Triplets make front page of Take a Break magazine…

Abby Drinkell’s gorgeous triplets make the cover of TAKE A BREAK magazine this week and the miraculous real life story of how they were conceived against all the odds after an ectopic pregnancy and nine miscarriages is told over two pages.

Real life story in a magazine

Abby's beautiful family in Take a Break

After suffering from nine miscarriages Abby believed she’d never have kids. But having been diagnosed with an unusual condition that causes miscarriage, she saw a specialist and after taking aspirin, finally had two little boys.
Sadly her marriage broke down but she met Lee, who didn’t have any children, and they also both longed for a family together. Only when she got pregnant, it turned out to be ectopic. She had to have one fallopian tube removed, halving her chance of having a baby.
Abby had just about given up on having more children when she found out she was pregnant again. Incredibly, when she went for a scan she was then given the news she was having triplets!
She recalls ringing Lee at work to tell him and he didn’t believe her so she drove to his office to show him the scan…
After a rollercoaster pregnancy when her two sons – Sullivan and Malachi and daughter Tilly – were born very premature at 27 weeks, it was touch and go whether the precious threesome would survive.
But incredibly they did and are now all home and healthy. Abby’s doctor has since said her chances of conceiving triplets – there is no history of twins in the family – were about 33 million to one.
Abby’s amazing real-life story has also appeared through Featureworld in the Daily Mirror newspaper and she was thrilled when Take a Break also wanted her story.
And that joy was trebled! when she went into the shops this week to see her triplets starring on the cover of the magazine.

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Read more about Abby’s true life story here and see it in the Daily Mirror.

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Twin saves her little sister’s life in the womb…

Inspiring story of how Nico saved her twin sister’s life in the womb – makes page 3 of the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Sell story to the Daily Mail

Parents Andrea and Paul were delighted with this story in the Daily Mail

Mum Andrea was thrilled when she opened the Daily Mail newspaper today and saw this gorgeous photo of her baby twins Nico and Kiki on page three. It was taken by top Daily Mail photographer Murray Sanders to go with my story about how Nico saved Kiki’s life before they were even born.
When Andrea was 20 weeks pregnant at her routine scan, doctors gave her and husband Paul some devastating news. There appeared to be a problem with Kiki’s heart, the placenta wasn’t functioning properly and the waters were leaking. All doctors could do was prepare Paul and Andrea for an imminent miscarriage.
But then incredibly baby Nico moved into a position underneath Kiki and caused a plug, stopping her from miscarrying and sealing off any infection.
Amazingly she stayed in this unusual position for ten weeks – which made all the difference. It meant that Andrea managed to get to 30 weeks when the babies were delivered healthily.
Both little girls are now aged seven months and a bundle of mischief for their doting parents, who also have a son Luca, 4 and another daughter, India, 3. They are also particularly close. As Andrea says, it isn’t only because they shared a womb but because Nico saved Kiki’s life – in fact she and Paul think of Nico as a little guardian angel.
Adds Andrea: “The story couldn’t have been better than it was in the Daily Mail. Paul and I were both delighted with the write up and the photos of the girls was gorgeous. Even Paul and I didn’t mind our photo!”
At the same time, a credit was given the charity Sparks – a charity dedicated to championing pioneering research into conditions affecting mums to be, babies and children – which Andrea will be running in the London Marathon 2012 for.
I have now placed this uplifting story with a top women’s magazine.

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Vaseline lip salve confiscated over health and safety…

Joanne Wilkins’ story about how her daughter’s tin of Vaseline was confiscated at school over health and safety fears appeared in the DAILY MAILnewspaper at the weekend.

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This story gained hundreds of comments at MailOnline...

Not everyone who comes to Featureworld  is looking to ‘sell’ their story to the press. Some people simply want to highlight an issue they believe to be terribly unfair.

Joanne Wilkins is a very good example of this. She is mum to Ellie-Maye and was incensed when her daughter took a tiny tin of Vaseline into school to moisturise her lips – only to have it confiscated as it was not prescribed by a doctor.

Joanne felt the reaction by the school over the tin of Vaseline was over the top – especially as she says it was confiscated from Ellie-Maye in front of school friends. She  was further angered when the school’s Head suggested one solution was for Joanne to ‘medicate’ her daughter at home or come into school herself to apply the cream.

It transpired the policy at the school was that any ointment or cream to be self-administered by pupils must be prescribed by a physician. This meant if Joanne wanted Ellie-Maye to use the cream, which costs under £1 to buy and is available from supermarkets as well as chemists, she had to get a private prescription from her GP at a cost of £15. This policy was backed up by the local county council, which put out a statement saying the same thing.

The story caused a huge number of MailOnline readers to leave comments. The vast majority did feel the school’s approach was over the top for such a harmless lip ointment, which anyone is able to buy. However, some parents of pupils at the school also left comments praising the school and the Head.

Whatever your views, Joanne said: “I was just pleased to get this issue out in the open.” Joanne later went on her local TV news programme to discuss the issue further.

