I share my 7-year-old daughter’s wardrobe, says anorexic mum…

Real-life story of anorexia appears in CLOSER, THE DAILY MAIL, DAILY MIRROR, THE SUN and DAILY STAR.

Closer magazine - real life stories

Closer magazine

Rebecca Jones contacted me via my website Featureworld with her quirky story about how because she is anorexic she shares her seven-year-old daughter Maisy’s clothes.

When Maisy asks for a cake, her mum Rebecca doesn’t refuse. As an anorexic, Rebecca worries if she denies her daughter any food at all, she too might develop the eating disorder. This means she worries Maisy is now slightly overweight – but Rebecca would rather have her daughter that way than as she is.

And Rebecca knows only too well how dangerous anorexia can be. Just nine months ago she had to be rushed into hospital – she had starved herself so much her heart was affected. A lack of nutrients had made her heart beat terrifyingly fast. It left her with a damaged heart – and she knows she must eat better if she is to avoid this happening again. Next time, and already with a damaged heart, it could be fatal.

However, Rebecca – whose 5ft 1″ height, dress size 4 and weight of just five stones (this has earned her the nickname ‘Pixie’) finds it impossible to eat properly. She is still anorexic – she consumes a strict 900 calories a day to maintain her body as tiny as it is and ensures she does not exceed 4 grams of fat. Her diet is also liquid because she has difficulty digesting solid food.

Rebecca, 27, who ironically works as a medical secretary, became anorexic in her early teens after she tried to diet. By the time she was 17 she was seriously ill – but managed to maintain from the outside an ordinary life. She went to university and met a man. Because her periods stopped at the age of 17 and she hadn’t had any for years, she didn’t realise she could get pregnant. In fact it was only when one day lying in bed she felt something move in her stomach that she realised she could be pregnant – she rushed to the doctors to find by then she was 7 months. However, as she was anorexic throughout her pregnancy she was still wearing a size six dress.

Fortunately baby Maisy was healthy but when her daughter was small, Rebecca’s relationship with her partner broke up and she is now a single mum.

She is desperate that Maisy doesn’t follow in her footsteps. Maisy asks her mummy why she doesn’t eat and she explains that mummy isn’t well. But she realises that her worries about Maisy following in her footsteps is also a problem. She lets Maisy eat whatever she wants – so chocolate and cup cake treats – aren’t forbidden.

Rebecca is currently on the local NHS waiting list for psychiatric help for her anorexia. She is desperate to get better as she knows another situation such as ending up again in hospital could be fatal. That is her deepest fear – that her anorexia could get the better of her and leave Maisy motherless.

As well as a deal with Closer magazine, with Rebecca’s consent her story was also placed in further deals with a number of national newspapers.

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New double deal for Malissa Jones and her family…

Dawn Jones, mum of Malissa – who was once Britain’s fattest teen and is now anorexic – this week speaks to CLOSER MAGAZINE and the DAILY STAR newspaper…

Closer mag - sell my story

Closer mag

Malissa Jones last hit the headlines worldwide in May when I revealed the young woman, who once weighed 34 stones and was dubbed Britain’s fattest teen – was anorexic.

I have been following Malissa’s story since she approached me via my website Featureworld in 2008. Then she was one of the youngest people in the UK to undergo a gastric bypass and as a consequence she had lost over 11 stones. We celebrated her weight loss and her new life – she had a job and could at last buy clothes from High St shops – by putting her story in a national Sunday newspaper.

However, Malissa’s weightloss didn’t stop and she was distraught to be left with terrible folds of saggy skin, which she couldn’t get NHS funding for to remove. At the same time, she met boyfriend Chris but when she got pregnant with her longed for baby, it died shortly after birth.

Malissa blamed her bypass for losing her baby and also for the fact she felt increasingly unwell. Since May she has been battling anorexia and today she is still unwell with doctors offering to feed her via a tube in hospital. Story in the Daily Star

And now the family face new fears as Malissa’s mum Dawn, speaks out over fears for son Aran, Malissa’s 12 year old brother. Until about three years ago Aran was tall for his age but otherwise and Ok weight. But then he developed an insatiable appetite. Today he is clinically obese and bursting out of the largest size school uniform.

He has driven Dawn to despair with his eating habits – which like Malissa involve scoffing food in the middle of the night. Dawn is now petrified Aran is going the same way as Malissa. That said, having seen how unwell Malissa has been and how ill she still is, she would ever agree to Aran having a bypass or other gastric surgery.

Dawn, who has had a gastric bypass herself, also feels the eating problems in the family have not been investigated properly and that the family hasn’t had enough support from doctors.

I will be continuing to keep in touch with Malissa and her family to see what happens.

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I have the longest legs in Britain…

Britain’s tallest woman Jessica Pardoe appears in THE DAILY STAR newspaper.

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Record-breaking Jessica Pardoe

Featureworld interviewee Jessica Pardoe appeared in another stunning double page photoshoot at the weekend. The leggy teen is fast making a name for herself in the world of modelling. And there has also been an amazing development as when at her fashion shoot Jessica was measured, it was found she has grown another inch. So she is now 6ft 10″.
According to the Guinness Book of Records there is no woman taller in the UK and it appears as if Jessica will now get a mention as a confirmed record breaker. According to the Guinness Book of Records she might also be the tallest teen girl in the world…
Unsurprisingly it now also seems as if she has the longest women’s legs in the UK as well. In fact in the world there is only one woman with longer legs – and they are just under a centimetre longer. So it is possible Jessica – who still appears to be growing – could end up a record breaker.
Jessica, from Wrexham, is also thrilled to have been asked to play for the Welsh National netball team as a goal shooter.

