My reality TV show nightmare – story in the Daily Star

Nicole Mason’s story about a TV reality show made it appear she’d had sex when she hadn’t appeared in the DAILY STAR newspaper at the weekend.

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Nicole told her story in the Daily Star newspaper...

Nicole emailed me at sell my story website Featureworld because she wanted to set the record straight.
The 17 year old had been out in Newcastle when she’d been approached by some of the lads from the TV reality show Geordie Shore. They invited her back to their house for a party and she said she was happy to be filmed at the party.
However, although the TV representatives said her face would be pixellated and her identity kept secret, she was horrified when she episode was broadcast a few weeks ago.
This was because a tattoo on her leg was clearly shown and everyone knew it was her. Worse, she claims footage was edited to make it appear as though she participated in a threesome with one of the guys – she claims she did not.
Nicole was very upset, especially as she felt her reputation had been ruined. Her little brother was teased at school about her and she received hundreds of obscene messages on Facebook.
Nicole says: “The last few weeks since the episode was aired have been hell. I really wanted to do a story to set the record straight.”

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