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At Featureworld I am always searching for new stories to put up to editors of national newspapers, women’s magazines and TV.

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Do you have a story to sell?

But what I am searching for varies from time to time – depending on the time of year and what is in the news. Have a look here to see if you can help with one of these stories I have been asked for over the past few days…

* Jilted brides and grooms. Following soapstar Jessie Wallace’s wedding that never was, I am searching for anyone who has a similar story. Perhaps their partner cancelled their wedding on the day or just days before the ceremony. It might have been a devastating experience but the bonus is jilted brides or grooms can always sell their story…
* Post-holiday stories – love rats from holiday, holiday romance stories, nightmare holiday stories from this year’s holiday.
* Christmas stories – yes it might only be September but incredibly I sold a story for Christmas to a magazine at the beginning of August – and many mags are already sorting out their seasonal pages.
* X-Factor stories – anything involving this popular show is sought after by showbiz on newspapers – and in fact although it is only the beginning of this series, I already placed one X Factor story in the Daily Star last week. Now I am being asked for more…
* Weight loss stories with great photos and an inspirational story behind them.

* A number of TV production companies have contacted me over the past week searching for people to star in reality TV shows. To browse the shows currently casting for new talent, click here: Get me on TV

To see more ‘asks’ from magazines and newspapers click here: Stories wanted

To find out more about the process of selling your story click here: How it works

And if you want to sell your story then contact me here: Sell My Story

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Sell your story for summer…

Looking for some extra cash for a holiday or to buy some clothes for a trip away? Well, you could always sell your story to help pay for it…!
Currently I am looking for great real life stories to sell to magazines and newspapers.

Crystal Cat is coming on holiday

Crystal Cat always comes on holiday with me!

Any story with a summery feel to it is welcome. Here’s some ideas…

* Holidays from hell. Been on a nightmare plane flight or boat trip? Stayed in a half-built hotel – then make sure you take some photos as they will help sell your story on your return.
* Wedding stories… getting married the same day as Kate and Wills? Had a wedding disaster? Been jilted at the altar? Then take heart, at least everyone will want to buy your story.
* Holiday romances. Met the love of your life abroad? Are you giving everything up to live in a mud hut with the new man or woman in your life?
* Suffered terrible sunburn? Want to warn others of the dangers of sunbathing or forgetting to take the malaria pills? Are you suing a holiday company …
* Saved someone’s life? Been bitten by snake or a shark – obviously you have survived…!
* Got caught up in a crisis? Don’t forget to contact me if your flight is hideously delayed for some ridiculous reason, or you get caught up in another ash cloud. You can spend your time selling your story.
* Taking your pet abroad? Perhaps you have lots of photos from a trip around the world with your dog or maybe you spend thousands flying your cat to your Spanish villa and back.
* Lost a load of weight to go on your hols? Do you have great before pics of you as a beached whale on holiday – and looking sylph like this year?
* Given birth abroad – flew to the States and back and you didn’t know you were nine months pregnant (I sold a story before like this five times for that interviewee!).
* Been a victim of crime abroad? Been jailed abroad for a crime you didn’t commit?
* Going on the holiday of a lifetime? Packing up everything in the UK to move after a holiday?
* Taking the mother-in-law away with you?
* Heading for divorce after another nightmare holiday with your spouse?

Potentially a good real life story can earn you up to thousands of pounds and pay for your holiday.

To see if your real life story is saleable, contact me here: Sell My Story

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Why do people sell a story? Is it all about how much money?

You might imagine most people sell a story to make some money – and the more cash they sell a story for, the better.

Selling a story for money.

Is selling a story only about how much money?

But I have always maintained that while as a media agent, selling an interviewee’s story to gain them money is my job – and I find interviewees do want to be paid fairly for selling a personal story – I rarely find it is the their only motivation.
For some people, the motivation can be simply getting their story in print – for others, it might be promoting their business. But for many people that come to Sell My Story website Featureworld, top of their list is sharing their story to gain awareness.
Mum of two Lucy Hayes is typical. Lucy’s story about how she is fighting a brain tumour was printed in the Daily Mirror and I know for her it was important she got her story out there to give hope to others. So I was delighted to receive this via the Featureworld Facebook page.

Mrs M wrote: “I am recently diagnosed with a non cancerous meningioma. I thank you so much for your recent story in the daily mirror. I am waiting to see the neurologist but I have been on edge since it was first spotted. I don’t know my prognosis but obviously I am worried. Reading Lucy’s story has given me hope as I was writing my will amongst other things. Can you give her my details as I would be very interested in talking to Lucy. Thank you very much”

And following another recent story – Sara Hornsey, an ambulance worker, who was paralysed after a swine flu vaccine – I received several requests to speak with Sara from others who’ve experienced the same thing. Again, Sara told her story in the Daily Mail primarily to warn others.

Ms T emailed me: “Thank you so much for publicising Sara’s story – at last i know what i had / have wrong with me … I cannot thank you enough for getting Sara’s story the exposure it deserves. Please pass on this email and my very best wishes to Sara… Thank you again – Very best regards to you both.”

Needless to say all emails are passed to interviewees – proof that such publicity can be so helpful to others. And of course the bonus is going through a media agent means you will always be paid as well!

To discuss selling your story, and what you hope to achieve from selling a story, contact me here: Sell my Story inquiry

Read other recently sold stories: Archives

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