Laura gets some very good news…

Back in the summer Laura Hymas’ story about how she is fighting a brain tumour was placed with the DAILY MIRROR and later in BELLA magazine.Hope For Laura Fund Laura, 25, mum to Jacob, almost two, was devastated when doctors in the UK told her and partner Ben that the tumour was inoperable. But the couple could not believe nothing could be done and they set out to find an alternative cure.
They came across a clinic in Houston Texas pioneering new treatment – the snag was they would have to pay for the treatment themselves – and it would cost £75,000 for a year.
As well as the articles in the paper and the magazine, Ben conducted a remarkable online campaign to get Laura to this clinic. After being picked up by comedian Rufus Hound, it went viral on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of well-wishers donating to their fund.
It meant, in July, having completed six weeks of radiotherapy and some chemotherapy at Royal Marsden Hospital to slow down the growth, they were able to fly to the US.
The latest scan results now show the best news ever – Laura’s tumour has shrunk by 36% since the last scan six weeks ago.
Writing on the blog Ben says: “We are so pleased with this news.”

We are also delighted for them – we love to hear updates from interviewees – and are looking forward to more good news in future!

Read more about Laura and her battle to beat her brain tumour here: Laura’s story

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