Bullied into Aborting my Down’s Syndrome Baby – ITV’s THIS MORNING

Marie Ideson appears in ITV’s THIS MORNING today discussing the pressures she faced while pregnant with a Down’s Syndrome baby…

ITV This Morning

Marie initially came to us after feeling she had been bullied into aborting her Down’s Syndrome baby. She was desperate to get her story out in the open to enlighten others who may have found themselves in the same situation.

We placed marie’s story in THE DAILY MAIL and today she has appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING.

Marie says, “Alison gained me the sort of publicity I never imagined would be possible. I can’t thank her enough for getting my story out there.”

Click to read more about Marie’s emotional story.

Have you been pressured into having an abortion? If you have, get in touch via our contact form.

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Aborting my Down’s Syndrome baby ruined my life – Daily Mail

Marie Ideson tells her emotional story in the FEMAIL section of the DAILY MAIL newspaper today. Femail

Sometimes – especially if you have already tried every avenue – the only way to bring closure to a terrible experience is to go to the press. This was the situation Marie Ideson found herself in. Six years ago Marie was told she was having a Down’s Syndrome baby. And believing at the time it was for the best – and with what she now describes as terrible pressure from medical staff not to go ahead with the pregnancy – she opted for a termination.

As soon as she took the first pill towards having her abortion, she regretted what she was doing. And three days later when she returned to the hospital to finish the termination, she was devastated.

Ever since then, Marie has bitterly regretted going through the termination and simply couldn’t get it out of her mind. Unfortunately, it caused a huge rift with her husband. While she knew he too had been devastated by what had happened, she couldn’t help but blame him for letting her go ahead with it. She says she was so shocked and hospital staff railroaded her into having an abortion that he should have realised and stepped in.

Sadly this issue kept on raising itself and their once happy marriage was destroyed by rows. The couple even had another baby – this time a healthy baby boy – and both of them hoped he would help mend their relationship. But it wasn’t to be. Sell story to the Daily Mail

Marie tried to take legal action against the NHS hospital that did the termination. When she had her amnio – a test to see if her baby had Down’s Syndrome – she believed it was to prepare her for having a child with Down’s Syndrome. She thought if the test were positive it would help give her time to prepare and help medical staff also prepare for any treatment her baby might need.

She did not expect, she says, to be told by the consultant and a nurse that she should have a termination because her child could otherwise be a ‘burden’ on society. In fact Marie and her husband spent thousands of pounds on legal fees – it wasn’t about the money but Marie wanted the medical staff to examine their procedures. She felt she’d been rushed into having a termination and didn’t want the same thing to happen to another mum.

But legal action proved too expensive and eventually due to the strain Marie and her husband broke up. Since then Marie has simply not been able to come to terms with what happened. And this is why she came via my sell my story website Featureworld to get her story out there.

She says: “Doing this feature has helped bring closure and I am really thankful to Alison and The Daily Mail for enabling me to have my say. Whether people agree doesn’t matter – I wanted to open up a public debate about whether pregnant women are railroaded by medical staff into having a termination. No-one once said to me, well you could always keep your baby. So It was simply a question of getting this experience into the public eye. If it helps one woman facing what I did to consider all the consequences, then it will be worthwhile.”

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Malissa Jones is in the Daily Mirror…

Malissa Jones’ obese to anorexic story appears in the DAILY MIRROR today.

Daily Mirror story

Malissa Jones and previously unseen photos in the Daily Mirror

Malissa’s story looks amazing in this double page spread today – meanwhile her story has already been placed with another UK publication and talks are continuing with documentary makers – watch this space!
In other Featureworld news…
Chelsea Harmsworth’s story about how her baby survived an abortion recently appeared in Pick Me Up magazine.
Sell Your story to a magazine

Chelsea's story is a lovely read in Pick Me Up...

You might recall Chelsea’s story has previously appeared in The Sunday Mirror and Reveal, proving once again that coming through Featureworld to sell your story will gain you more deals (if you wish.)
Read more about Chelsea here: My abortion didn’t work
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Chelsea’s story makes front page of Reveal magazine…

Chelsea Harmsworth’s real life story about how her baby girl survived an abortion, is published in REVEAL mag this week.

