Laura gets some very good news…

Back in the summer Laura Hymas’ story about how she is fighting a brain tumour was placed with the DAILY MIRROR and later in BELLA magazine.Hope For Laura Fund Laura, 25, mum to Jacob, almost two, was devastated when doctors in the UK told her and partner Ben that the tumour was inoperable. But the couple could not believe nothing could be done and they set out to find an alternative cure.
They came across a clinic in Houston Texas pioneering new treatment – the snag was they would have to pay for the treatment themselves – and it would cost £75,000 for a year.
As well as the articles in the paper and the magazine, Ben conducted a remarkable online campaign to get Laura to this clinic. After being picked up by comedian Rufus Hound, it went viral on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of well-wishers donating to their fund.
It meant, in July, having completed six weeks of radiotherapy and some chemotherapy at Royal Marsden Hospital to slow down the growth, they were able to fly to the US.
The latest scan results now show the best news ever – Laura’s tumour has shrunk by 36% since the last scan six weeks ago.
Writing on the blog Ben says: “We are so pleased with this news.”

We are also delighted for them – we love to hear updates from interviewees – and are looking forward to more good news in future!

Read more about Laura and her battle to beat her brain tumour here: Laura’s story

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Mums with cancer to fly to US for life-saving treatment…

Good luck to Featureworld interviewees cancer sufferers Laura Hymas and Claire Faulkner, both of whom are due to fly to the US for treatment that they hope will save their lives.

Cancer sufferer Laura Hymas

Laura Hymas and son Jacob

Mum Laura has a brain tumour and UK doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for her here. Husband Ben recently launched the Hope for Laura campaign.
Meanwhile, mum of two Claire has advanced breast cancer and she too has been told by doctors in the UK that they can’t do any more to help.
Both mums, who are separately represented by Featureworld, are now due to travel within the next week to see a doctor in the US who has offered to help. They have both been desperately fund raising enough money for the treatment, which is controversial, but which offers the only hope for both of them to beat their cancers.
Claire’s emotional story recently appeared in Woman’s Own magazine. You can read more, including how to donate to Claire, here.
Meanwhile Laura’s story has already appeared in the Daily Mirror and an update on her story is due to appear in two magazines. Read more about Laura’s story here, including the Hope for Laura campaign here.

Featureworld will be following both interviewees on their journeys and keeping you updated on how they get on. Meanwhile, I just wish them all the best.

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Fighting to stay alive for my son …

Laura Hymas’ real life story about how she has been diagnosed with a brain tumour – and is raising money for treatment in the US – appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

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Laura Hymas is living with an inoperable brain tumour.

Many people will be aware of how this story had already touched the nation’s hearts – even before it appeared in the Daily Mirror today. Such is the power of the Internet this story has popped up thousands of Facebook accounts. And thanks to the concern of celebrities such as comedian Rufus Hound – who has flagged it up to his quarter of a million Twitter users- it has spread throughout Twitter like wildfire.
And it is a very emotional story. Until Christmas Eve Laura, 24, was living a normal happy life with her adorable young son Jacob and her fiance Ben. But then, having experienced a host of strange symptoms since Jacob was born, such as exhaustion, loss of balance and weakness in her arm, tests showed she had a brain tumour. In April she was then given the devastating diagnosis by UK doctors that apart from some chemo and radiotherapy to try to shrink the tumour a little, there is nothing they can do. It goes too far into her brain to be safely removed by surgery and is it aggressive and growing.
However, rather than give up all hope, Ben and Laura have found a clinic in the States that has offered to help. The treatment at this clinic is still in trials and it is controversial as some people believe it is unproven and expensive.
But Ben and Laura have, quite understandably, decided that even if it gives the slimmest hope of success, it is worth trying. The problem is it costs £75K – and in fact it might be they eventually need more money than that as that is only for one year’s treatment and some suffers need more.
Thanks to the generosity of Twitter and Facebook users, they have already raised thousands of pounds – which shows that compassion is certainly not dead in the UK! – and many people have sent them wonderful messages. I know just how much those messages have touched them.
Their story is now due to appear in Bella magazine and another UK women’s mag and I will also be following their progress.

Find out more:
To donate: Hope for Laura Fund.
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Hope for Laura. Laura needs £75K to save her life…

Last weekend I received an email through Featureworld from Ben, the fiance of a lovely young woman called Laura. Laura and Ben have a gorgeous baby son and are devoted to him. But they recently received some devastating news that has literally turned their life upside down. Laura has discovered she is suffering from a brain tumour.

Laura wants to live for Ben.

Laura wants to see her baby grow up...

That news would be terrible enough but her tumour is inoperable and aggressive.
Doctors are doing their best to shrink it with drugs and prolong her life. But there is nothing more they can do in the UK.
However, there is now hope. Through painstaking research the couple have now discovered a pioneering treatment in the US, which could save Laura’s life. The problem is it is not available in the UK and the family need to raise £75,000 for the treatment.
Ben has set up a website for Laura – you can find out more about donating and read more about their story by clicking here: Hope For Laura.
Meanwhile, I am delighted to be representing Ben and Laura who have spoken exclusively to me about their ordeal and their future.
The full heartbreaking and emotional story will be appearing in a national UK newspaper and two magazines. We are all hoping that this will gain enough money to give Laura the chance of having this treatment and ultimately the chance to see her son grow up.

Needless to say I will be following their story.

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I had a brain tumour for 15 years – and didn’t know…

Lucy Hayes’ incredible real-life story appears over two pages in national newspaper, the DAILY MIRROR today…

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Lucy's story appears in national newspaper, The Daily Mirror

For the past decade Lucy Hayes, 30, has suffered from various ailments. Ranging from tiredness to headaches to pins and needles and bouts of sickness, the mum of two young sons felt she was constantly at the doctors with one complaint or another.
However, she never linked her odd symptoms – so a headache was put down to having a migraine, sickness was diagnosed as a bug and pins and needles, a pulled muscle.
But one day she noticed her sight was worsening – even this wasn’t that surprising as she is short-sighted and wears glasses. But she decided to go to a different opticians. In fact, it was an appointment the busy mum almost cancelled. And she only went because she’d promised her eldest son he could watch mummy at the opticians and she didn’t want to let him down. This time a special photo of her eye was done and it was then a huge brain tumour was revealed.
The optician sent her straight to hospital where tests diagnosed the tumour, a benign meningioma, had probably been growing for 15 years… and was squashing her brain. She could have dropped dead at any time.
It has since been removed – although some of it doctors have been unable to reach. It will grow back but they intend to keep it at bay with radiotherapy. She feels very lucky to be alive and is just relieved she went for this eye test – it is one of the most important health checks to have.

Lucy says: “I am absolutely thrilled with my story in the Mirror. It is superb – word for word how it was. And I can’t thank Alison enough for getting it into the newspaper for me.”

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