Mum with 32JJ boobs appears on ITV Daybreak…

Well done to Jeanette and Steve Leach – they appeared on ITV’s Daybreak yesterday to discuss a rather delicate situation – should Jeanette have her 32JJ boobs reduced? Sell story to ITV Daybreak

You might recall this story appeared via Featureworld in The Daily Mirror last week. In a nutshell, Jeanette wants to have her size 32JJ bosoms reduced while husband Steve loves them and doesn’t want her to go through with the op.

And on Sunday night the couple, who have two sons, made the trip to London to prepare for their TV debut – on ITV’s Daybreak sofa. After a relaxing evening at a nearby hotel, very early (!) they were picked up by a car laid on by ITV and driven to the Daybreak studios.

The subject about whether or not Jeanette should have this operation was discussed in front of millions of viewers.

Jeanette tells me: “Steve and I were incredibly nervous. We have never done anything like this before in our lives. But it was a fantastic experience – although our allotted time on the show flew by.”

As for whether Jeanette will have this op the situation is she still wants it and Steve still doesn’t want her to have it… But at least Jeanette now has some more choices of bra. Since the story appeared in the Daily Mirror, Panache, a leader in the D plus market (they go up to a K cup) has come forward to help Jeanette find some really pretty underwear. Their stunning range is sold through Debenhams, John Lewis and Bravissimo as well as online retailers such as Fig-Leaves.

Meanwhile, NHS Consultant Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Raj Ragoowansi, from Barts & The London NHS Trust has also come forward to give Jeanette some advice over whether or not having a reduction is right for her.

Read more about Jeanette and Steve’s story: Should I reduce my 32JJ breasts?

If you have a story about cosmetic surgery to sell then do contact me here: Selling my Story

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