Sell your story to Reveal

Chelsea's story also made the front page of Reveal

Chelsea’s story looks amazing spread over two pages of glossy magazine Reveal this week and the photos look stunning. Regular sell your story UK blog readers might recall university student Chelsea’s story was recently printed over a double page in the Sunday People newspaper. She is the young mum who when she fell pregnant by accident, decided to have a termination. However, the operation didn’t work and unbeknown to Chelsea, left her still pregnant. It was only three months later when she still felt pregnant that she went to see her GP and discovered she was almost six months.
Doctors offered Chelsea a further abortion but she was so close to the 24 week cut-off point and had seen her baby moving on the scan, that she couldn’t go through with it. Sadly, however, daughter Keira was born with deformities to her hands. And Chelsea’s relationship with Keira’s dad has since ended.
Despite this she is a happy little girl and Chelsea, who manages to hold down a job and study for a psychology degree would not be without her.

Chelsea says: “Going into Reveal mag was tremendous fun. Keira and I had a proper photoshoot with make-up and clothes. The crew made us feel like superstars!”

I have since managed to gain Chelsea yet another magazine deal – this will be a further double page spread for Chelsea.

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My abortion failed – but my baby melted my heart…

Chelsea’s emotional real-life story appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

Sell your story to the Sunday People newspaper.

Chelsea's true story appeared in the Sunday People newspaper.

When Chelsea Harmsworth emailed me through the sell my story form on my website, I knew her delicate and very emotional story would need careful handling and writing.
Chelsea, 20, a university student, got pregnant at the age of 16. But she felt too young to have a baby and at around ten weeks made the agonising decision to have a termination. Incredibly, however, unbeknown to Chelsea and the abortion clinic, the operation didn’t work. And almost three months later Chelsea made the shocking discovery she was still pegnant.
Doctors offered her another abortion but by then she was 21 weeks and had felt the baby move. She simply couldn’t go through with another termination so decided to have her baby.
Sadly little Keira, now 3, was born with a deformed right hand – the tips of her fingers are missing and her index finger can’t bend. The fingernails of Keira’s left hand are also deformed. It is believed this was caused by the abortion.
Yet, despite this, Chelsea fell in love with her daughter and in this moving feature, Chelsea describes how her daughter has brought her so much joy.
That said, she is still angry the abortion failed. She believes she acted responsibly and is upset about Keira’s hands.
She intends to tell Keira why her hands are as they are – but says Keira is her world and she knows how much her mummy loves her.

Chelsea says: “Alison read the story back to me before she sent it to the newspaper and as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the copy. It was written exactly as I wanted it to be.”

Interestingly, when Chelsea initially contacted me, she hadn’t thought about selling a story to a newspaper. But I knew it would be a perfect real-life read for the Sunday People. And I have also gained Chelsea deals for follow-up stories with two major women’s magazines.

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My abortion failed – have I harmed my baby? The Sun

My abortion went wrong – story in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

Another sensitive story sold to a newspaper this week is Lucy Thomas’s real life nightmare about how her abortion went wrong.
Lucy, who had split with the baby’s dad, took the abortion pill when she was seven weeks pregnant. But it didn’t work and a week later doctors told her the baby was alive. They offered Lucy further abortion to terminate the baby. However, despite being warned by medical staff the abortion pills have probably harmed her baby, she simply couldn’t face this operation.
So Lucy, already a mum of two, has bravely decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.
She is now almost seven months pregnant and her baby, a little boy, is kicking vigorously. Scans and tests show he is probably healthy – but agonisingly doctors cannot be sure. Unfortunately, no-one will know if her baby will be born healthy until September when he is due.
The worse scenario is Lucy’s baby is born unable to smile. The abortion pill Lucy took is linked to a rare syndrome, which causes paralysis of the face – and this is something that cannot be tested for during pregnancy.
Lucy was very happy with the way the story was portrayed in the Sun newspaper. Through Featureworld, she will be doing a follow-up with the Sun when her baby is born. We all hope he is fine and this story will be one showing her little boy with a big smile on his face.
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Footnote: Lucy’s baby boy was born healthy and well.