Malissa Jones is in the Daily Mirror…

Malissa Jones’ obese to anorexic story appears in the DAILY MIRROR today.

Daily Mirror story

Malissa Jones and previously unseen photos in the Daily Mirror

Malissa’s story looks amazing in this double page spread today – meanwhile her story has already been placed with another UK publication and talks are continuing with documentary makers – watch this space!
In other Featureworld news…
Chelsea Harmsworth’s story about how her baby survived an abortion recently appeared in Pick Me Up magazine.
Sell Your story to a magazine

Chelsea's story is a lovely read in Pick Me Up...

You might recall Chelsea’s story has previously appeared in The Sunday Mirror and Reveal, proving once again that coming through Featureworld to sell your story will gain you more deals (if you wish.)
Read more about Chelsea here: My abortion didn’t work
Meanwhile, don’t let the fact you might not have a sensational story to sell put you off! I am currently researching THREE paid for features and am urgently seeking interviewees. Look here for more details: Earn money being in a feature

And if you do want to sell a story click here: Selling my Story

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