetic surgery to tone her figure – and I saw her photos – I thought she had done brilliantly.
But what was most interesting was that she has had all this done on the NHS – at a cost so far of £28K. This includes a lower body lift, with a tummy tuck, and surgery to get rid of bingo wings (excess flab under the arms.)
And she is yet to have more surgery next year with a breast lift and thigh sculpturing.
I was particularly intrigued because at sell my story website Featureworld I regularly receive emails from people who have lost a lot of weight but have been refused this sort of cosmetic surgery on the NHS. They are often quite desperate as such amazing weight loss leaves them with ugly and uncomfortable excess skin folds.
Roxanne’s story in The Sun discussed this debate giving both sides of the argument. Some critics say obesity surgery shouldn’t be available on the NHS whilst others feel making this sort of surgery available ultimately saves the NHS money in the end because being slimmer reduces the risk of illness in later life.
It is a debate that will surely continue because as a nation we are all growing fatter (unfortunately!).

Roxanne says: “I do feel lucky and grateful to have had this life changing surgery. I was very happy telling my story to The Sun and glad I got this talking point out there.”

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Gastric band surgery ruined my life… story sold to Daily Mirror

Joanna McDermott wanted to sell a real life diet story about how having a gastric band hasn’t made her thinner, and it appeared in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper this week.

When Joanna McDermott splashed out £8,500, she imagined in a year or two she would be slim. But in fact, she now says having a gastric band op was the worse thing she ever did.
For since she had the band put in, she has been incredibly sick – ironically especially when she eats fruit and vegetables as they seem to stick painfully in her digestive system.
The only remedy was to eat melted chocolate as that went down more easily. But the problem was chocolate (as we all know!) is high in calories and soon she was putting weight ON.
Sadly Joanna has been so unwell she had to give up work and even her marriage suffered. Although she and her husband were already having difficulties, the gastric band problems proved the final straw. And they have since split up.
Joanna is now about to have her gastric band removed but wanted to sell her story to warn others about the side-effects she’s experienced. She doesn’t feel the fact it might not work was stressed enough to her.
She also feels there is no easy way to lose weight – and certainly although there’s been many celebrities recently having gastric band surgery – it might not be the answer.

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