I’ll never forget my adopted son … story in Closer mag

Emotional real life story in in CLOSER magazine this week.Sell Story to Closer

With two gorgeous sons and a loving partner, Terri should be happy. But she is haunted by the fact her first child was adopted…

When Terri was 15 she accidentally got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, whom she called Nicholas. She adored Nicholas, but as she was no longer with his dad and her parents were in the middle of a divorce – and she had also gone back to college – she found it exhausting. When Nicholas was three months old it was suggested she contact social services for some support and respite and they offered to have Nicholas cared for one weekend so she could catch up on some sleep.

It seemed a good idea. But when Terri went back on the Monday to pick Nicholas up she was told the social worker involved wasn’t there and to come back. It was to be the beginning of a nightmare. Social services then said they wanted to look into whether she could cope with her baby. And against her will, and despite getting a lawyer to try to keep Nicholas, to her horror Social services then decided he would be best off with a family.

When he was fifteen months old months old he ended up being adopted. The last time she saw Nicholas he clung to her legs crying to her. It was heartbreaking and she has never got over it.

Terri was incredibly depressed but she moved area and has since gone on to have two more children with a different partner, 26, who works in computers. She is now aged 26 and has two sons aged 4 and 1. Because her first child was adopted, she was visited by social services in the new area – they cannot understand why her baby was adopted. She has since seen her records and it says she gave Nicholas up willingly. This has shocked her – it is not how it was and she worries that when he is 18 and sees these records he will believe she didn’t want him.

She thinks about Nicholas all the time, she feels always she is a mum of three but is unable to tell people that. The only good thing is she knows Nicholas did go to a good home and consoles herself that he will be well loved. His adoptive parents regularly send her updates in letter and she knows Nicholas is happy.

But she just wishes she was there to cuddle him, see him home from school. It is an ache in her heart that simply won’t go away.

Terri says: “If Nicholas does trace me when he’s 18 I will be able to show him this feature and he will then know how much I loved him.”

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Have you had a child adopted? Maybe you have been reunited? Or perhaps you have been through a nightmare with social services? For sensitive advice about selling a delicate story contact Featureworld here: Sell My Story

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IN THE NEWS: Are you hoping to adopt a child?

Are you one of the many who want to be a parent but are finding it difficult to conceive? Or maybe you have a child of your own but long to add to your family as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have done?
Sell story about adoption
This week’s National Adoption Week not only raises the plight of children waiting for adoption. It also highlights potential parents hoping to start a family through adoption.

At this week’s Fertility Show, nearly 4,000 visitors are expected to attend, looking for solutions to help overcome their infertility. IVF is often a route many go down. But not everyone succeeds in having their own children.

For those who don’t, adoption is another way forward. At this week’s show, visitors will hear a talk from the London Borough of Brent Adoption Team about exactly what’s involved. With 64,000 children in care in the UK, it would seem like an obvious route.

But many are daunted by newspaper headlines of an over complicated system in the UK with three year delays and intense scrutiny. For some, adopting abroad offers a more compelling solution. This year the show also features a talk from Cecile Trijssenaar, who adopted her son from Russia and who now advises other parents how to do so.

The Fertility Show backs the government’s aims of making adoption in the UK more accessible. With 1 in 6 couples facing infertility at some stage in their lives, there would appear to be huge source of potential adopters if processes can be simplified.

The Fertility Show is backed by leading patient care charity, Infertility Network UK

– It takes place at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, on Friday and Saturday Nov 4-5, 2011. Admission price £10 in advance, £14 on the door. Seats in seminars £1.

Have you adopted a child from the UK or abroad? How easy did you find the process of adoption? Or have you been turned down for adoption for some reason which you feel is unfair? If you feel your real life story about adoption might be suitable for a newspaper or magazine, send your adoption story here: My adoption story

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Adoption – three sides of the story…

Real life story about adoption in BELLA magazine this week.

Adoption story

Melanie's story about her two mums appeared in Bella magazine.

This is the incredible story of how Melanie Farmer has two mums to support her through life – her adoptive mum Janet and birth mum Julie – and in this emotional article over two pages, all three open their hearts with their stories.
Melanie was a tiny baby when she was adopted. But when she was 21 and saw her birth certificate she decided to trace her biological mum, Julie. Fortunately it was straightforward and two weeks later she received a letter back from Julie. Emotionally, the letter explained how aged 18 Julie had got accidentally pregnant with Melanie and she felt too young to keep her. Yet, she couldn’t not go through with the pregnancy. So she put Melanie up for adoption. Of course it was the hardest thing she has ever done. As she says in the feature, she never gave Melanie a name and never even held her because she didn’t want to fall in love with her. And when she came home empty handed from hospital she sat for ages just hugging a pillow to her stomach.
Adoptive mum Janet recalls how overjoyed she was when she arrived at the hospital to pick up baby Melanie. For the next few weeks she was terrified her birth mum would change her mind and demand her back.
Yet when Melanie decided to trace her birth family, she was incredibly supportive. And when Melanie and Julie finally met, Janet was just pleased the pair had got together. She now feels meeting her birth mum has made Melanie ‘more complete.’
Melanie says: “Just a big thank you – it is a wonderful, interesting and balanced story. My whole family have read it, shared it and really like it.
It has brought us closer together and we all love it! Thank you for producing such a lovely piece.”

We hear so much about the trials of adoption, it was wonderful to write such a positive story. The other bonus was the beautiful photos that accompanied the piece, showing both mums together with their daughter.

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Breast cancer made me trace my biological mum…

Philippa Wakefield-Lilley’s poignant true life story appeared in The DAILY MIRROR on Friday.

A few weeks ago Philippa emailed me to say she wanted to sell a story and therefore be involved with breast cancer month (which is now…) So I was pleased to place her story as the main feature with the Daily Mirror’s breast cancer month special and Philippa’s story went over two beautiful pink coloured pages in the paper.
When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 34, Philippa, a mum of two, was devastated. But she was also concerned to know whether breast cancer is genetic as she was worried her daughter could be at risk. The problem was Philippa is adopted and as she grew up with loving adopted parents, had never sought her biological ones.
But getting breast cancer made her change her mind and she decided to find her birth mum. It took some searching but she eventually found Linda on Friends Reunited. The pair have now met. Looking at the photos of both of them I am amazed by the likeness between them.
Thankfully there is no history of breast cancer in the family and the bonus is that Philippa and Linda get on very well.
Linda is a teacher who got unexpectedly pregnant when she was young and made the difficult decision to put Philippa up for adoption.

Philippa said: “I was thrilled with the Daily Mirror feature. It was exactly as I hoped it would be.”

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