Featureworld interviewees’ stories make more magazines…

A little update about two Featureworld interviewees and how their real life stories continue to be in demand by magazines…
Firstly Kerry and Mark McDougall’s story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Sell a true story to Best magazine

Kerry and Mark appear in Best magazine...

Many people will be aware Kerry is the girl who was deemed to dim to marry and too dim to have a baby. And when her baby was born, he was taken into care by social services. However, not only does she now have Ben back but she has married Mark and they are expecting another child together.
You can read more about Kerry and Mark’s story on my website: Please don’t take my baby away.
Meanwhile you can read their other recently published stories: Sunday Mirror and New! magazine stories.

And next up is Malissa Jones. Malissa’s story about how she was Britain’s fattest teen but is now anorexic has already recently appeared in double page spreads in Closer, The Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Mirror and she has also been interviewed by Philip Scofield on ITV’s This Morning.

Sell story to Real People

Malissa Jones' story is in Real People this week.

But this week her incredible story appears in REAL PEOPLE magazine.

If you have a story to sell and would like to appear in multiple magazines, email me here: Magazine story to sell

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