Of her Daily Star shoot Jessica says: “The paper gave me a fantastic day. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I was delighted with the pictures. Another bonus was I got to keep all the clothes.”

The Daily Star also took an amazing behind the scenes video of Jessica’s photoshoot, which you can see here: Jessica Pardoe’s Daily Star babe photoshoot.

Read more…

See Jessica Pardoe in Reveal magazine photoshoot

See Jessica Pardoe on TV

Jessica Pardoe in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail


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X Factor row has ruined my life…

X Factor contestant Vanessa Threadgold from band Angel appears in today’s DAILY STAR newspaper talking about her appearance on Saturday night’s show.

Daily Star

Vanessa's X Factor experience appears in the Daily Star

Millions of TV viewers watched Saturday night’s X Factor on ITV and many were shocked at a row that developed between singer of girlband Angel and the judges.
When Judge Tulisa claimed the girl’s dance moves were only there to ‘cover up for the fact you can’t sing’, singer Vanessa was so put out, she spat back, ‘That’s rich coming from you…’
The girls were then booed off stage with judge Kelly commenting on Vanessa’s ‘bitchy’ comment. Needless to say every judge said, ‘it’s a no from me’ and the girls left.
Vanessa came to me via my website last week upset about what had happened. She had never wanted to go on the show but was persuaded to by other band members. They then had to change their song at the last minute for a more energetic one leaving them barely any time to rehearse the song they sang.
Unfortunately, this clip has now been trailed every Saturday before the show and although friends and family have been supportive, she can barely leave the house without someone shouting out, “that’s rich!”
She was also upset about how she claims the show was edited to make her look ruder than she is. She says she is just a ‘straight-talking Yorkshire lass’ and was upset about how Tulisa took her comment to heart.
Needless to say what happened caused a rift between Vanessa, a dance teacher, and her two band mates, and they have since split.

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X Factor should be renamed ‘Sex Factor’ – story in Daily Star

X Factor contestant Nicole Hiatt’s story about the TV show appears in the DAILY STAR newspaper today.

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Nicole's X Factor story appeared in the Daily Star

Nicole emailed me about her X Factor – or as she described it ‘SEX Factor’ story last week. The mum of two was upset that having got through two auditions to this year’s Boot Camp – and having been praised by the judges for her singing – she was then sent home having not sung a note.
Nicole says it was because she didn’t ‘pair off’ with anyone at a Boot Camp jacuzzi party. She also refused to strip off for the pool in what she claims was wild behaviour at the party. She adds that prior to going to X Factor Boot Camp, she’d received a phone call from a researcher asking her if she hoped to meet someone on the show. And because she didn’t want to meet anyone, she was kicked out.
In the Daily Star newspaper today, a spokesman for X Factor says judges decided which acts to send home before the party and the contestant behaviour was not encouraged. Added to this, the party was strictly supervised with male and female contestants roomed on separate floors of the hotel.

But Nicole, who wowed judges with her performance of Halo, by Beyonce, says: “If I’d wanted to go on a dating show I would have auditioned for one. I thought X Factor was about singing, not taking your clothes off.”

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My reality TV show nightmare – story in the Daily Star

Nicole Mason’s story about a TV reality show made it appear she’d had sex when she hadn’t appeared in the DAILY STAR newspaper at the weekend.

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Nicole told her story in the Daily Star newspaper...

Nicole emailed me at sell my story website Featureworld because she wanted to set the record straight.
The 17 year old had been out in Newcastle when she’d been approached by some of the lads from the TV reality show Geordie Shore. They invited her back to their house for a party and she said she was happy to be filmed at the party.
However, although the TV representatives said her face would be pixellated and her identity kept secret, she was horrified when she episode was broadcast a few weeks ago.
This was because a tattoo on her leg was clearly shown and everyone knew it was her. Worse, she claims footage was edited to make it appear as though she participated in a threesome with one of the guys – she claims she did not.
Nicole was very upset, especially as she felt her reputation had been ruined. Her little brother was teased at school about her and she received hundreds of obscene messages on Facebook.
Nicole says: “The last few weeks since the episode was aired have been hell. I really wanted to do a story to set the record straight.”

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I find out WHY Malissa Jones went from being obese to anorexic…

Malissa Jones amazing real life story about why she has gone from being Britain’s Fattest teen to being anorexic appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday and THE DAILY STAR today…

Story in the Daily Mail

I discuss the reasons behind Malissa's eating problems...

Malissa’s shocking story has already appeared around the world – but just why did this pretty 21 year old get so fat in the first place? And then why did she become anorexic?
Eating problems are incredibly complex and for this story I spoke to several members of the family – including Malissa’s mum, Dawn.
Apart from one, all of Malissa’s family is overweight. Mum Dawn has also had a bypass. When Malissa was just 12, she underwent the same operation and Malissa now says she always believed however fat she got she could fall back on surgery.
However, it wasn’t the fix she hoped for and Malissa says since the op she has never felt well. She has constantly suffered from stomach cramps, sickness and has got one infection after another. She also hated the saggy skin left from the op. Then, she got pregnant and morning sickness worsened her symptoms. Sadly her baby didn’t survive and she now has a phobia about food.
Today her story also appeared in the Daily Star.
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Malissa Jones also appears in the Daily Star

Malissa says: “I find getting my story out there very therapeutic and despite having so much publicity I am particularly happy that I have only ever spoken with Alison about it.”

Read more about Malissa Jones

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