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The 13 year old girl who’s made British history…

Teen Emily Gaffney and mum Debbie told their extraordinary real life story in the MAIL ON SUNDAY newspaper at the weekend.

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Emily and Debbie's story looks stunning in the Mail on Sunday

The case of Emily Gaffney has already made the legal history as it’s one of the first times in the UK that a family court has allowed a child to choose which parent she lives with.
Emily, her mum, Debbie, sister and dad Ian, originally left the UK to live in Canada in search of a better life. But Debbie and Ian’s marriage was already rocky and although Ian loved Canada, Debbie and the girls couldn’t settle. They became terribly homesick for all their friends and family back in Middlesbrough in the UK.
Yet when Debbie suggested to Ian they move back, he refused. Their relationship worsened and eventually one day she left without telling him. She felt incredibly guilty but simply couldn’t stay in Canada any longer.
Six months later, however, the Police turned up on Debbie’s doorstep and under the Hague Convention accused her of abducting her own daughters from Canada. A court case also decreed the girls should be returned to Canada where the issue of which parent they should live with would be decided.
But Emily and Lucy didn’t want to leave the UK to live with their dad. And in an unprecedented step, Emily wrote a letter to the judges in the High Court to say they wanted to stay with their mum. She then went to London and during the appeal met the judges. It was a tearful discussion as Emily was forced to choose between her parents.
In overturning the previous judgement to send the girls back to Canada, the judges praised Emily for her maturity and she and her sister were allowed to stay with their mum in the UK.
Debbie, who was astonished she could ever have been charged with abduction from a country she and her daughters only lived in for 18 months, was incredibly relieved as she feared she’d lose both the girls.
Debbie and her daughters are now happily settled back in the UK and their emotional story appeared in the Mail on Sunday over two pages.

Debbie said: “The story in the Mail on Sunday was simply brilliant. Emily and I were thrilled with both the feature and photos and delighted Alison was able to get our story into such a top newspaper.”

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Britain’s most premature twins home for Christmas…

Christmas real life story: Twenty-three week twins home for Christmas story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Amelia Hope and twin brother Arthur were photographed in their mum's arms for the Daily Mail

“Can you sell my story about mine and my fiancee’s tiny twins?” asked dad Lee Burden back in July. Then, Lee’s fiancee, Amanda Staplehurst had just given birth at 23 weeks and two days to Amelia Hope. Incredibly – and a whole ten days later (the twins have birthdays in different months!) – Arthur was born.
Both twins were extremely tiny and Lee recalls they could have both fitted into the palm of his hand together.
But their incredible story appeared in July in the Daily Mail as the twins were hailed medical miracles for being one of the most premature twins known to survive in the UK.
Lee and Amanda have since gone on a rollercoaster journey as their twins fought to full health in hospital. Both underwent heart surgery and Amelia Hope was so premature the blood vessels in her eyes had not developed properly and she needed laser eye surgery to enable her to see.
However, last month the couple finally brought their babies home. Both are doing extremely well and are real heavy-weights compared to their birth weights.
And once again I placed their story in the Daily Mail newspaper, and it is aptly printed today Christmas Eve.
I can’t think of a more lovely story to have in a paper at Christmas. Christmas is all about family and I think for all of us it is a time when we reflect on the past year. So I am delighted there is such a happy ending.

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Are men really happiest at home with the kids…?

This lifestyle feature recently appeared in the women’s Femail section of the DAILY MAIL newspaper.

Rarely does a week go by when there isn’t a new study about house husbands, stay at home dads or wives now earning more than their husbands. The latest one even says the more women earn, the more likely their husband is to have an affair. So is this true…? A number of Sell My Story website Featureworld interviewees took part in this article contributing their views.
Susan Clement-Loftus is an opera singer and husband Jim is a writer who is working on novels. They explained how if Jim didn’t stay at home to care for son Daniel (and they also foster children) their lives would be much more chaotic. In fact Susan says she simply could not manage with the late night concerts and theatre shows if Jim had a ‘normal’ 9-5 job. Money wise however, Jim does currently depend on Susan who is the breadwinner and he admits he doesn’t describe himself as a ‘house husband’ when he first meets people.
This situation doesn’t work well for Andrew Purcell and wife Lindsey. Andrew used to own a brewery business but since selling up (it wasn’t making enough money) he has been at home with the couple’s four children. And he hates it, feeling that he and Lindsey are no longer so close. Lindsey also admits she will feel happier when Andrew gets another job…
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I forgot I gave birth – story sold to Reveal magazine

Colleen Wright emailed me at my sell my story website and her amazing story appeared in REVEAL magazine last week.

When Colleen gave birth to baby Hunnie, everything was fine. But shortly after, the new mum fell into a coma after suffering from swine flu. And when six weeks later she woke up, she couldn’t remember giving birth.
Colleen’s emotional story about how she fell in love again with Hunnie has already appeared through in the Sunday People newspaper. And once again I was able to gain Colleen and partner Jay another deal.
This enabled them to gain not only another payment but also another cutting!

Jay said: “It was great to see our story out in the magazine and we are both really pleased with the write-up.”

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