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Case Study Link – Please note I am not signed up to Casestudylink. But as many editors and TV researchers already know, you can easily find the perfect case study via Featureworld.

As one of the leaders in selling real-life stories for interviewees to UK newspapers, magazines and TV – and due to the success of the Featureworld Casting Directory – where people can sign up to appear in features – thousands of people are looking to be in your newspaper or magazine article or to appear on a chat show or reality TV. A search for your case study/interviewee is free. If I cannot provide an interviewee straightaway (and I can often provide interviewees on edition) your request will be mailed out as you specify below to thousands of potential people on my books. Interviewees will then contact you directly. At the same time, if you are a TV researcher your request will be show-cased on the very popular Casting Opportunities page. Simply fill out the form below.

Featureworld’s Casting Case Studies Service…

OR: Email

SEARCH TIP: Sellyourstoryuk currently showcases hundreds of recently published stories. I suggest searching this website using the search facility to the right of this page and if you find a suitable interviewee, then contact me as above to see if they would be available.

* Searches are sent out as you specify in the search for a case study box – and your organisation is only included if you wish.

* A search is free. Usual payments apply for bespoke case studies/interviewees provided directly to you by Alison Smith-Squire at Featureworld. Details are available at time of purchase. 


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