Mums with cancer to fly to US for life-saving treatment…

Good luck to Featureworld interviewees cancer sufferers Laura Hymas and Claire Faulkner, both of whom are due to fly to the US for treatment that they hope will save their lives.

Cancer sufferer Laura Hymas

Laura Hymas and son Jacob

Mum Laura has a brain tumour and UK doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for her here. Husband Ben recently launched the Hope for Laura campaign.
Meanwhile, mum of two Claire has advanced breast cancer and she too has been told by doctors in the UK that they can’t do any more to help.
Both mums, who are separately represented by Featureworld, are now due to travel within the next week to see a doctor in the US who has offered to help. They have both been desperately fund raising enough money for the treatment, which is controversial, but which offers the only hope for both of them to beat their cancers.
Claire’s emotional story recently appeared in Woman’s Own magazine. You can read more, including how to donate to Claire, here.
Meanwhile Laura’s story has already appeared in the Daily Mirror and an update on her story is due to appear in two magazines. Read more about Laura’s story here, including the Hope for Laura campaign here.

Featureworld will be following both interviewees on their journeys and keeping you updated on how they get on. Meanwhile, I just wish them all the best.

Sell your story to raise money for charity: Sell Your Story

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