Sell Your Story UK is looking for writers…

Do you work in Public Relations? Are you a literary agent, a TV director who makes reality documentaries or a producer of a daytime TV chat show? Perhaps you are an intern working at a PR company or on a magazine? You might be a trainee journalist on a local paper. Maybe you are an expert in website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or gaining publicity on Facebook or Twitter? Or you might be working in a busy charity press office or running a successful blog. If so, read on…

Sell Your Story needs writers

Gaining publicity for you...

When I started this blog 18 months ago it had just a few posts and a handful of visitors a day. But today it has over 1000 pages and posts, is currently viewed by just under 10,000 unique visitors a month and its popularity is fast increasing. It began as a way for visitors to sell my story website Featureworld to read the stories behind the headlines – to read what happens when people sell their story to the press – and that will always be its first premise. But, when I began, I also wanted Sell Your Story UK to become a helpful resource for anyone considering selling their true real life story to a magazine, newspaper or television. At the same time, I wanted to help non-fiction authors, charities and small businesses gain publicity for free.
Today I am regularly asked the same questions time and again – how do I become a journalist? (it was so long ago for me that I don’t think my experience of becoming a tea girl at a press agency straight from my rough comprehensive is relevant any more…), how do I break into TV? what are literary agents looking for in a non-fiction book? how can I find a ghostwriter? can a PR agency help establish my brand? what’s a typical day like for a film editor? … numerous questions allied to the field of real life journalism that I can’t answer!
So I am now on the hunt for ‘experts’ to write a short piece on their field for Sell Your Story UK. In return for helping me build up the valuable advice sections on Sell Your Story UK you will gain a dofollow link to your website, some free advertising for your company, blog or yourself and hopefully some new fans or new business.
Incidentally, don’t be put off if you don’t love writing. If you don’t want to pen your own small piece, I can email you a template of questions or someone can ring you and have a quick chat on the phone.
If you have an idea for a blog for Sell Your Story UK either email me directly at or fill in this quick form Here.


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