Magazine appearance for three interviewees…

Three featureworld interviewees tell their real-life story in WOMAN’S OWN magazine this week.

See your story in Woman's Own magazine

A beautiful spread in Woman's Own for three interviewees...

As is usual at Featureworld the vast majority of interviewees decide to tell their story to more than one magazine or newspaper.
In Woman’s Own this week Patricia, Lisa and Diane all tell their stories of how they didn’t marry for love. Their stories previously appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper via Featureworld along with two others.
But Woman’s Own picked their stories to feature over two pages this week. Despite the brides not being in love on their wedding day, two of the marriages have worked and only one of these three didn’t…

In other news at Featureworld… I found myself on the other side of the camera this week when film crew from New York TV news show Inside Edition came to the Featureworld offices. They were following up on Malissa Jones’ story about how she has gone from being 34 stones to anorexic.
Malissa’s story continues to sell worldwide and after her appearance on ITV’s This Morning show on Monday, she has had a different film crew visit her every day except Wednesday this week.

Malissa says: “Since my story appeared in Closer last week, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. But although it’s been an exhausting week, knowing how much people are interested in what’s happened to me has given me a huge boost. I am so thankful to Alison for once again getting my story out there.”

I believe I have now placed Malissa’s story some twenty times since she first visited Sell My Story website Featureworld in 2008.

If you have a story to sell and feel it might be suitable for a multiple deal, appearing in a national newspaper, magazine and on TV, then do let me know. Email me for a personal appraisal of your story:

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